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  1. Yea, we get so many people post for just a few weeks and leave. Would be very interesting to know if their hppd went away.
  2. Yea, i've tried pretty much everything that's ever been mentioned on this forum! Nothing works for me, sadly.
  3. Hi Allen, welcome to the site. I have tried all the meds that are supposed to help hppd and have yet to find anything that works outside of benzos. I prefer to just keep away from meds now and use benzos 3 days a week to ease my anxiety (usually over the weekend when I can be more sociable). I am sure you have built up some good coping mechanisms during your years though and will have no problem helping to raise your child!
  4. They do it on how many users are online at once... Our limit is set at 30 and it went to 85. I have been on the phone to them and they have agreed to set it back down to the current tariff, but I feel this might be a wise time to cut the cord. All it takes is one popular reddit post that directs here and we could be billed for $1000s.
  5. Great, thank you... If I can get access to the domain, let's do this.
  6. I think it's worth trying a few benzo types. I was getting good relief from Lorazepam, then it started making me quite anxious and manic for no real reason. I try not to over think these things and just move on to try the next thing. Keep on fighting! Jay
  7. Hi, I received an email yesterday from the forum company and due to a (one off) spike in traffic, they are trying to change our service from $60 to $330. Sadly, I simply can't pay this amount each month. I see two ways to keep the forum alive. 1) Try to get donations from users and other sources to help pay the forum bill. 2) Try to move the forum to a dedicated server. Can anyone help with 2)? @David S. Kozin.... If we do this, I will need access to the domain name to set the DNS. All the best, Jay
  8. It's very unlikely to be psychosis... More likely dr/dr, some ptsd and anxiety/panic attacks. It's a thought that has crossed all of our minds on here, i'm sure... But getting the correct diagnosis is key (even self diagnosis). Especially as anti-pysch meds tend to make hppd worse.
  9. You've had a clear warning sign, I wouldn't say you have mild hppd, but you certainly have all the precursors to suggest any more dabbling with drugs could trigger something. 12 days is too soon to know anything, so stay totally sober and see what happens. There is every chance you will recover, but take notice of what your brain is telling you. Also be aware that your vision was never perfect, but you were never actively looking for issues... The more you focus on hppd, the more you will see the eye's natural flaws and panic yourself... My advice, try to forget about hppd, distract yourself... get out in the world and do things that you enjoy that don't require drugs/alcohol. If, in a month or so of sobriety, you still feel there are lingering problems... Then start doing more serious research on the topic. All the best, Jay
  10. Stress and lack of sleep can do this. Just try to stay calm and remember that is has gone away before and will almost certainly go away again.
  11. that's great... the forum is hosted by invision (who sell the forum). I can give you access to that and see what you can find? PM me
  12. I've been told the SSL certificate is something that needs to be purchased from the domain registrar.
  13. forum costs are $45 a month. As of right now, i'm in the position to pay that, but if you want to port it to a new server, that would be cool. No idea about https error (I do not get this). Hopefully our coder friend above can help out.
  14. Hope1, did you chat to this guy?
  15. Keep on fighting mate, you never know what is around the corner. People might not care about hppd much, but the medical community DO care about anxiety and epilepsy, two areas where new meds could give us hope. If a non addictive Klonopin came to market that allowed me to take 2mg per day for ever, i'd consider myself able to have a decent life (not cured, but able to do everything I want). I am sure such a med is possible and the market for such a thing would make it viable for testing and research (big money to be made). It sucks that we are in a world where the illness that has the most potential for money making gets the focus, but that is capitalism for you. If you do need to move on from the forum, just know that you are always welcome. Stay strong, Jay
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