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  1. Before calling other people out, fill us in on your drug use so we have a better understanding of your situation.
  2. Well, it's just a precursor to a migraine... There is nothing to really worry about. Chat to a doctor.
  3. Hey Andrew! I think that sounds way more like migraine aura than anything hppd related. Try to relax about it and just monitor the situation, for now. Hope it all goes well, Jay
  4. Yea, stress is second only to drug taking in terms of making your symptoms worse, imho. Thankfully, my stress related spikes have always gone to baseline sooner or later (after a death in the family, I spiked badly for probably 6 months). Main advice is to try and reduce that stress wherever possible. Also, with the low dose clono you take, you could move up to 3-4 days a week without too much risk too, as long as they are 3-4 days in a row, then 3-4 days off (this is just my personal view though, always worth speaking to a doctor first).
  5. It is very, very likely to be connected with the drug use, so I think you can start to work on healing your hppd. Obviously, keep getting checked with the doctor too though. My first advice would be to try and stop the guilty feelings, guilt is there to stop us doing something again... I think it seems safe to say you will never do drugs again, so that guilt is just wasted, negative energy. Forgive yourself and start to focus on your recovery. You will still be a great mum.
  6. Done, please keep me up to date. I can film any time.
  7. Do they move though? I know I can sometimes see eyelashes too that look like black spots. Just trying to get an understanding of the issue
  8. Your post literally says: Reduce or eliminate "All fruit, except small portions of berries like strawberries." "Don’t eat plants they are full of antinutrients"
  9. Sounds very much like hppd. Are you sure the black dots are not floaters? Do they move when you move your eyes? Some of my floaters are black dots rather than the typical lines that most people see.
  10. Great post, agree with every word. I think the make or break for us long termers is to get the right mindset. Discard negative emotions, cast aside self blame and loathing. Focus on the things we still can do.
  11. Cool idea... It's a tricky one for me as the anonymity thing always worries me, even with the blurred out face. I wonder if the whole interview could be animated too? It would need to be done in a way that didn't give it a cartoon edge, but could potential be the answer to the anonymity issue. If that might work. I can film myself talking about my experience (I have a fuji xt3 and some lighting) and you could use that as a source of animation.
  12. "Don't eat veg or fruit"?! hahaha, you will have much bigger problems than hppd within a few months. "Science" paid for by the cattle industry would be my guess.
  13. Yep... It's likely that as you obsess over your visual field, you notice naturally occurring faults in vision I've had floaters since I can remember. They are a physical issue that can be fixed with lazer treatment.
  14. Stress and lack of sleep are the key reasons for spikes in symptoms (outside of drug use). The good news is they are almost always "just" spikes and you will get back to baseline, it might take a few more months, just keep on fighting.
  15. Just a quick note that floaters are not caused by hppd, i've had them since I can remember. hppd sufferers see them more as we focus on our visual field. You can actually get surgery to get rid of them. Head pressure, I wear sunglasses as often as I can, indoors and out.
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