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  1. Hello secretsun.. I'm very intrigued by the Lamictal implications. Do you know whether it's the Lamictal or the Klonopin that gits rid of the Visuals?
  2. A very good question Jay! I too, want to know. I'm very intrigued by this "Lamictal" Is it a good alternative to benzo's, or what???
  3. Hey xspecm.. Are you still around, if so are you getting any improvement??
  4. I finally went out and actually spent a little money on sunglasses (been using them for Visuals-reduction for ages). I could only afford a pair of Polaroid's, Polerized lenses. About 90$ here in Denmark. But the DIFFERENCE IS HUGE!!!! A bit of a bummer that people don't understand why I wear them so much, and think i'm tryin to be a smart-ass I try and explain sometimes and usually end up regreting it... Maybe I should try the red glasses, even though I have a hard time imagining it helping on my "shimmering"