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  1. You've had a clear warning sign, I wouldn't say you have mild hppd, but you certainly have all the precursors to suggest any more dabbling with drugs could trigger something. 12 days is too soon to know anything, so stay totally sober and see what happens. There is every chance you will recover, but take notice of what your brain is telling you. Also be aware that your vision was never perfect, but you were never actively looking for issues... The more you focus on hppd, the more you will see the eye's natural flaws and panic yourself... My advice, try to forget about hppd, distract yourself... get out in the world and do things that you enjoy that don't require drugs/alcohol. If, in a month or so of sobriety, you still feel there are lingering problems... Then start doing more serious research on the topic. All the best, Jay
  2. Stress and lack of sleep can do this. Just try to stay calm and remember that is has gone away before and will almost certainly go away again.
  3. that's great... the forum is hosted by invision (who sell the forum). I can give you access to that and see what you can find? PM me
  4. I've been told the SSL certificate is something that needs to be purchased from the domain registrar.
  5. forum costs are $45 a month. As of right now, i'm in the position to pay that, but if you want to port it to a new server, that would be cool. No idea about https error (I do not get this). Hopefully our coder friend above can help out.
  6. Hope1, did you chat to this guy?
  7. Keep on fighting mate, you never know what is around the corner. People might not care about hppd much, but the medical community DO care about anxiety and epilepsy, two areas where new meds could give us hope. If a non addictive Klonopin came to market that allowed me to take 2mg per day for ever, i'd consider myself able to have a decent life (not cured, but able to do everything I want). I am sure such a med is possible and the market for such a thing would make it viable for testing and research (big money to be made). It sucks that we are in a world where the illness that has the most potential for money making gets the focus, but that is capitalism for you. If you do need to move on from the forum, just know that you are always welcome. Stay strong, Jay
  8. It definitely exacerbates hppd,,, I can confirm that one personally! On the flipside, I have seen a friend of mine, who was severally depressed get cured by ketamine... There is certainly something to it. What is required is serious warnings by these doctors before taking on each patient. Adding hppd, dpdr and anxiety to an already depressed person will results in many suicides. Sadly, the cash grab is gonna lead to a lot of misinformation and future problems.
  9. Hope1, please calm down. Attacking people who are interested in this field, but not your very specific field is pointless and will just push people further away. It is worth noting that well being can be negatively affected as well as positively. Having long term negative impacts on well being will, i'm sure, be interesting to people making this survey.
  10. Where have you asked for help on this post?
  11. Yea, i get this a lot.. I call it a feeling of dread and seems to be a next level version of anxiety. To be fair though, with everything going on in the world right now, perhaps we are actually justified in feeling this way!
  12. On that note, and i know you are not keen to keep testing meds, but it might be worth trying a few different benzos to see which works for you. Lorazepam, for instance, makes me quite manic. Valium and Klono work wonders. Xanax makes me too forgetful.
  13. Yep... I'm not even against it in the slightest (I've seen a depressed friend go from suicidal to pretty much cured from Ketamine treatment)... But the goldrush scares me and it is being marketed or spoke about as a "safe" alternative.
  14. Keep on fighting, man. It's shit and a downright cruel illness that so few can understand, but time does make this better, slowly but surely. Try and get your sleep pattern back and reassess how you feel. PM me any time.
  15. I think these MDMA/LSD therapy treatments need to be held to the same strict levels as medications, with a very clear set of potential side effects. Needs to be fully regulated
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