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  1. You'll get great visual relief for about an hour until you fall asleep for 8 hours 😅
  2. Yea, this is a symptom of depersonalisation, often associated with hppd. When it happens to me, I pinch my arm as hard as I can and it seems to ground me a bit.
  3. It's a pretty amazing med for HPPD, just a damn shame it is addictive and tolerance building. Hopefully one day, something similar comes out that we can take every day. The tiredness gets a bit easier, though I can still get that groggy, sinking tiredness with 1mg. (2mg, forget about it!... I take that only when really hungover)
  4. Hey Sami. Glad to hear clonazepam worked. It's the only thing that works for me I try my best to stick with 3 days on, 4 days off... but do sometimes do 4 days on, 3 days off and it seems to be ok (i try to do 10 days off every 2-3 months). At first, i took 2mg, as that really helped my visuals, but after a while, I realised that 1mg was often enough to help with anxiety, without doing much for my visuals. I think this lower dose has helped me stay tolerance/addiction free (though i do sometimes take 1.5mg and even 2mg on occasion). I tend to take the full dose as soon as I wake up, it lasts all day. I've stuck to the above for around 10 years now and it has made my life so much better. Even the days off, my anxiety is eased just knowing that I have some anxiety free days coming soon. Good luck, Jay
  5. For sure... When I was at my lowest, I packed up my bags and went travelling... Challenging myself really helped fix my mindset.
  6. Like MadDoc, I would be massively sceptical... Every time i've taken a substance, post-hppd, it's made me worse.. Either short term or long term. My guess is these reports are from someone who either didn't have hppd to begin or someone trolling.
  7. good luck mate, hope all goes well.. keep us posted
  8. at this point, I would just focus on reducing any stress and anxiety. It doesn't matter how you do this, watching tv, listening to music, going out in nature... whatever works, just do it as much as you can. I think stay away from meds is not the worst idea, right now. Finding and understanding your baseline is a good thing, then you are better equipped to know what meds, vitamins etc are doing to you, if you ever do go down that route (I personally take clonazepam 2-3 times a week to keep my anxiety down)
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum. That's a very scary thing to happen while tripping. Let's hope the doctors are right in that it will settle. Try not to blame yourself, you did a drug, like millions of other people do, you just got unlucky. Regret is a wasted emotion. Focus on getting better. I'm sure you have delved into the forum enough now to know what to do in these early months... No drugs, minimise/no alcohol, no caffeine, avoid stress, try not to over think, eat healthy, exercise. Are you on any medication/supplements?
  10. Mate, i raved with about 30 people, we all got visuals off MDMA, everyone did.... and as for weed 😂
  11. I'd say the vast, vast majority get some level of hppd directly after their last trip/drug use. I've heard of a few people getting it some time after, but it is rare and most likely they had some level of hppd and then a stressful event made it far more noticeable. MDMA and weed are very much drugs capable of giving visuals, even pure (tested) MDMA would give me some visuals (pre-hppd) and high level THC weed certainly did. It is odd that my visuals were distinctly purple after LSD, and then morphed into blues/green with MDMA use. Continued drug use has two potential issues... 1) a worsening of symptoms and 2), often overlooked... a greater risk of prolonging your hppd... People often overlook this and take the "Win" of returning to baseline. I think people generally want to get diagnosed to 1) Get access to meds that help, eg, Clonazepam and 2) Be ready for any meds that do show promise.
  12. Reddit /hppd is a cesspit of people who's main focus is to continue drugs after hppd use. You'll get positive feedback about taking fucking LSD with hppd over there.
  13. We have A LOT of anecdotal data over 10-15 years here... What I said stands true to literally every drug ever mentioned here, even clonazepam, which actually helps most hppd sufferers. We have had a user turn suicidal from kratom and had to spend months in a pysch unit, even though most users either had no reaction or enjoyed it. Opoids send my hppd into meltdown in terms of DPDR. The drugs you are mentioning, they might not give you hppd, but they have huge effects on some hppd users... Damn, even a mouthful of coffee sends me insane. You can say all you like about fractions of fractions of data, but I am certain that, as the longest standing hppd forum, we have the most data (anecdotal) on this particular topic, so it has some meaning.
  14. Here's a post I made on reddit to address any topic about drugs and hppd (I appreciate you are asking as a non hppd user) The only answer to ALL drug questions here No one knows how YOU will react. It could be fine for 100 people, but you might not have the right genetic/neurological make up and be the unlucky one. No drug is 100% safe for 100% of hppd sufferers, not a single one. You might get lucky and be fine, you might get lucky and only get a spike for a week or so, you might get unlucky and have a prolonged spike or you might get unlucky and fuck yourself for the rest of your life. No amount of reinforcement from online users changes any of the above. I'm not saying this to preach, i've made myself worse by doing more drugs, because.. well, we all love drugs and we all want to try and cheat the hppd system by finding a safe one. But it's not out there. I'm also not saying to not ask for advice if you are planning to do drugs. Just to be aware that no amount of 3rd hand anecdotes are really relevant to YOU or your chances of making yourself worse or having a safe time.
  15. They seem to have legitimate reasons to wait for it to go public, so I think you need to respect them. Though that does not mean you cannot try it yourself, right? If it works for you, then that would be a great indicator and, although it would be hard to wait for a public announcement, that's the way it goes.
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