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  1. I've been on antibiotics for a couple of days and my symptoms have gone through the roof too. If antibiotics kill off bacteria indiscriminately, it makes sense that we suffer if certain gut bacteria are messed with. New research: certain bacteria (psychobiotics) can actually produce neurotransmitters, so they have a direct effect on inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress levels. They affect the brain mainly via the vagus nerve: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201404/natures-bounty-the-psychobiotic-revolution
  2. Respect to all those who are doing something so constructive to bring our cause further. Just a suggestion: would it be an idea to start a thread exclusively for posting the names of clinical researchers whose work looks relevant to HPPD? I know these links are dotted all over the website at the moment. It could be used as a database for the eventual form letter to be sent out. It may help to keep track of which clinicians have been contacted and which not. Once we have a comprehensive list, then we could start the bombarding. It could also keep track of which ones give positive/negative response? There must be such a wealth of suggestions out there already from all our individual Googling. It may also be just easier for us to post and consolidate here first, rather than write off to random clinicians individually?
  3. Hi there, Spartan, Thanks for your considered thoughts. Yes, stress and lack of sleep and non-stop mental 'Samsara'. I have heard a lot about reversing irrational beliefs and hurt patterns and even cellular memories, (Alex Lloyd.) Many people suffer indefinable sadness without being able to put their finger on why, precisely, they are sad. I think most HPPDers can have little sympathy here. Some, though, have a lifetime of concrete abuse behind them, clearly you too. When we get hit by the wave, struggle back up, bravely set our hopes to the future, get struck down again and instead of each struggle to stand up getting easier, it gets harder and the waves get higher, then the HPPD wave comes, no wonder we at some point start expecting the worst, like a state of constant hyper-alert. This is no indefinable sadness or irrational belief. To my HPPD-depleted brain, quantum physics and the esoteric are indistinguishable. It all just boils down to energies. If somehow we're drawing bad energies, then it seems reasonable that meditation or brainwave entrainment can help reverse these energies / chain reaction of bad luck / (curse?). Even if it's just a placebo, you have to BELIEVE it's going to help, don't you? I've tried meditation but the visuals are just too distracting. Maybe Holosync and Lifeflow are like a support system, tried and tested by others, to help us to focus. If so many people find them helpful, I'd be willing to stir up my symptoms temporarily to come out better for it. I now know to avoid the Delta waves! Call it 'catharsis'. Call it 'exorcism' if you will. This is kind of wacky. I'm rambling.
  4. This shouldn't happen to good people. Most of us know have some idea where you're coming from. There are times when all words sound empty, but not in this community. You have given so much help and advice to others. That's worth something. Hold on, Merkan.
  5. Hi Spartan, I didn't want to post this twice, but I thought it might interest you.
  6. Ok. I finally got this analysed . I was quoted approx. 350 EUR by several sound studios, but negotiated it down to 130EUR. This still seems outrageous for a 5-second sample, but it was worth it to me. What I listened to were Delta wavelengths. You were right, brake. From what I understand, from info just grabbed at random from the internet, these are very difficult to achieve in a waking state. This doesn't make it easier to accept that some a…hole, without warning, posted this on Youtube,''for PTSD. Enjoy the beats'' causing me 9 months of hell and having to give up school. But it does explain what f…d me over, in a scientific way. I am hoping that as my symptoms weren't worsened directly by a chemical, that somehow I'll be able to improve them with meditation or possibly 'Lifeflow', which seems a gentler (and cheaper) alternative to Holosync. You don't have to use headphones either . I still feel very anxious about using any form of brainwave entrainment, though. ''The exact values between Left & Right channels are as follows: LEFT-262.535679956654 Hz (mean pitch in SELECTION) RIGHT-262.13307192206594 Hz (mean pitch in SELECTION) This translates to 0.4Hz (the above values are extremely accurate) which brings the brainwave to “DELTA” state which is defined from 0.5Hz-4Hz.' Delta waves are: ''associated with deep dreamless sleep. Consistently observed in deep sleep. The deeper the sleep, the higher is the amount of delta waves. Important points about Delta Waves : (1) Meditative states associated with the increased presence of delta waves seem to occur mostly in very experienced practitioners, possibly because entering a delta state and maintaining consciousness at the same time is tremendously difficult. (2) Also related wit the state of Samadhi, the deepest state in meditation as appeared in ancient Indian Yoga text.''
  7. I got some from http://www.online-apotheke-cz.de/. I haven't tried it , but a friend did (the dose most recommended: 4.8g with 600mg Citicholine. He said it made him feel focussed and buzzy, so probably the real thing. Also, there's Docsimon.
  8. Hey, Spartan, this is so different from my shit experience with a youtube video. I'm looking into Holosync now. I couldn't download the pdf. as I don't have a credit card, which is a condition of subscription, but I think this is a good direction. If it's a directed and gentle approach, it could help. I'll just buy the book for now. Recently ploughed through The Brain that Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, which is also all about neuroplasticity. I find reading a real strain as I have double vision since the binaural beats. Just the words 'binaural beats' still give me the jitters though: panic reaction, same as if someone offered you an LSD tab, I suppose.
  9. I think an AD(H)D poll would be very revealing. Who knows whether ’most’ is accurate or not, till we poll it? I theorise that most of us, pre HPPD, were more sensitive/attuned, more easily prone to negativity /trauma than your average Joe. You’re right, Visual. AD(H)D symptoms are many and varied. It’s important to be clear on which are your personal ADHD symptoms. If you haven’t already read ’Healing ADD’ by Dr Amen, it would be a really good place to start. I only discovered it post-HPPD (doesn’t life suck?) He identifies 7 different types of ADD and successfully treats them with mostly natural supplements. If you’re lucky, your type may just benefit from non-stimulants. http://www.elevatedexistence.com/blog/2014/01/04/dr-daniel-amen-healing-the-7-types-of-add/. http://books.google.de/books?id=M2dn-3pJ6p4C&pg=PT232&lpg=PT232&dq=dr+amen+7+same+dlpa&source=bl&ots=ReAPeudTiZ&sig=amrFNVpOYxGGBWRSsHm-QyWl2qU&hl=en&sa=X&ei=sjvCU-DjBKuQ4gSE2ICQCg&ved=0CDgQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=dr amen 7 same dlpa&f=false I can only talk from my own experience. Yes, I have ADD AND Dyscalculia. Both these can lead to enormous social anxiety. I was on stimulant prescription meds to improve mood/concentration for 6 months before I got HPPD. In my case, Prozac and Ritalin. These are the two worst, strongest and potentially addictive drugs, especially prescribed to young people under pressure. I stopped Prozac because it was dirty shit and soon after, I got HPPD from my first and only use of hallucinogens: 60 morning glory seeds I’m convinced that without the stimulants,HPPD just wouldn’t have struck. It took me a while to realise that the ritalin made my symptoms worse, and I think most here would agree that it does. There are several supplements I’ve found useful for the anxiety side of ADD, mainly L-tyrosine, L-theanine and magnesium. They are well documented on this forum, but not so much for the concentration. I’m still looking into DLPA, as it’s used to treat type 5 ADD, but not sure about the chemistry with HPPD. I was lucky enough to finally get prescribed Keppra 2 months ago. This had the biggest impact on my concentration. I started off on 250mg a day. After a couple of days, my whole world just zoomed back into focus. It was as if my head was screwed back on again. That’s the only way I can describe it. I went up gradually to 1000mg a day, but increasing dose didn’t increas benefits. It helps a bit with the visuals, but mostly with the DP and DR. It’s not an easy ride, Keppra rage is no myth . Now, being able to think more clearly about the future sometimes just brings all the visuals flooding back. Also, if I’m late with a dose, I feel like I’m starting to really trip again, which is pretty scary. Good luck, g29. I hope you find something that helps you.
  10. Thanks for that, LaissezFaire. Yes, my experience last year with this 1/2 hour binaural beats session last year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JchKezfJcCw gave me a second full-blown trip, bad, just like the one (and only) which gave me HPPD in the first place. Hadn't touched weed or alcohol for months. No meds either. It took my baseline from a level I was learning to live with, to something much worse, including (new one) double vision, with still no improvement all these months later. I tried to contact the 'MP3 Meditation Club' several times, to find out exactly which wavelengths they'd posted. I explained how important it was. I thought at the time I may be able to reverse the damage somehow with alternative b.b.s. But they just brushed off all responsibility onto their'affiliates' and claimed to have no such video posted. I feel f….. over. Spartan, I've read lots about the benefits of meditation. I just find it really hard to find stillness with all these CEVs, tinnitus etc. It seems pretty clear that most of us have anxiety issues which worsen our symptoms. I believe too, from what I've read, that we can help to rewire our own brains. Centering ourselves is one thing, but using an external source to boost that process just gives me the creeps now. I'm really glad that Holosync is helping you. But I'd advise anyone to approach binaural beats with extreme caution. P. S. If anyone knows a way of identifying which wavelengths on that Youtube post, I would love to know.
  11. Hi! I've had multiple EEG's done, by demand of the psych clinic that labeled me histrionic and lied about knowing about hppd. I also had to do an MRI scan. Let's get right to the point: The EEG scan doesn't show up ANYTHING. Everything showed up as normal with me. It's a waste of time. I did a QEEG and this did show many abnormalities though. They never saw this as relevant at all. You have to be careful with doctors when you have hppd. Very careful. Especially if your neuro sends you to a psychiatrist!!! If he does, contact me! I've had some very nasty experiences with them. Be warned.
  12. I know this is the worst. I'm in the same situation and I think many of us here are. A lot of us here are battling their way through because we don't know how to cope. I'm at my breaking point at the moment, but I'm still going! You'll make it through this! Keep fighting and stay strong.
  13. Hi everyone! My hppd started in August last year. I dropped out of school in February because of it. It took over my life. Since then, I have been battling with myself to stay sane. I have been suicidal, and I just lie in bed all day with no motivation. I've given up everything. I feel so bad and I feel like everyone is better than me because they are in school. I've seen over 16 doctors because of hppd. I was even laughed at by one. I was interrogated many times, and asked SO many times WHY I did it. I had to fill in countless questionnaires with weird questions…. They were alto taking about giving me Zyprexa for psychosis They said that they're the doctors, so of course they know best! I should just shut the f*** up. In April, I agreed to go to the psychiatric ward. There was a chance of getting meds. They compared me to patients with psychosis, and at the end of my awful experience, they labeled me as histrionic. I've been treated like crap by all these doctors and I'm so angry about it. I wanted to complain about my false diagnosis but the doctor said that he is ill so he can't see me…. Now I'm back at home, thinking about my sad life. My symptoms are still bad and I don't know how to continue my life and go back into society. I don't know what to do anymore. I have been sitting in my bedroom for such a long time. I'm scared that I'll never have a life, friends, a high school degree etc. I have no motivation. I'm so jealous of everyone my age. I had NO idea that my life would ever come to this. At 15, I had never dreamt of doing drugs. I got caught up in this and I got out, but now I'm left with hppd and it's ruining my life. Help!
  14. Hi Curious1234! I used to think that I took 150 morning glory seeds (LSA containing) but I actually went to the garden center to buy plants with my mum yesterday, and I checked the seed aisle for the amount in the packet… Found out that there were only 20 in the packet! I thought that there were 50! So, I got HPPD from about 60 seeds.
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