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  1. I think it is very, very unlikely you will develop hppd at a later date after smoking weed, but taking steps to stay sober (inc. alcohol), minimise stress, ignoring symptons, getting good sleep, eating healthy foods and exercising will make sure the chance stays very low. Good luck, Jay
  2. I had a bit of success with Inositol and 5HTP, depression meds made me very ill, but these supplements, I could tolerate and my mood lifted. Build up slowly to whatever you opt for. Good luck
  3. 2mg seems a high dose. I think you might be focusing on it's ability to remove visuals rather than anxiety and dpdr problems. Maybe go 1mg again and just see how it feels overall, not just focused on visuals. Also, try taking it under your tongue, it seems to work better. If you get no relief, move up in .25mg ... 2mg is a recipe for addicition and also where you start to see real side effects like lack of memory and incredible fatigue. I have stuck to a regime for a while now (12 years) where i take it 3/4 days in a row (mainly 1mg, sometimes 1.5mg for stress days), then have 3/4 days off... Then detox completely for 10-20 days every 2/3 months to try and keep myself clean. I've yet to experience any withdrawal or tolerance, but we are all different, so tread carefully. As 1998 says, this is a drug not to be messed with.
  4. Strange times upon us. I think we will likely all be forced into some kind of quarantine sooner or later, so just make sure you guys stay positive, stay as active as possible and order any meds required. For those of you who are now working from home, it might even be a good experience for a while! Stay safe, Jay
  5. Look at all the other posts, no one else is giving some definitive diagnosis. We just offer our opinion and advice... No one is telling him/her that they definitely have hppd and to jump on x,y,z medication. Literally all you need to do is say something like "hey, my personal opinion is that you can't get hppd from weed, but I do have some suggestions on coping with the anxiety"..... That's it, all you need to do to help someone, while not coming across as a know all. The problem with having this binary mindset is you can also cause damage... Now, imagine this guy actually does have hppd, but takes your diagnosis as gospel and thinks, "ok, I don't have hppd, so that means I can try SSRIs, a common anti anxiety med"... They take that and fuck their hppd even more. Dangerous, right? Leave the diagnosis to the doctors... This place is to offer personal advice, opinion, and non binary thought about the causes of hppd (no one is right or wrong, it is just info and advice).
  6. Consider this your final warning... Keep your theories to your own threads or you will be banned. I hate banning anyone, but your insistence that your opinion is fact is draining for everyone.
  7. Hey, for the best chance at recovery, the rules are pretty simple... Stay sober (inc. alcohol and caffeine), eat healthy, exercise, try to sleep well and just try to distract yourself as much as possible... Watch films, go for walks in nature.. Whatever works best for you. My personal opinion is you should try and get through a few months we zero input - no meds, no supplements. Just try to get used to your baseline with no added input. Good luck , Jay
  8. Why is it that every thread that has some problems, you are involved? Here's some advice... Stop stating your opinion as fact. Stop belittling people who actually have hppd. You have your theory and we've allowed that opinion to stay on the forum in your threads... I don't want to see any more of it on other threads. On the OP... I think weed can give you hppd, and that is without thinking about laced weed or synthetics. The good news is that most everyone who has arrived here with hppd from weed has recovered quickly.
  9. Can you please stop bringing up the idea that anxiety is behind this... You have your own threads for that topic, don't bring them to other threads.
  10. I'd never heard of this phrase before, but could it hold any answers to hppd? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensory_gating
  11. Weed sends me psychotic. I hear voices and suffer terrible anxiety and paranoia. I am sure you can find plenty of people who say they are fine with weed... but they are not you It's that simple with every single question about drugs and hppd. You can easily create an echo chamber for smoking weed, taking acid again, doing shrooms etc etc... But none of those "good outcome" stories have any relation to you as an individual. You have to decide whether you want to play russian roulette with your mental health... I certainly don't think the high is worth the potential lows, but it's on you.
  12. I find clonazepam to have the least spacey effects, though high doses make me crazy tired, with terrible memory issues. I find i can take away a fair chunk of my anxiety with 1mg and can stay awake and alert on that dose.. You may not even need that amount, so if you do go down route, start low an adjust until you find the right balance between anxiety relief and becoming a zombie. I tend to do 3/4 days on, then 3/4 days off, with a 2 week break every couple of months.. I have done this routine for 12 years now, with no sign of addiction or tolerance. Good luck Jimmy, PM me if you need any advice.
  13. Sorry to hear this, really dreadful thing to happen and I would be genuinely angry and maybe seeking legal advice. I'm sure you have read up plenty on hppd, but the general advice will be the same for your case... Just stay sober (including alcohol and even caffeine), eat healthy, try to exercise and just do anything you can that takes your mind off this... Movies, walks in nature.. Whatever helps. Unless the anxiety is really crippling, I would try to avoid all meds and supplements for a few months and really get to understand your baseline (most meds and supps are horseshit anyway, imho, and can make things worse). If the anxiety is crippling, try a low does of benzos for a few weeks, then see where your baseline is at... Be very careful though, benzos are highly addictive, so make sure to have a careful plan once those initial weeks are over. Just to note, a lot of people who visit here tend to get better, so hope is not lost... Just keep battling through these tough early weeks and see if there is any relief in your suffering. All the best, feel free to PM me. Jay
  14. In the right circumstances, i can get my anxiety down to zero (at home, watching mindless tv, for example)... My visuals are still 100% though and my trippy thought process remains the same. When someone with "just" VSS can describe that trippy thought process, I will begin to think it is all connected,...until then, I think hppd is somewhat different.
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