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  1. Just to be on 25/50 4x/day. Now dropped to 2 pills. Its like getting off speed but worse! This made me functional but i started with ADHD (concerta) that blocks reuptake from dopamine and norapherin (however you spell it). Pretty much had to - it isnt clear what can happen with adding dopamine and blocking it even in very low doses. Anyway, its a bitch but it is interesting that i can ride it out. It seems like HPPD has a lot to do with attention due to poor filtering of stimuli. Hopefully i dont need sinemet - atleast not that much that i was on since I am going for zero to evaluate.
  2. No, it really does not master to me when i take it. As long as 36 hours doesnt pass between a certain dose
  3. An update: Concerta works great and it seems it has to do with the attention. The right dose will keep me focused and I do not get overwhelmed vith inputs. I guess. I also got to try an amphetamine med (as prescribed) but mainly gives me energy and doesnt really help my HPPD releated issues. Well, in one way it does but....yeah.
  4. Caffein works with My concerta, i actually Linda likes it. Also can drin alcohol again. Anyway, i am still on Sinemet and i need to get off that as soon as I have reached a steady dose. Of course because of the risks of taking two dopaminergic drugs but also to see if I can use concerta on its own. I am leveling out on My dose at 27mg. It takes about a week. Perhaps I will increase it if the effect keeps fading. I still wanna make clear that i use leviteracetam that inhibits excation of neurons in general so just taking concerta might be a bit of a bitch to some (for me it wasnt possible at the onset pre-keppra
  5. Just upped the dose, i feel so much more energetic and my visual response is faster. So Quick. That means that I am looking at something and look at something else and there is no delay and with that no after images. Depth perception is much more improved. I can see the depth of the sky, no 'roof'. A little bit nervousity yes, but i had that on the initial dose and it faded. Visual snow is pretty much gone even under stress. The real improvement is the dissociation, its almost gone. Still have a lack of libido. Just to be clear, I am taking Keppra an clonazepam and that could probably help any side fx
  6. When i had my onset i got an add diagnose by the doc. The HPPD was confirmed much later and the also the real issue. However, since keppra and clonazepam o started sinemet like 2012 (?) and it really changed my life. I basiacally wnt from being a functional veggie to a point living person again. However, as I got better i started to do more stuff. Work and study hard and while i was able to become functional again the last years, the feeling of "being" from sinemet has faded. I strongly believe this is attributed to stress. Stress deplete dopamine and voila, back in limbo. So know when I am writing my theisis i basically crashed. There was just too much stress and i couldnt do anything. I remembered the ADD diagnose and that i tried concerta for that which is an amphetamine derivate of some sort. At that time it was a major problem because it amped my HPPD ten folds. However since then i have been on keppra. Another member, 415_style who i had some contact with since we come from the same country, said that he could take concerta (i guess adderall would be similar) only when on keppra or some other anti seizure med. He said then that he felt great and everything was fine, never heard from him again (tried to contact him by pm). So, i gave it a try and its really amazing what it does. I been calling my family and friends and crying about all the lost years and the burden i felt i have been. Its like everthing is back in place. Today when i am writing this I am out of my med, only got one jar from the doc. and she went on vacation. I feel so depressed of being back to the same state as before the med. I just wanna go to bed and wait for the appointment to get more. Dopamine meds have been discussed to a great extent and a lot of people here say the same thing, stimulants, can make the HPPD better while taking it but much worse when it leaves the system. To me I feel great but only because of keppra. Dont know if this is because keppra inhibits the dopamine firing like crazy. What kinda scares me a bit is that some people on VS-sites report that they got it from ADD/ADHD meds. At the same time some people on ADD/ADHD boards say they get visual snow and tinnitus while on the med but not off. That would be a transient effect. The key word here is "some" as in anecdotal. Anyway, i feel like i need to keep taking this for a while. Except the HPPD it helps me organize myself. Even if it isnt a long term solution, i now what is and that is to not put myself in stress. That is easier said then done with ADD.
  7. I like your "good" list boozebome. Realistic expectations as in life in general is probably the most important realisation to me. With HPPD and I do something at the university and fail....well that puts me in to a lot of stress because i am not as equipped to handle it as i used to be. And that is OK. Meditation is great when i give it My time. Sometimes just wanna rush threw it or skip it. I need to build up a routine i guess.
  8. Fish oil increaseas the serotonin and when i began taking it i got sparkling stuff in my visual field. Like fire flies. It passes in a week and then i feel much better
  9. Yey!! I can take it again. I can only use a quarter of a pill but thats atleast 4mg of cocarboxylase.
  10. Same thing. About the trial, there is an issue with delivery so this might take a little longer
  11. Anything that pushes the brain to process information will have some effect to My HPPD. -Too much carbohydrates in general. Good fats and protein is My main diet. -Stress! -Anxiety -Lack of sleep -Inflammation Steroids (the medication)
  12. Yeah, the brain fog is gone. I still have some dissociation but My Mind is more clear. It also slows down My visual snow. Its an Anti seizure med as you now and it makes sense that i lowers the exhibition going on in the brain It does have some side fx but its very individual. I encountered some fatigue and irratability when i started it. Still can show up when i am stressed out.
  13. Yep. Before meds on My onset that tunel thing was constant. Started Keppra and it went away but so did My peripheral in general ????
  14. The list of potential side fx, well crazy. Anyway seem to happen to people with long term use. I bought 20 caps of 100mg (when prescribed the normal dose is 200mg). Some people think HPPD has to do with chronic inflammation. I had some relief when ill from Ibuprofen which is both Cox-1 and Cox-2. Cox-2 seem to be the one when people talk about inflammation due to neurological diseases. I will start my trial, probably in a week when it arrives, with 100mg. If nothing happens i will rise to 200mg. After this i will try naltroxene and then do the Gene test
  15. Magnesium citrate, 250mgx2/day
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