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  1. Because hppd is a drug induced disorder. I know people who have increased metabolism, they don;t have hppd... I know people who did alot of lsd and mdma, they have hppd.
  2. I'd have probably wrote this kind of nonsense when I had pre-hppd too and was in denial about how drugs were affecting me.
  3. Yea, mainly from mdma... I know 3 people who have been in and out of pysch wards for 20+ years because of that drug.
  4. I'm a bit confused... Did you have hppd before taking pheno, and now your symptoms are worse? Or are you saying that pheno has given you hppd? I've taken loads of pheno since having hppd and it didn't change my visuals at all. Also, increased metabolism is not a cause of hppd... Not sure what that's all about. Please explain what visual issues you are having.
  5. hppd + weed makes me psychotic, but hppd itself doesn't, thankfully. I know a few people with drug related psychosis and the conditions are very different.
  6. You sound similar to me... I properly went for it with the drugs, trying to find their meaning. Lots of shrooms and acid, then lots and lots of mdma. I can;t give you a happy ever after, i'm still quite ill after 22 years.... but.... I really learnt to cope after about 2-3 years and went on to have a decent life (college, travelling, wife, own business), on paper, it's all good... but it's a struggle, i wont sugar coat it. I still feel like i'm tripping every day, but i take clonazepam 3 times a week, which gives me a break and allows me to go out with friends and feel fairly normal. 1st step is to stop beating yourself up... We are all here because we were a bit daft with drugs, but it doesn't make us bad people... and, just because we got unlucky, it doesn;t make other people bad for dodging the bullet.... If you chat to your other drug friends, you will probably find they are all dealing with some post drug shit anyway. Over time, you will find ways to tap back into the mindset that enjoyed lsd and start looking at hppd as an extension of that. It's not easy, in fact it's harder than fighting a physical illness, but you can get through it and regain some control over life. Keep on fighting, Jay
  7. Another lesser known symptom, though others have mentioned it.... I used to get very horrific CEVs, like scenes from hell. Death, mutliation, rape etc I stopped watching any porn, horror movies etc and that seems to have fixed it.
  8. Yea, nothing showed up. The only oddity was that they noted my eyes flickered constantly. Like when in REM sleep. They didn't seem to think that was particularly interesting though. I need to get a qEEG, i think
  9. I have a few! The first 3-4 years with hppd, I could see a cross in my vision, like a religious cross. this was especially apparent at night. After stupidly smoking salvia... I saw huge 3d cogs overlaid onto my normal hppd for about 2 years. If I look at a straight edge, eg, the top of the tv set... I see what I can only describe as little electrical tornadoes spinning across the surface. Non visual... I often get bouts of a feeling of dread, like something really bad is around the corner.
  10. Just take this for what it is... 3rd hand info. We have no info on the girlfriend, her symptoms etc To have two people get hppd from the same trip is ludicrously rare, to start with.
  11. Just click the username and you should see a "message" button
  12. It is still a very rare condition, so will never really get the support, resources and media coverage that, for instance, weed induced psychosis will. In the grand scheme of things, I am glad that this is a rare condition, as it would be a global crisis if even 1% of people who took lsd, mdma etc got hppd. But it does mean we are left in limbo in terms of medical support. Be vary wary if you do go to see a doctor about this... Don't let them prescribe anti psychotic or anti depression medications. They almost always make the situation worse, but alot of doctors will see that as the first line of treatment for anyone with drug induced issues. It is very interesting that you touch on seeing the signs of when to stop talking, step away etc.... My wife has become an expert in this ... It took her alot of time to not take it personally when I would only answer seemingly normal questions with a distant 1 word reply.. Or had to cancel plans just to then sit in and watch tv... Sometimes I also want to protect her from the truth of how bad I am feeling, I want her to be happy. Sometimes the feeling that you are hurting other people is as hard as the internal pain. Stress is one of the biggest problems, so try to protect him from any stressful situations... Maybe ask him to make a list of the main stress triggers and try to avoid them for a while. If that means dropping out of school, work etc for a while.. It is worth it, at least for a few months... It's a bit of a fine balance between avoiding stress and finding a comfort zone that you might never want to come out of. The latter can become an excuse to not fight.... But for a few months, it can be good. How long has your son been suffering? Feel free to keep asking questions here, or PM me. Regards, Jay
  13. I've just been given an Oculus Rift by a company I work for... Very interesting, though it doesn't help dp/dr! Takes me an hour or so come fell like i'm in control of my body after.
  14. Hi, there isn't a specific area, but it is a good idea... Please feel free to ask any questions you have here and we will try to help. Thank you for supporting and researching... I see alot of people here who are scared to tell their family, or who have done and it has gone badly... So it is nice to see someone being compassionate.
  15. If it helps, my mdma depression did pass... Took a couple of years, though I was a very heavy user...