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  1. Last night I had about 15mg of diazepam and two beers, which was my first time drinking since new years. Today i've felt a bit lethargic and sort of out of it a bit (is the best way to describe it). Does this happen to anyone else? I wish I could stop drinking entirely but in N.Ireland it's just about the only way to be social as there's so little to do...
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can reduce my head pressure e.g. vitamins etc..? It's literally impacting how I can function in work any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. There were two people claiming this on reddit, and I bought caps just off of Amazon.
  4. After seeing posts on Reddit about how people have had their HPPD completely cured from using lion's mane, I was wonder what experience you have had with it? I took one last night and feel a little sick in my stomach and slight increase dr but I think it's more from my mind over thinking. I plan on building my way up to 4 caps per day as recommended. People have said that their HPPD went away within a month something which I'm highly skeptical about, but it would be a relief to see an improvement regardless of how big it is.
  5. Why risk it so early? from my experience i don't remember drinking making visuals worse but dp/dr would be hell with a hangover
  6. Give yourself a chance to adjust and accept the changes, I felt like this when it started for me. Eventually you'll have more better than bad days.
  7. How did you get on with it jay? The liquid btw
  8. Did you get any relief from them treatments? Yeah I think i'll have to push harder I was cose to getting lamictal before but my pysch moved on unfortunately. Now I just want the anxiety and dp/dr to be treated i'm not too worried about the visuals aslong as they don't get worse I can cope with them, which is why i'm considering trying to seroquel but won't rush it despite the fact i'm sitting looking at it right now.
  9. So after going to the Doctor this time last year on the onset of my HPPD, I have found that the NHS is absolutely useless and ignorant within their treatment of this condition. Over the course of the year I have practically achieved nothing with them EEG came back fine, as well as eye tests. Countless set backs and cancellations of having an MRI scan. (Even though I never expected any results from these they were all done so slowly? As for medications all I have been offered were 5 diazepam pills and Seroquel which I refused at the time. Despite showing countless pieces of evidence of the benefits of various anti-convulsants. Today I was "discharged" as I was considered as not having a mental illness which angered me as my anxiety and depersonalization quite clearly is. The excuse I was given was pathetic "we've come to the conclusion this isn't a mental illness but something has changed in your brain which made you like this". In regards to the latter talk about stating the fucking obvious I said that from the start when I had to fight my point that i wasn't schizo. So i'm now back "under the care of my gp" and was given a seroquel trial as a parting gift, which I might just give a go eventually. Although the NHS is free sometimes I get jealous that people from America have a much larger pot to pick from I'm highly considering going private to try and get Lamictal. Living in as small a country as Northern Ireland it's highly unlikely i'll ever find anyone who's ever dealt with this problem before. This post is more of a rant really ha but if anyone has any shit with the NHS let me know I'd be interested in hearing. The point is a year on and they've made no progress apart from some CBT which is largely useless to be frank.
  10. I also have ADHD and I noticed I was a bit more settled and less hyperactive and was able to concentrate a bit better also. I never tried it for sleep yet because I just wanted to avoid a panic attack but as I said it did work incredibly well for 8 hours or so making me feel normal per say. Would still love to know why it give me such a bad panic attack, I've been to afraid to take it since haha
  11. Hey everyone, I just wanted a few questions answered regarding l-theanine, I tried this supplement out and it made me feel great for about 8 hours I was incredibly calm without the drowsiness from benzos, and my head also felt clear like I was functioning normally again, then all of a sudden I suffered a massive panic attack and became severely depersonalized, I would love to know if anyone could possibly explain as to why this would have happened I'm unsure to write it off as a one off or whether there is a specific reason for it. I would love an answer as I would love to perhaps use it more regularly when I start a new job soon and would love something to make me calmer instead of benzos. Also this may sound stupid but I exercise a lot weights, boxing, running and walking I make sure I do at least one of them everyday. I was wondering if anyone has seen a spike in visuals if they don't exercise at all for one day as I noticed my vs increased once when I didn't do anything one lazy sunday and the purple colour stuck in my vision seemed to become more visible but did subside again. I have had HPPD since last November incase you're wondering and have seen very small improvements but nothing that makes me jump for joy.
  12. In my experience stay clear from all SSRI's...
  13. Just out of curiosity I was wondering how many people here have actually tripped since the onset of their hppd... For some reason I could imagine shrooms being fine as I've never had a negative experience on them, LSD is completely different story however...
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