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  1. braindamagedbloke

    Seeing faces everywhere

    Oh and if anyone is curious its mostly weird disfigured monster looking faces and goofy looking cat like faces.
  2. braindamagedbloke

    Seeing faces everywhere

    Yeah I have done shrooms twice and rolled a few times after and had positive experiences but I am done toking it just makes the symptoms worse. It was terrifying the first two years but now its not too disturbing. I have not been too a doctor for health insurance reasons. I can totally relate to hppd24years on the blotches of blue. I cannot go back in time so I probably will just deal with it
  3. braindamagedbloke

    Seeing faces everywhere

    Whats up folks. About three years ago at a music festival I was given some free LSD. Its hard to say no when a pretty girl hands you free drugs. I have tripped (LSD) before said experience about a dozen times but it was always one or two hits at a time mostly relaxing positive experiences. I was told told that these blotters were called "Hoffman doses" and they were at 250 micro grams each. Being a dumbass I chose to not believe the dude slangin considering the fact that it seems that folks overhype the potency of acid doses or at least in my experience. I ate the three hits that were given to me so at this point after I am just going to believe that I ingested 750 mics. Within an hour I realized that I was tripping way harder than expected and at this point I thought to myself whats the worst that can happen? I have a had one harsh imagery while tripping on acid before this trip when I was standing in the dark urinating in an outhouse and I really wanted to imagine in my tripping brain a smiling and frowning face. The concept really amused me so I put all my focus on this and well I saw a red crooked dark looking smiling face stared at me from the hand sanitizer dispenser. At this point in the previous trip I just shook it off and went back to the campsite. So when I took these three hits I thought whats the worse than can happen? I see faces everywhere? Yep sure did. I would close my eyes and see skeleton heads. When I actually started to freak out I went back to the campsite where my buddy was and I thought "well maybe some Molly (MDMA)" would give me a more positive trip. We snorted some and I was told that I just insuffulated 300 milligrams so yeah a hefty amount. The last thing I remember was staring at the fire and the log turned into a monstrous dragon head and when I closed my eyes that same dragon head was there eating my brain. I asked my buddy who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia for some klonipin. I ate three milligrams and drank about 12 beers. When I came too there was this girl who I am going to assume existed who asked me if I was tripping and I said yes but I am coming down which I totally was. She walked me back to my campsite. I dosed around 7pm and this was about twelve hours later at 7am. I drank another beer with her and she walked back to her campsite. I drank another 6 or so beers...I know I just wanted to dumb my mind so I can sleep in the blistering sunny heat it was like 95 degrees f. I took some psilocybin extract the next day and that trip seemed like shwag compared to the trip before. When I got home I noticed that I still saw faces in everything like everything! My buddy and my roomate have both told me that my right eye was twitching for about a month and a half. To this day I still have frame vision like looking at a wall and seeing a light that forms picture frames. I see faces but I know that they are not hallucinations because I know that they are just a goofy perception change. I dunno long story short I am wondering if there are any poor bastards like myself that have the same face seeing perception change..hpppd whatever you wanna call it.

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