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  1. The best thing to do is stop all drug use (including weed), stop caffeine and nicotine (if possible), try to remove stress from your life. Eat healthy and exercise. Try to do things that distract your mind from it. There is a very good chance this will go away. If it does, please use this as your body's warning not to do any more drugs. If it is still here after 3-4 months, come back and then maybe start looking into the next steps, medication etc.
  2. I'm vegan too, so it's a no from me!
  3. Jay1

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    Are you serious? How much does a .com and some web hosting cost? (I am a web designer, so answer carefully). If you are serious about providing this for free, I will host it on my server. If I do not get a DM soon though, I will delete this post and ban the account as, personally, i think it's a fucking disgrace to try and monetize this condition.
  4. Jay1

    What can be a trigger for visuals?

    Coffee, alcohol, SSRIs and some other meds, stress, more drugs (of course). I also think that, once you start seeing visual issues, you naturally start looking out for them more.
  5. Jay1

    General advice

    I thought i'd start a topic where we can all contribute ways we have made our lives a little better (non medicinal). Get healthy and sober This is the obvious one... quitting drugs, stimulants like coffee, smoking etc.... Then eating healthily and working out really do help alot. Forget the past It is easy to get caught up in a spiral of guilt, anger and jealousy about your current situation. Why did I do drugs? Why did I get hppd? Why are my friends ok? Like all the mistakes and regrets in life... learn from it and move on (not easy, I know). These emotions will just feed the anxiety and hppd. Change your life hppd is at it's worst when we are stressed. It is impossible to avoid all stress, but do what you can to change your lifestyle for the better. If you hate your job, try and change it.... If you hate the city, move out. If your friends don't seem to support you, move on (the real friends will let you back in, when you're ready). These are big, life changing decisions... but hppd doesn't have to stop you making them. Grab your life back hppd can strip you of your ability to do the simplest tasks in life. Retrain yourself to do these tasks. If making eye contact is tripping you out, just slowly do it a little more each day... The more you do it, the more normal it will become. Same goes for all sorts of things... making small talk, going out and about, chatting to someone you are hot for. Your life isn't over This is a key thing to remember. The 1st months and years can be very, very tough... But life goes on. There are numerous people on here that have gone on to have successful educations, careers, relationships and families. hppd is not the end of your life, your dreams or your happiness.
  6. Jay1

    School Children

    No, you're not going to find the answer you want!.... Especially with regards to DMT. That's pure mental russian roulette.
  7. Jay1

    The Long and Winding Road

    Hang in there mate, it sounds like you might be coming off the SSRIs too quickly, without a proper taper? PM me if you want to chat.
  8. As there is currently no success stories section, I will pin this and all success stories can go here.
  9. Very good post. We need to pull in the same direction and help each other. Polite counter points are fine, but why does it have to quickly resort to swearing and anger?
  10. Guys, let's calm it down a bit... @TheMythos let's see less swearing and personal attacks. I haven't had a chance to keep up with this article, but it is clearly marked as "a bit of an idea"... It's not claiming to be a science paper. Let's all try and pull in the right direction. If something doesn't ring true, politely put across your counter point or just leave it alone, unless you think it is damaging to the people who might try it.
  11. Jay1

    ״Cant belive”

    Did you shoot your load into your eye?
  12. I've never had any guilt over it.... I took a shit load of drugs and got unlucky. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. Jay1


    How are you taking it, injections? I read that it is localised, eg, if you have a bad back, you inject into the back... Where would you inject for hppd?
  14. Jay1


    Possibly, give it at least a week to see if it goes away naturally. Don't panic about it. Obviously stay away from any drugs
  15. Visuals are the same DP/DR is the same Anxiety is a little better Depression is all but gone (thank god) My coping mechanisms are well honed now... I can't say I ever have good days, but I do have ways to minimise really bad days.
  16. Jay1

    Any treatment for my kind of HPPD?

    We need to define the difference between brain damage and neurological damage. Brain damage is caused by an external force, for example a blow to the head, or an internal force like a stroke or tumour. Neurological damage can be caused by issues with receptors, chemicals, electrical signals etc Current hppd evidence (the little we have) seems to support the latter far more than the former, this is further compounded by the fact that we know drugs like lsd and mdma flood the brain with chemicals that overload certain receptors.
  17. Just try and calmly talk it through when you are both sober. See if he has any visual issues and if the trippy feeling is still with him. Just let him know you are there for him and not judging or angry.
  18. Jay1

    What causes SUFFERING?

    I think you're right.... I'm more and more starting to think that anxiety is a very natural side effect to the fucked up world we live in.
  19. They are two separate issues It's like saying that liver failure is a psychological problem because someone was psychologically addicted to alcohol. Other than the usual high school angst, I can say for sure that I didn't have deep seated psychological issues... I just fucking loved getting high
  20. Jay1

    What causes SUFFERING?

    I just have to.... I take clonazepam 3-4 times a week, which gives me some respite... But generally I just force myself to carry on and try to make a life for myself. Some days, I don't cope, in the slightest... some days, I can do ok and act my way through the day,
  21. Jay1

    What causes SUFFERING?

    Anxiety and the feeling of tripping. The visuals, I could live with easily.
  22. Jay1

    Can it come back?

    I have been on the forum for about 10 years now and it seems the answer is a clear YES.... not only can it come back, but it can come back much worse. Say no to drugs, y'all.... Avoid stress as much as possible, double check with the forum, facebook etc about any new meds you get prescribed.

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