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  1. There is not much that I know of, these are two links I had stored: http://amrglobal.powweb.com/category/hppd https://www.theravive.com/therapedia/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-dsm--5-292.89-(f16.983)
  2. Don;t let doctors dictate your condition... If you think you have hppd, keep changing doctors until you find one that believe you and is willing to learn about it. Doctors will often say you are psycotic or depressed, it is easier for them to understand and "treat" (even if it makes you worse)
  3. my symptoms stay the same... visuals, dpdr etc... but I do get days where I feel in a good mood or bad mood, with less or more anxiety. (sunny days seem to make me feel better)
  4. Does she know you are going through this? Just let her know that if you are ever distant and unresponsive, it is not due to her, it's just an unfortunate part of the condition ... Generally though, just carry on with normal life as much as possible, you do learn to cope, even with dpdr
  5. Impossible to say, i'm afraid. My personal view is stress is probably responsible for belated symptoms, which will tie in with anxiety too.
  6. Yes, if you are getting VS after drug use, that is very likely to be a form of hppd. Usual advice applies... stay away from all drugs (inc weed)... avoid caffeine and alcohol, where possible, minimise stress, eat healthy, do some excerise, do things that will take your mind of the symptoms. All the best, Jay
  7. The only one I have heard to show hppd is a qEEG, which is a more targetted EEG. EEG itself showed nothing for me.
  8. Hey Spartan, long time! Shame you are not healed, but glad to hear you have kept on fighting and getting shit done... It's the only way!
  9. One of our members, Merkan, did kratom and made his hppd 10x worse. I tried it once and it made me sick... no high or relaxation. Not worth the risk.
  10. "even Jay" I've never banned anyone, never moderated anyone (the fact this post still exists should be testament to that) and, more to the point, I'm in no way against LSD/Shrooms... We just got unlucky, but I still think they are beautiful molecules that have great lessons to teach.... they just have a big risk factor that shouldn't be ignored. If anyone else wants to take over running this site (and paying for it)... step forward, It's no easy work, especially the PMs when someone is about to take their life. I have no fixation to be some kind of leader of the people, i'm probably one of the most flawed people here .
  11. Klonopin works for my visuals... Unfortunately, Keppra and Lamictal did nothing. Worth a try though. Klonopin works in a very different way to the other two, as it binds to the gabaA receptor.
  12. In the first 3 months, which is what we are discussing here, avoiding stress is the absolute key... If that is going out in nature, do it.. If that is going to the gym for 6 hours a day, do it... If that is watching tv all day, do it. Get through those early months and then start rebuilding... There is no pressure to start challenging hppd in those early months. This is all my opinion, of course, as with all of us. Just listen to your body.
  13. Hi Annie, The very best thing my wife does for me is to allow me space if I am quiet and to understand that it is not her fault in any way when I am distant. Sometimes small talk is hellish, even with the people we love. You probably know this feeling from suffering with anxiety yourself.
  14. Same old, same old really.... But hppd aside, life is ok... Riding the bitcoin rocket to the moon and have a nice job in the VR industry (when the tech advances, I have some interesting ideas on potentially helping hppd in VR) Hope you are well
  15. Either way, floaters themselves are not a symptom of hppd. Like I said, I had them since childhood. I'm just not sure it is wise that when someone sees a perfectly natural phenomenon... the verdict is hppd, just because it coincides with taking drugs. Just my opinion though.
  16. Profile pic makes me laugh every time
  17. Bit like going on a recovering alcoholics forum and posting vids of you necking whiskey. Hard to not feel like we are being trolled. I hope you are not doing severe damage and that you can get passed this. Good luck, Jay
  18. Judging by your name, it sounds like you are not in the severe hppd category, so maybe just see how it goes for a while.
  19. It might not last long then, so just do all the things to stay healthy and avoid stress. I hope you share some good news with us soon
  20. Take time to recover. Avoid stress, avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine. When did you take the lsd?
  21. For many people... yes. It reduces visuals about 50% for me.
  22. I use Lorazepam and Clonazepam, but I don't take it every day... All of these meds are highly addictive and will cause major problems in a few years, if taken every day. This is how I avoid addiction/tolerance: Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Thursday 6pm Clonazepam (1mg) - Friday 9am Clonazepam (1mg) - Saturday 9am Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Sunday 9am Every 2-3 months, I have 2 weeks completely free of meds to make sure I am not seeing any signs of addiction. This has worked for 10 years or so and brings me relief for nearly 4 days per week.
  23. From what I remember, it binds to the gabaA receptor, which helps control anxiety by dampening activity in various parts of the brain.
  24. Very cool, thanks. One of my friends does a foraging tour around our local forest and woodland, he knows all the wild mushrooms to pick and eat, so I might have to get stocked up from mother nature and see if any help. When I got to my 20 year hppd mark, I actually threw caution to the wind and tried an amanita muscaria in hope that it could fight fire with fire... Even that seemed to have a sort of reset effect on my mind (Note, I am 100% not recommending anyone try it). I would not be at all surprised if a legit cure was out there in the wild for us, in some deep dark rain forest.