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  1. I'd never heard of this phrase before, but could it hold any answers to hppd? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensory_gating
  2. Weed sends me psychotic. I hear voices and suffer terrible anxiety and paranoia. I am sure you can find plenty of people who say they are fine with weed... but they are not you It's that simple with every single question about drugs and hppd. You can easily create an echo chamber for smoking weed, taking acid again, doing shrooms etc etc... But none of those "good outcome" stories have any relation to you as an individual. You have to decide whether you want to play russian roulette with your mental health... I certainly don't think the high is worth the potential lows, but it's on you.
  3. I find clonazepam to have the least spacey effects, though high doses make me crazy tired, with terrible memory issues. I find i can take away a fair chunk of my anxiety with 1mg and can stay awake and alert on that dose.. You may not even need that amount, so if you do go down route, start low an adjust until you find the right balance between anxiety relief and becoming a zombie. I tend to do 3/4 days on, then 3/4 days off, with a 2 week break every couple of months.. I have done this routine for 12 years now, with no sign of addiction or tolerance. Good luck Jimmy, PM me if you need any advice.
  4. Sorry to hear this, really dreadful thing to happen and I would be genuinely angry and maybe seeking legal advice. I'm sure you have read up plenty on hppd, but the general advice will be the same for your case... Just stay sober (including alcohol and even caffeine), eat healthy, try to exercise and just do anything you can that takes your mind off this... Movies, walks in nature.. Whatever helps. Unless the anxiety is really crippling, I would try to avoid all meds and supplements for a few months and really get to understand your baseline (most meds and supps are horseshit anyway, imho, and can make things worse). If the anxiety is crippling, try a low does of benzos for a few weeks, then see where your baseline is at... Be very careful though, benzos are highly addictive, so make sure to have a careful plan once those initial weeks are over. Just to note, a lot of people who visit here tend to get better, so hope is not lost... Just keep battling through these tough early weeks and see if there is any relief in your suffering. All the best, feel free to PM me. Jay
  5. In the right circumstances, i can get my anxiety down to zero (at home, watching mindless tv, for example)... My visuals are still 100% though and my trippy thought process remains the same. When someone with "just" VSS can describe that trippy thought process, I will begin to think it is all connected,...until then, I think hppd is somewhat different.
  6. I'm not convinced.... I never had a bad trip, I haven't tripped for 25 years and have a whole raft of coping mechanisms... Yet I feel the same mental illness as day 1 (which 100% most definitely caused my visuals issues).
  7. If it is a drug induced form of VSS... Then all I can say is a feel sorry as hell for those that get it without drug use. I feel like i'm on acid (without any good feelings)... but at least I know what being on acid feels like, so have some understanding of how to keep myself from losing it. Personally though, I really find it hard to believe that anyone could feel and think like I do without taking drugs.
  8. Doesn't it seem more likely that the very few children that do see hppd like visual issues are likely to have a faint neurological issue? Any child seeing huge swathes of geometric shapes, or bright green "digital vortexes" on any flat surface, or the walls breathing in and out might not just be seeing "natural imperfections" imho. I think you are focusing way too much on just visual snow, which is just one part of the hppd visual spectrum. I wont even entertain floaters... they are not hppd.
  9. Good luck mate, keep on fighting! What prescriptions do you have? Could you move onto a 4 days on, 3 days off benzo treatment? At least it will give you some much needed respite.
  10. Well, you know all the visual symptoms of hppd, so why don't you now see them? Why doesn't everyone who's taken a psychedelic get hppd? The fact that hppd is so rare points to a neurological issue far more than psychological, imho.
  11. It's worth noting that even a few pints of lager reduces serotonin by around 80%, couple that with an MDMA comedown and it could play havoc.
  12. I tried it, sadly didn't help me and gave me incredibly bad restless leg syndrome, so had to discontinue after a month or so.
  13. Brain damage is not the correct term, but the problem is likely neurological. Probably receptor damage. You might be correct that what we are seeing are natural imperfections in vision, but that in no way means it can be ignored or is anxiety based... It means the filter system that is in place to block those imperfections has changed at a neurological level.
  14. Little negative effects? I know SO many people in the uk fucked up because of this... (myself included)
  15. To flip his argument, why doesn't everyone with drug related anxiety have visual issues? When I got hppd, there was no internet and no mention of anything like hppd, so why would I see visuals because of anxiety, yet other people didn't (even though they had plenty of anxiety)?
  16. The stupid thing is... even if his conclusion was true (that the visuals are a psychological side effect of anxiety)... It would not change the hppd diagnosis in the slightest.... and the cure, we should sky dive 24/7? 😂 Obviously his theory is incorrect though, i had visuals without any anxiety when I had mild hppd. Even with severe hppd, i can control my anxiety to a bare minimum, maybe even zero, if i am at home, watching a film with no one to interact with. Visuals are still 100%.
  17. I have sky dived. I have surfed 15ft+ waves, I have snowboarded ridiculous off piste slopes. HPPD is still there. (Snow is not naturally green/blue, for instance). I do encourage people to do things that really put you in the moment, it's good for dp/dr, but it is certainly no cure or proof that hppd doesn't exist.
  18. For me, and we are all different.... I am ok with a few beers, my anxiety is a bit higher the next day, but doesn't seem to make me worse, long term (but heavy drinking does). Weed makes me psychotic. LSD and MDMA are out of the question. But it's is an unfair question to ask.... What If I said weed was less harmful than LSD... You go out and smoke weed and have a full mental breakdown that you never recover from... That's then partly on me. If you are so desperate to carry on drug taking, you're just gonna have to use your own intuition... and then only take the minimum amount you need to feel good.
  19. I'm also chatting to you on reddit, so answering similar questions /jimmybirch 1) All psychoactive substances have the risk of making your symptoms worse. 2) No one knows, everyone is different... Could be a few days, could be never.
  20. You made a mistake (taking mdma), you cannot reverse that mistake... So try to learn from it (don't get so drunk that you take mdma again!) and then put it out of your mind. Dwelling on unfixable problems is just wasted energy. Mdma can make you worse (a lot worse), so try to stay away from those situations. Also, getting so drunk that you can't remember can also make hppd much worse, so be aware of your drinking levels.
  21. You might have better luck on reddit at /hppd There are plenty of idiots there who also had some ultra mild hppd and want to believe that severe hppd is just a myth so they can carry on drug taking.
  22. Good luck Marie, it is not a medicine I am aware of, but a quick wiki doesn't seem to show any red flags for hppd sufferers. Please keep us up to date with how things go!
  23. Welcome Emil. Hopefully these new symptoms die down after a few weeks, CBD can have some strange effects on some of us, but i don't think it will cause long term damage. I would try to stay away from any meds and cures, for now, and start to get used to your baseline. You clearly (like so many of us) do not tolerate any sort of stimulus in the body, so total sobriety is the best step, for now... If you are still feeling bad in a few weeks/months, then start to think about the next steps.
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