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  1. Jay1


    Sorry to hear this, sounds very scary. Do you have any visuals disorders, or is this dpdr? What meds have you been put on?
  2. Jay1

    Intentionaly getting HPPD

    If you think this sounds like a dream come true, you are wildly misinformed. It is not like tripping all the time.. You have no feelings of joy, or insight. Just all the very ugly aspects. Anyone saying otherwise has some very mild form is this. Imagine your strongest trip ever, now remember that feeling when you've come down but you are still fucked up (and remove any feelings of relief that you made it through to the other side)... You're disphoric, depressed, anxious, nervous, paranoid, your mind is starting to make normal thoughts, but something is still very off, your vision is all messed up, but without the joy and insight, it's just an ugly mess. Don't underestimate this illness. I'd literally rather have cancer, or have my arms cut off.
  3. Jay1

    Hppd at raves/festivals

    Yea, i love music festivals... It's one of those very rare moments that I embrace my hppd and loose myself in my visuals and dpdr. I'm in an experimental ambient/electronica band... So will be hoping to play some festivals soon!
  4. Jay1

    Hppd at raves/festivals

    Look through his other posts... He is trolling, or if he isn't, he is strongly encouraging drug use without offering any thought or insight, I don't see any benefit to keeping him/her on the forum. There are loads of posts here about post-hppd drug use and i have no problem with that, it is all part of our learning curve... But those posts have insight. Not just "drugs are great" posts.
  5. Jay1

    Hppd at raves/festivals

    Judging by your post history, it seems you are trolling. One more post like this and you are banned.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that you are stopping the ketamine and coke. Ket is (was) my fave drug, but it is really bad for hppd, it put my visuals into overdrive. As for tips, staying away from drugs is the big one, but also avoid getting drunk (a few beers is ok for most here, not all), be careful with caffeine, generally try to avoid stress wherever possible, eat healthy, work out, try to do things that take your mind off it all. Are you taking any meds?
  7. Jay1

    Violent Coughing

    Probably something to do with blood pressure in the brain. I often get this if I stand up too quickly or after very hard excerise. My wife also gets this before a migraine. ps - i have had this since before drugs, so if we are talking about the same thing, it is unlikely hppd related.
  8. hppd wise, you have a mild form, by the sounds of it... This is your body giving you a massive alarm call not to take any more drugs (even weed). If you stay sober, eat healthy and just go out and do some fun stuff (non drug fun!) you'll probably fully recover. As for the other stuff, sounds like your anxieties are just getting the better of you. Go have a health check and put your mind at ease.
  9. hi billy, yea... two of my friends have also had mild hppd visual symptoms but no dpdr or anxiety issues... that's from a group of about 20 of us that all did lsd and mdma. 2 also got psychosis. My one friend who gets hppd visuals and knows about my issues still blasts a lot of ket and now dmt, stresses me out, but what can you do.
  10. Welcome Aaanna. Glad you found the forum!
  11. Jay1

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    Why would you want to try Deantix? It has nothing to suggest it will help HPPD, it could make it worse. I think you are just desperate to keep taking substances.
  12. Jay1

    Do I have HPPD?

    Usually caused by anxiety, which can be caused by dp/dr.
  13. Jay1

    This is

    Hi Harry,.. very sorry to her about your you mum dying, must be heart breaking. Stress is a huge factor in HPPD and grief is the worst stress you can get. As the grief slowly passes, the stress will too, which will help your dp/dr. I would chat to your business partner about having some time off, or at least lessen your hours. Dealing with your grief and mental health is the most important thing now. I'm sure something can be arranged, but you need to begin to talk about things with people near and dear to you (even if you don't mention hppd specifically). Are you trying any medication?
  14. It sounded a bit like benzo withdrawal... But that would rule that out
  15. Did you stop taking Xanax between the time it helped and the time of the relapse?

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