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  1. It might not last long then, so just do all the things to stay healthy and avoid stress. I hope you share some good news with us soon
  2. Take time to recover. Avoid stress, avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine. When did you take the lsd?
  3. For many people... yes. It reduces visuals about 50% for me.
  4. I use Lorazepam and Clonazepam, but I don't take it every day... All of these meds are highly addictive and will cause major problems in a few years, if taken every day. This is how I avoid addiction/tolerance: Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Thursday 6pm Clonazepam (1mg) - Friday 9am Clonazepam (1mg) - Saturday 9am Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Sunday 9am Every 2-3 months, I have 2 weeks completely free of meds to make sure I am not seeing any signs of addiction. This has worked for 10 years or so and brings me relief for nearly 4 days per week.
  5. From what I remember, it binds to the gabaA receptor, which helps control anxiety by dampening activity in various parts of the brain.
  6. Very cool, thanks. One of my friends does a foraging tour around our local forest and woodland, he knows all the wild mushrooms to pick and eat, so I might have to get stocked up from mother nature and see if any help. When I got to my 20 year hppd mark, I actually threw caution to the wind and tried an amanita muscaria in hope that it could fight fire with fire... Even that seemed to have a sort of reset effect on my mind (Note, I am 100% not recommending anyone try it). I would not be at all surprised if a legit cure was out there in the wild for us, in some deep dark rain forest.
  7. Are there any particular mushrooms that are renowned for their regeneration benefits?
  8. Antibiotics are not known to have any noticeable effects on hppd.
  9. These spikes will come and go... But they will go. You just have to ride them out and, as K.B.Fante said, try to pinpoint the problem that caused the spike. It is usually stress related, for me, but can even be down to weather (low pressure systems seem to spike me up).
  10. Have you tired a SAD lamp? Maybe it could help.... I think low air pressure disrupts my hppd too, in the winter
  11. Go post on a drugs forum
  12. Agree with @MadDoc .... there comes a point where you have to try and get past the "why me" feelings, it's just negativity that will feed hppd. There was no internet about when I was doing lsd, and even I had heard risks about "permatripping".... Everyone knows there is some inherent risks with drug taking... we got unlucky in some respects, sure... But I have seen people go onto the likes of heroin addiction, then crime, prison, death... i;ve seen people get full on psychosis from mdma, far worse then even the worst hppd... So maybe getting hppd before the drug taking got out of control is actually lucky, in some ways. If you go on to a full recovery, you may look back on this part of your life as the greatest lesson. It's all about perspective.
  13. Stress certainly seems to play a major role... Maybe, in these latent cases, doing drugs opens up the potential for hppd, then serious stress later on brings it on.
  14. Drug use... mainly mdma
  15. 3-4 years with mild/pre-hppd, then 23 years with severe hppd. I took 3 years of severe hppd before I could cope to an "ok" level... But it is still vicious now. The dp/dr and anxiety are what kill me off... I can live with the visuals