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  1. I always called that stage "pre-hppd"... It's just the first warning signs, you almost have to force them on. I'd be careful with further drug use.
  2. Other than purity, there is very little difference between a legal amphetamine and an illegal one, to my knowledge. It is still going to trigger your dopamine receptors and potentially put undue stress you. I guess the question is is the potential risk of worsening your hppd worth the benefits of the med on your ADHD/Weight loss? If the ADHD is really troublesome, then you will need to find a balance.. If it's not much of an issue, I am not sure the risk of taking amphetamines is worth it.
  3. Stress is a major player in hppd. I think the best first step is to try and fix the sleep issue... I get insomnia in bouts too and find that 5-10mg of melatonin helps get me back in a rhythm, I can then, after a month or so, stop taking them again until the next bout.
  4. Thanks, yea... i've been looking in the admin for that, but cannot for the life of me track it down... same for the "our picks/top picks" widget above each forum... People just wanna see the latest content
  5. I've managed to get the forum upgraded... Let me know if you get any errors/issues
  6. Getting reports that links are not working. I think the forum just needs to be upgraded, but that's beyond my knowledge. Please reach out if you know how to do this stuff. Thanks, Jay
  7. Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you have stopped drinking and partying again. The temptation is strong (i'm typing this with a hangover!)... But sobriety really does help recovery. Do you have any other visual symptoms. Distorted depth perception is more related to dp/dr than hppd, in my opinion. If you don't have visual snow, trails etc, you might not have hppd.
  8. As Swartz says, it is not something associated with hppd, though I have experienced auditory hallucinations in the state just before sleep (and also when smoking weed). Are the visuals mention something that comes and goes, or is constant?
  9. We are now in a very strange world where if someone doesn't like X, it can be waved away as fake. It's the perfect stretch in reality for the person, as anyone who claims that X is real is also part of what makes it fake.
  10. The one bit of advice I have for hppd + hangover (and it's not clever advice) is to take a benzo. It really cuts through the next day anxiety and roughness. But adding another addictive drug into the mix is clearly not the wisest move. That aside, here are some tips for the drinking part... Stick to bottled beer, lower %, avoid smoking cigarettes (they double up the hangover, for me), eat a good meal beforehand, have a banana when you get home, take a rehydration mix like Dioralyte before you go to bed, drink a glass of water.
  11. i've had these all my life, don't think it's hppd related. Coughing, standing up too quickly etc puts that pressure on the eye
  12. I think i've censored one post in my 10+ years as admin (the one about drinking fucking bleach). As for you first sentence... the forum helped me immensely and I get PMs a lot saying that the forum has been a great help. Maybe take your negativity to reddit? edit - haha, I just realised you are the plum trying to pimp said bleach.
  13. Maybe it's a good thing to let /hppd have all the "hey, i've had hppd for 26.5 hours now and was thinking about combining LSD and crack while shoving salvia up my ass, will this make me better or worse" posters 😅
  14. I think it's quiet here because of /hppd and other social ways of grouping (there are loads of HPPD discord groups, for example). There is a downward trend among many dedicated forums, not just here.
  15. Definitely the right mindset... and it's worth noting that is it not "for life" for most people.... Loads of people make a full recovery, especially if they have mild symptoms and go sober straight away. As you have only been on the SSRIs two weeks and they have possibly given some bad effects, i'm actually gonna go against what I said above and recommend you get off them now (phone your doctor about this). This is not the stage of your recovery to be pumping meds into your body, imho. Especially SSRIs. If you can just go fully clean for a month or two, you will know what is happeni
  16. SSRIs do affect me a lot, but I have seen reports of others that get on fine with them. Do you think the med is helping your depression? How is your anxiety? I would chat to a doctor really, i'd hate to give you advice to stop the med, which then makes your depression worse... but maybe you can chat to the doctor about finding a non SSRI med?
  17. haha.. it was a good attempt at a post 😅
  18. Did you fully read and take in the article... It doesn't link hppd with psychosis (that I remember). It just highlights that psychosis can be a co-morbid disorder amongst HPPD sufferers, just as depression and anxiety can be... This is fact based. Keppra and lamictal did nothing for me. Because similar meds are used to attempt to treat two different issues is not a proven link that they are the same issue, neurologically. I've read a lot on VSS and, without wanting to gatekeep, i've never heard a VSS sufferer with even 1/5th the visual symptoms that I have, and none have ever described t
  19. Yea, i'm not sure what you are getting at, Oliver. The article is a deep look into hppd and the potential issues with the explosion of excitement for LSD/MDMA treatment. The term "stuck in a trip" may not work for you, but you need to think how it works for the average reader. A descriptive phrase is better than a bunch of scientific words that they will just skip over. I've always said that hppd is a collection of disorders that feed off each other, but I think that is addressed in the article. And yes, a cure for VSS could have great benefits for us, and vice versa... But it
  20. Stop stating opinion as fact... I very much consider myself trapped in a trip that doesn't end, it just about the perfect description for what I am going through. And why would he need to mention VSS on a topic that is clearly about the potential side effects of drug use?
  21. It's been hppdonline for at least 12 years now, maybe 15... A lot of the data was lost about 7 years ago, sadly. It was a bit like one of those fidget spinner things... Probably someone with a similar username.
  22. Welcome to the forum Ben, glad to hear you got off the smack, vicious drug. I'm also from UK and just about to enter 25 years with this condition, not great! If you need any help or advice, just let me know. Cheers, Jay
  23. Hey, did you used to have an avatar of some kind of 3D graphic?
  24. I've heard of HPPD from SSRIs and it makes some sense as they also increase serotonin. Speed, coke etc... chemically seems less likely. My guess is that people who have taken such drugs have almost certainly taken weed, lsd and/or mdma, so maybe pointing the finger at the wrong drug. As for benzos... I think there is a chance that the withdrawal anxiety and stress could give an increase in symptoms... But, as far as I know, there is no concrete link. /hppd is a bit of a cesspit to me, 70% of people trying to find a way to cheat the system and take more drugs... a bunch of peopl
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