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  1. Hey guys! I've not been on the forum lately, not so much at all even since i was mostly seeking for informations about this condition. Last year, I discovered Methylone. I liked it so much that I took it almost everyday, for three months. I had no hangover, nerver felt depressed or anything during this period. Then one day I re-dropped just five minutes after I had already washed down one bomb. I don't know the doses exactly, I was eyeballing all along. I'd say all in all on the two last bombs it was something like 400mg, but I dropped like four bombs before that. Two minutes later, my vision started to buzz, to shake violently every 5 seconds. Then an explosion, and I started to have real-like hallucinations for something like twelve hours. Here is the report, like 6 hours after the hallucinations wore off; you can read the delirium I was still in at this time. http://www.chemsrus.com/forum/14-trip-reports/33421-hallucinations-on-methylone?limitstart=0 The first month, I had severe panick attacks, started to have sleep paralysis every night and had a psychosis. Thinking about it, it is very likely that I almost died since I did not have the presence of mind to drink water since the beginning of the trip. Classical conditions : visual snow, objects moving in the peripheral vision, seeing like waves from heat you can see growing of the ground on the road during the summer, trails, seeing everything in double etc. I thought there were demons at home, I couldn't sleep at night and was walking outside in the winter (-10°C at the time, extreme east Hungary) for hours, just to stay away from home. One month later, I tried to drink alcohol and had a flashback. I peed and pooed everything I had in my body and was having a major panick attack. I already had a flashback two weeks in, in a plane due mostly to the lack of sleep. I stopped coffee, alcohol and drugs for 6 months. Now after one year and three months, I can say that I've recovered up to 95%. It doesn't bother me anymore, I may have some visual snow in the dark but nothing major or frightening. I'm not anxious, objects are not moving, walls stopped breathing, my thoughts went back to normal and I don't think there are people in my head anymore. I take tryptophan for my sleep paralysis and it does the trick, never had one since 8 months I'm on the medication. I took back drinking and that has been a big relief to realize that I could have a good time with alcohol, since I thought at first that I would not be able anymore to drink it once more in my lifetime. I can drink beers without any side-effects (never been hammered since though). Just to say to keep hope! You will be better. I thought my all life was ruined and that I had lost my mental sanity forever just one year ago,
  2. I had vertigo at sleep 2 months-in, but I guess it was much less intense. Just a feeling of speeding and spinning or falling when in bed. I just took 2 pills of Magnesium with B6 before bed and it did the trick. Maybe start by this before you try something stronger.
  3. Hey, I'm in HPPD since one year, because of large amounts of MDMA took on a short period; which leaded to an intense trip with vivid and real-likes hallucinations for 12 hours (UFOs, fairies, ghosts, dragons, trees alive and a lot of other crazy stuff). I drank one week-in, and I felt really weird, saw auras around people and HPPD symptoms were worse. I then drank one month later, and I had a flashback of MDMA, I pooped all I had in my body and urinated every 2 minutes. Also panick attacks, I didn't slept this night. I stopped to drink for 6 months, and restarted 5 months ago... Had no problems since then, just that my tolerance was really low, but I rebuilt it and that's fine. Next morning I just have a more grainy vision, but it is just because of my tiredness.
  4. Sorry for the up, but I too have a weird thing with the colour purple. I see it around my toilets, on people, everywhere. Not all the time,it likely happens during the afternoon or at night. It can be just dots or even little clouds. When I get really drunk, I don't see black when the lights are off; but a fluorescent purple instead. I also see clear blue around things, it depends. I don't know why.
  5. Just updating to say that if you have troubles with sleep paralysis, it will be good that you try some Tryptophan. Before that I take it, I was doing one SP every three days, and it was way worse when I was lacking of sleep or when I drank alcohol. One week of treatment on Tryptophan made them completely disappear... even when I drink. I did one when I was taking Tyrosine, but I stopped to take it and now I'm just fine! So just try this if you have troubles sleeping, for me it's wonderful to be SP free; that was really my worst symptom.
  6. I took it this morning with Magnesium and B6. Since it increases my anxiety and worsens my visuals, this is the last time I'm taking it.
  7. So I got it today and eyeballed 250mg (half a spoon) 40 minutes ago. I'm more awake, a little bit more alert and my brain fog is slighty reduced. I didn't notice any mood lift yet. I feel a little bit like on stims... Heart rate is elevated. I will tell you in a couple of days if I see any changes.
  8. Exactly, it is Tyrosine coupled with acetic acid, which permits it to be better absorpted into your bloodstream and to cross the blood brain barrier more efficiently.
  9. Just bought NALT on the Internet because people tell than this helps greatly anxiety and lack of motivation. It is also supposed to give you the ability to think more clearly and in some case to help with social anxiety. So I decided to give it a shot. I will keep you informed of the effects on this thread as soon as I get it at home.
  10. That's already really fine that you try to change for the better odysseus, when you are in a situation of weakness you understand more easily how to help yourself through others, and that is great. I made 6 months as a volunteer in Hungary to help kids (who were on the streets all day smoking cigarettes) to try to get them interested in sports. Not always that easy. I want to try to find something in my city like the popular soup (?) to help homeless people, since I can't get a job at the moment. Why did you stop skateboarding? With what are you filming jay, don't have any fisheye on your camera? Strange. I'm really interested in this too, I already have the GoPro, need only the drone hehe... Good way to get busy! You could film sport events and everything like this. I'd like to see your photos too if you are ok with this, I'm really sensitive to art in general.
  11. Even thinking about smoking weed makes me anxious, nothing worse for me than to be high
  12. Yes ok I see what you mean it was following my finger around, with respect to the environment. I don't know how much time it could have lasted, just before to sleep it was still there and 2 hours passed since I've noticed it.
  13. Not following, a line of light going straight at the end of my finger, horizontally, disappearing on black background and reapparing at the light.
  14. Hey, it would be nice to know what is the fuel of the people on this forum! What are you motivated by everyday? What do you like to do to evacuate? Can you still manage to live your passion or to have hobbys since you have HPPD? I'm doing skateboard since 10 years, it can seem lame to the older people on this forum; but this is a physical, mental sport and a way to express myself. It has nothing to do with rebellion or whatever, at least for me... For people who practice to get a "style" they generally don't last long since it is considered like one of the most difficult sport. It also helped me to deal with my Asperger syndrome (even if I'm lucky enough to be an high functioning Aspie), and that is the most important. Anyway during these 10 years I had a lot of injuries, met a lot of great people, it made me travel in other countries and helped me cope with HPPD a bit!
  15. So yesterday night I was in my bed, reading, with my bedside lamp next to me. I then notice that there was a ray of light going out of my finger, like a starburst but only one long line going straight of approximately 5cm. I move it in the front of my speakers and it seemed that the black was distorted by this ray, even if I couldn't see it on the black surface. Could it be caused by light bending mixed with intense fatigue? It is not ghosting since I experiment it only in low light, it seems to have to do with the size of the pupils.
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