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  1. Jay1

    Dark room therapy

    It is not great... I have different cycles of insomnia... Sometimes I can't sleep until, say, 4am, then rise at 7am... Other times, I fall asleep at midnight and then wake at 4am and don't get back to sleep. Currently, I am in a cycle where i sleep from about midnight until 2am, then get back to sleep again at 5am until 7am.
  2. Jay1

    Dark room therapy

    Will be interested to hear how you get on. Do you meditate? I think meditation techniques will be essential to get through it
  3. Jay1

    Dark room therapy

    It's an interesting idea and one I have thought about before... I'm just scared about letting my mind run amok without distractions of tv, phone etc ... my thinking gets VERY strange/trippy!
  4. Sadly, mine doesn't. Nothing makes it better, only klonpin diminishes it slightly. Personally, i think it is neurological.. receptor based. The disorder shows up on a qEEG. Also, many people get it from MDMA, an experience that doesn't really bring about panic or distress (quite the opposite).
  5. Jay1

    Hello Everyone :)

    The chances are a doctor (even a specialist) will have next to no idea about the subtleties of a condition caused by LSD. Doctors are fallible and will often misdiagnose and/or lazily prescribe something like an SSRI to help the anxiety or an anti psychotic med because you are having strange thought processes.
  6. Jay1

    Hello Everyone :)

    My advice is to just relax and see where it goes over the next few weeks. Be very wary if a doctor tries to put you on any more meds, especially SSRIs or anti psychotics, which can make hppd worse. It is very likely you will recover naturally, just eat well, exercise, and try to distract yourself from the worry. There is nothing wrong with using the ativan every day for a short period, 2-3 weeks... This might help your body/mind get over the shock of the lsd. But if you don;t need it everyday, even better. Good luck, Jay
  7. Jay1

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    I'm sure we'd all pay $1000s of dollars for a legit cure (I offered the guy $50k for the rights, so I can make it free, if he proved it works... no response). Maybe it's just me though, but as a sufferer of hppd, I just wouldn't even give it a thought to try and cash in. I'd do everything in my power to make it free and available to everyone who suffers this shitty disorder. Anyway, as dayum says, all he has to do is send a copy to any of the mods to test, can be a watermarked screenshot. If it worked, i'd find a way to let the guy get rich and let everyone have it for free.
  8. Jay1

    Travelling with HPPD.

    I've flown 100s of times with hppd... Doesn't effect my symptoms at all. Have a good time, Sweden is a great, hope you meet Zlatan! He's a legend
  9. The best thing to do is stop all drug use (including weed), stop caffeine and nicotine (if possible), try to remove stress from your life. Eat healthy and exercise. Try to do things that distract your mind from it. There is a very good chance this will go away. If it does, please use this as your body's warning not to do any more drugs. If it is still here after 3-4 months, come back and then maybe start looking into the next steps, medication etc.
  10. I'm vegan too, so it's a no from me!
  11. Jay1

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    Are you serious? How much does a .com and some web hosting cost? (I am a web designer, so answer carefully). If you are serious about providing this for free, I will host it on my server. If I do not get a DM soon though, I will delete this post and ban the account as, personally, i think it's a fucking disgrace to try and monetize this condition.
  12. Jay1

    What can be a trigger for visuals?

    Coffee, alcohol, SSRIs and some other meds, stress, more drugs (of course). I also think that, once you start seeing visual issues, you naturally start looking out for them more.
  13. Jay1

    School Children

    No, you're not going to find the answer you want!.... Especially with regards to DMT. That's pure mental russian roulette.
  14. Jay1

    The Long and Winding Road

    Hang in there mate, it sounds like you might be coming off the SSRIs too quickly, without a proper taper? PM me if you want to chat.
  15. Very good post. We need to pull in the same direction and help each other. Polite counter points are fine, but why does it have to quickly resort to swearing and anger?

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