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  1. i met my wife having hppd,and got married having it as well.. many people here have spouses and kids even.. so don't worry about that..
  2. Hi, everyone.. Ïm sorry I have been away for a long time from this forum.. its mainly because since I have quite an obsessive personality.. I had to stop checking this forum in order to get on with my life.. but I have noticed recently that pressure in my sternocleidomastoid muscle had a profound effect in worsening my HPPD symptoms, and through stretching and exercising it, much of the symptoms that I was suffering from were made far better.. such as clear-headedness, pressure around eyes and face.. I actually feel quite "normal" after making sure that this muscle isn't tense.. and there seems to be an lowering in some visual symptoms as well.. likely cause they were made worse by tension in this muscle.. I also remembered a long time ago when having swelling of this muscle, it sent me into a total nightmare.. For those who don't know which muscle this is, its on the front of your neck.. Its the muscle that covers your carotid artery's.. so it kind of makes sense that it can be a culprit in making HPPD worse since it carries blood to your brain.. I think also that Arturo lerner, the second expert on HPPD after dr Abraham said he had noticed a connection with neck tension and worsening of hppd symptoms.. so if anyone is experiencing tightness in the neck, try stretching and exercising this muscle, and try to keep a certain awareness of the tightness your feeling in this muscle to see if it can prevent a flare-up in symptoms.. Hope everyone in this community is doing good.. Since I left the board I have gotten married, and is halfway through college.. and HPPD rarely bothers me.. Until recently when I had an anxiety flare-up, which set be back a little.. but also made me realize the correlation of these symptoms.. keep going strong.. don't let HPPD beat you.. // Ralphy
  3. I think focusing on our visuals makes us develop a unhealthy way of using our eyes, that puts a lot of strain on our neck which also impacts the jaw.. Like if a normal person has a floater, if he spends all day focusing on something that is inside his eye he is gonna have tremendous strain in his neck and jaw..
  4. For me these tensions and pains are related to my jaw.. But its still difficult to figure out where they come from since i can almost every day find some new stretch that relives the pain for a short time.. Sometimes its my arms that i tense so much because of anxiety.. But i think also that it might be because how we react to light.. Because of the distortions that we are not adjusted to react to, we tense our eyes more than normal people.. Tense our eyes when we really dont need to.. And when i do it, it makes us tense our jaws as well.. So try to massage, relax and stretch your jaw, or try to keep it in a relaxed position, and see if it helps.. then maybe its connected..
  5. For those who want to try if it works, there is supplemental L-dopa.. maybe it might help a small bit with HPPD.. although that is just a guess.
  6. I took the trial about a year ago.. The visuals did decrease quite a bit, for a while, even for a few days i felt my vision was pretty similar to what it was pre-HPPD but the risks are too great with the medication that is prescribed.. Perhaps when better parkinsons drugs come out, and there is a lot of research on that area.. maybe there will be a cure for HPPD.. But ths drug can seriously fuck up your liver it seems.. If taken improperly or even properly to the wrong person.. Anyways, it was great meeting DR, abraham.. He is a smart and kind man. He told one good thing that has stuck on my mind though, that some of his patients include, Doctors, lawyers and investment banker.. Saying that HPPD isnt an obstacle of pursuing a normal life and career..
  7. Dont know if the visuals get much better.. It way for some, may not for some others.. But their relevance to your life becomes much less the more you adjust to the condition..
  8. I think part of it is because this site doesnt show up if you search "HPPD" on google.. as the previous one did.. Remember that it was the first one after wikipedia that came up..
  9. =(

    Dont know what i can add to make you feel better.. I also got HPPD after only one exposure to Mushrooms which was my drug debut.. I guess seeking some help, like someone to talk to would be advisable.. As for your future.. I asked Dr.Abraham when i met him, (the leading specialist on HPPD) about the future, and studying and working.. He told that once one adjust to the condition and have other more positive things in life to distract you, the visuals and other symptoms will become less bothersome and relevant to your life.. He also said that some off his HPPD patients include, Doctors, lawyers and even investment bankers.. who all have HPPD. I also asked arturo lerner (another HPPD specialist) about whether HPPD is braindamge, the answer i got was no.. Since the changes in the brain are functional.. And i think that research have concluded that apart from the visual and psychological symptoms HPPD doesnt have a lot of effect on memory and concentration.. Although im not sure about this one.. But i think i read it once on the former forum, please correct me if im wrong.. I can say i feel better after having this condition for 3 years i guess.. Takes a while, but sooner or later, it wont make sense blaming yourself, or thinking catastrophic thoughts.. It just becomes better, and less relevant i guess..
  10. If we applied a use fee on the forum or collected some money from members here.. Could we bring back the old board.. or is the website with all its content deleted? Or is it possible some way to transfer the content from the old board to this board...
  11. Finally find out the root of all my headache pressure problems.. And why they have had different character throughout the course of my HPPD period.. I have akathisia.. Inner restlessnesss that has to take itself out somehow in my body.. It takes itself out on my head when i tense my jaw, perticulary the chin area.. Thats why moving my legs, or clenching my hands made it all better.. I wonder though if its a product of HPPD or if its still from when i was treated with antipsychotics when i first got HPPD..