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  1. My acceptance that this condition is not the end of the world.
  2. Good morning! Today I've remembered my first topic here. 4 years ago. Well, After all this time, after everything I've did, after all I've cried, after everything I've hated, after all I've died, after all I've researched, after all I've took, after everything I've tried, after all my life have change, I'm just passing to say: "I'm finally better after all". It will go better, don't blame yourself because of this. Let the time do your job, and stay out of all kind type of drugs (including medications and legal drugs). I'm here if you need help. Be great!
  3. Just passing to say do not give up It will go better! Now I know why I love pink floyd https://ledgernote.com/blog/life/syd-barrett-first-known-case-of-hppd/
  4. Well, three years and two months annivesary for me. I still remember like was yesterday.
  5. More than two years, basically I take some psychotic pills and start to get a good life, with sports, running, no burgers, shakes, drugs, beer...
  6. Hi guys, its hard to believe about 2 years ago I was getting lost because a condition... Now here I am, with a normal life, I'm back to university, partying everyday and getting womans again... Stay out of drugs!! You body will recover with time You just need help him Points: You can't tread hppd, but you can tread secondary symptoms like depression, psychoses, sleep, alimentation, etc... It's like a limit in Calculus, you don't know what is on the limit, but you know the neighborhood
  7. Hi guys, here I am again, I'm recovered from visual symptoms, they are so few that passsam unnoticed by me all day ... But there is something that bothers me every night, that does not leave me, it seems I was psychotic when I get close to bedtime, I have insomnia, I have real dreams, about five real dreams per night, can not sleep well ... anyone have any psychotic symptom after HPPD? Stay sober
  8. I discovered my hppd after a trip of 20 hours, so, I went to a hospital and take some clonazepam to sleep, I was out of control, and when I woke up, I was still in the trip, in really, I am in the trip from that day to today. Welcome.
  9. If you have dp/dr/visual snow/etc... after use of drugs, yes, you have hppd.
  10. Everything was fine, this symptom was gone, but, a week from here, came back, and now guys, what do I do? I'm seeing exactly like this
  11. Hi, good afternoon guys, would like to discuss with you a symptom that I have to come after the HPPD, very real and psychedelic dreams, long, etc .. whenever I sleep, I have dreams, but when I take clonazepam 2mg it's alright, I don't have dreams, this would be HPPD one symptom? real dreams, psychedelic, very long, and etc?
  12. I have taken many medications, but now I am taking 100mg quetiapine hemifumarate, clonazepam 2mb, and melatonin. I also have serious insomnia.
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