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  1. Does anyone remember the initial site before rebranding? Was much more realistic now seems a bit odd...I came back hoping for different but this place is mostly worse with pretenders
  2. Not saying ppl making shit up, but most can't imagine. Also it's the internet ppl will make up anything
  3. Apparently HPPD needs 5 to 10 levels because most I find are 1-2 and I'm a 9 or 10...most comments here have no relation to what I deal with
  4. This video is why I hate HPPD BS in general...few have my actual issues and this totally downplays the hell I have...there are too many ppl claiming such and have zero clue what real hell is
  5. Totally agree man I came to look again at this place cuz in hell...don't think ppl with low level HPPD (if they have it) can relate to the hell full blown HPPD is...I wouldn't wish my condition on anyone I hate. Glad to find someone who actually seems to have a severe case and get this...there is a reason I haven't been here much in many years...too many mild symptoms and dreams off what we know is true horror ?
  6. Ugh this is why I stopped coming here thanks for the reminder...no offense wish you all the best but sometimes HPPD has levels that likely aren't the same, despite the fact very similar in ways. Anyway thanks for everything (and fyi was long time user on first site here not been much at all since new forum). Kinda miss the old days when ppl did research etc tho.
  7. That's pretty amazing idea. I used to be a regular here...I have access to pure CBD regularly and am interested to see what can happen if that is my only intake. I gave up on hope because I function well but am realizing it only is killing me inside. I've had HPPD 22 years in May...and coming back here to look was mostly same old but this was refreshing! Thank you for sharing mate!
  8. Hi Rene, I am back here after a 5 year hiatus (used a different name then - lookingglass25). Was interested in the Keppra for years - seems to be more info now... - as I have Tourette's also and see it is sometimes used for that. My concern has always been getting into some pill and having it just addict me to it for no benefit. Curious if you ever cut back and if you could relate it to benzo withdrawal which is the main reason I am scared to try (and seeing people on anti-psychotics too).
  9. Just getting back in here to try and help out. Was on here years ago as lookingglass25 - been 19 years of HPPD next month - after a 5 year hiatus from this site feel like helping out again. happy to talk anytime
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