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  1. Hi Guys, Seen a lot about dopamine and improving peoples vision. Really good stuff. I dont think I suffer from HPPD exactly but my visual symptoms are extremely similar to some of them. Currently on Celexa 20mg which is helping my anxiety / depression somewhat but not doing anything for my visual symptoms. I have some Mucuna Dopa, would it be ok to take alongside Celexa? If so, what kind of dosage would I be looking at a day and how long till improvements (if they going to come), is it a gradual thing? After sometime? Do you think it could do the same job or some of the meds you guys are trying out. Think it would do anything? Or do I have the right end of the wrong stick....
  2. Apologies on delay in coming back to this... After consultation with my GP he advised against the beta blockers, in terms of any anxiety it really only helps to tackle some of the symptoms while experiencing panic. This wasn't something that troubled me so much as I have never had a said panic attack. He has instead prescribed Celexa, very low dose of 10mg to begin and I will be moving to 20mg. After 2 weeks no real improvements, although I have heard it takes a while to kick in and I question if it will do with such a low dose. Its very hard for me to get an accurate diagnosis, after a year now of suffering with visual issues I still havent been able to put my finger on the issue, PTSD and depression are the latest. Although none really go to explain or even mention my vision issues at all, I did go through trauma and as a result of the last year am now surely suffering with some depression. Chicken or the egg situation with a lot of this though.. One thing to note, what Visual said, 'white coat syndrome', BP will be up at times esp when seeing doctor etc so allow for this, best thing is for regular checks, different times of the day.
  3. Hi all, Went and saw a neuro-optomologist earlier this week. After a ton of tests he concluded that there was no problems with my eyes or sight. (which I already knew) He then did a blood pressure test, 140/80 (higher end of normal) and blood sugar which came back fine also. He then reassured me, that despite any of my fears, even from drugs I have taken it was extremely unlikely that brain damage would have occured, I wasn't completely convinced as well, something is not right...my sight is not as it was, and my cognitive functions also....so how can there be NO damage... He went on to explain that he has seen in people where there brain has become 'over-sensitive' to stimuli, he said, this can result in some people having tinitus, some people having visual disturbances. The exact explaination he used was - It is like you need the 'gain' turned down on your brain. I quite liked that expression as that is exactly how I feel sometimes, like Im trying to take in and process too much to the point where I either dissosciate and have trouble thinking processing visual elements. He is writing to my GP and is prescribing that I take Beta Blockers for this as a first point of call. Has anyone had any experience of these? Have they helped anyones visual symptoms? DP / DR? Ive heard they are calming and more used for heart problems? I have an appointment with a neurologist next month so not taking this as gospel but it does feel like a good place to start.
  4. Off to see a neuro-optomologist tomorrow, Amy advice? Will post on the forum when I've been, had a bad net connection this past week

  5. Off to see a neuro-optomologist tomorrow, Amy advice? Will post on the forum when I've been, had a bad net connection this past week

  6. Hey - thanks all, Im definately gonna go through all the tests with the neurologist and it will be interesting to see if anything shows up. However I really am not banking on it and if anything I'm going to engineer my symptoms towards something that needs Keppra, just so I can get on a dose and try it out... My main symptoms are my vision and dizziness / spacial awareness, but when I mention this they go down the route that it may be an inner ear balance problem, which it is most certainly not and its very frustrating to have it belittled to this. The latest drug I have been prescribed which was on Monday to brush me off while I wait for my appointment is - cyclizine. Anyone have any info on this? Is it worth picking up the prescription? Prescriptions are expensive here and I really think from what I have read this really wont make any difference...it seems to be attributed to helping motion sickness????? This is a very frustrating condition because if nothing shows up pysically, then it is considered physcological and I will just be pushed towards CBT again. I mean, its difficult to tell...what EXACTLY is it...I definately feel the problem is in my 'brain' and possible chemical imbalance? I am (was) naturally a confident person and not particuarly anxious or nervous so I cant see it JUST being a simple case of an anxiety disorder, however trying to explain this to doctors whos attitude is 'well im the doctor, I know best' and not prepared to listen to you, makes it very hard to get particular treatment. Anyway, it will be around 4 - 6 weeks for my appointment so I shouldn't really write the neurologist off before even meeting it, I will keep hopeful and waiting....
  7. Right well my GP refuses to give me either, says that Keppra is used for epilepsy and brain seizures and things which happen infrequently, says that it wouldnt happen constantly. Benzos because of how highly addictive they are and how the side effects of both can cause my symptoms and withdrawals later on. Have an appointment with a neurologist however, my only worry is what if nothing comes up if they do scans etc...do the docs just put it down to me lying and tell me to get on with it? Reason I ask I hear a lot about people who go for scans etc and everything comes back normal.
  8. Took me a couple of weeks for my email to be validated, didnt actually get an email through in the end it just allowed me to log in after a while. The actual 'validation email' doesn't get sent it would appear? I also kept an eye on my spam folder, thought that an admin validated it in the end. Definately one to look into.
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies, I think I have a better understanding of it now. So Keppra can be taken more regularly, not addictive? From what I can see also has a higher success rate in people with similar symptoms to myself. Klonopin to be used more irregularly and is stronger? Will blunt anxiety but not nessacarily help towards fixing it, merely mask the problems, because of this depency is commonplace. Will ask for Keppra and see if they will give it to me this time!
  10. Hi all, Just wanted to know the pros and cons of each as you were, I have a doctors appointment middle of this month and I will be asking to be placed on meds (again). I had strongly believed in not using them however the amount of people I've read about who have found relief from either of the 2 drugs makes me wonder if I would be better off to give them a try for a limited amount of time and see if there are any improvements. I have read lots on both, also about addiction and also withdrawal so I think I know what I am facing, also how I may think I'm cured (for want of a better phraze) and it just be the drugs masking any anxiety. I am suffering from anxiety however that is not what I want to use these for, it is concentrating on the hppd and visual symptoms I'm facing, thats what and why I want to use the meds. So yeh, any thoughts on which of the 2 I should be asking? Anything to watch out for? Any peoples experiences - both positive and negative?
  11. Timer

    Hi All

    Thanks Jay1, Drinking is at a very minimum and has been for the last 10 months, can count the times I have drunk on one hand. Don't smoke, ciggs or weed so thats fine and drugs for obvious reason have been knocked on the head. Understand why the doc didn't give the Klonopin, however I am not ignorant to the situation and the symptoms being masked, I know benzos are highly addictive but have read good evidence that suggests both Klonopin and Keppra can be the 1st major steps of treatment for some so was keep to try. However onwards and upwards, will continue to try the supplements I have out and go from them. Day at a time at the moment..
  12. Just ordered some NAC, should arrive tomorrow / Tuesday - will update on effects if any.
  13. Timer

    Hi All

    Hey there, Finally got my email address validated (took over a week), admin you may want to look into this because it could put people off joining in with this forum - just FYI. Ok I've been suffering with 'visuals' for around 9 months now, after a night heavy drinking I woke up the next day with the normal hangover, my vision during my time with hangovers was always 'shaky' and unsettled, along with this high anxiety but prior to October I thought nothing much of it, just thinking I had particularly bad hangovers worst than most. I woke up after this nights drinking and felt like things had 'shifted' my attitude and personality seemed different, bit exhagertated but the only way I can put it, things were just 'different'. To go with this my usual 'shaky vision' and off balance feeling didn't go and I've had this ever since October, feeling of just being off and these symptoms - I have a constant heavy head. Dizzy spells So tired all the time, often yawning Difficulty concentrating / thinking Zone out and lose any attachment with where I am. 'spaced feeling' Memory - I cant remember things I just should....short term and long term, mainly long term. Dont feel like doing anything fun which I used to like Found it difficult leaving the house and being places, mainly cause of the disorintation and feeling like everyone is looking at me while I walk around spaced out. Over the 10 months I first initially related to DP/DR but over time I feel that my visual are so prevalent that I may suffer from some DR but theres more to it. So is it DR / HPPD / Anxiety after a stressful time? I'm not sure.. I had an extremely stressful period with work for 9 months prior to this time, which definitely increased my anxiety, not gonna go into it, but it was at about level 11 of a 1-10 scale of anxiety and stress that I could physically take without knowing it for a prolonged time. This has definitely impacted in some aspects. I have never done LSD, I don't smoke weed (although did till I was about 16, I'm 24 now) and I have done MDMA and cocaine in the previous year til the time my symptoms were 24/7. I would go on weekend binges, to get away from the stress I was in at the time, however again I feel this has impacted, probably not the best idea doing this at the best of times but 100% not when I was so highly strung and dealing with so much on a day to day basis. So here I am, feeling of being off and like my mind is 'over active', vision feels like its slightly shaking and not quite right, which hightens my anxiety and to go with that feeling of off balance and dissociation in social situations which I would NEVER have a problem with. Situations I was particularly cofindent in my ability now with my symptoms are ones I avoid and lack performance mentally. I have put it down to a few things so far - Anxiety is high - Like I said, I avoid situations, this is typical of an anxiety disorder and fear had definitely manifested itself to play a major part of me moving forward. The stressful situation I was in has since ended and anxiety has decreased since, however I think I'm still 'locked in' fight or flight mode and hyperaware. Vision - I don't suffer from trails / glare / double vision as such so perhaps my vision is a mild form of HPPD? Not sure, but it definitely feels like a problem in my brain which causes it, I don't suffer from panic attacks or get dizzy at just stressful times, its constant which makes me feel its not anxiety related. DR - I feel disconnected and lack sense of time / emotions and importance in nearly all circumstances in life. I do believe though if I could get through some fears and more importantly sort my vision I would be able to reconnect after a while although it would be difficult. What I have tried - Supplements - I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Currently exploring glutamate and GABA imbalances and have started on or am awaiting an order for - L-Theanine, Taurine, Extra strength fish oil and NAC. Dopamine in the form of Mucuna Dopa seems to be helping also. CBT - I went for CBT and although good for anxiety and made me feel better to talk through with someone, didn't really clear anything up as such, I am on the waiting list to see a different therapist. Excercise - I have tried to keep active, but intermittently, very hard to get any routines or regimes going, something I am working on. Medication - I did ask my doctor for Klonopin, however they wouldn't give it to me, although Ive been suffering for so long and showed how this can perhaps help visual symptoms. If I kick up a fuss I guess I could get them, but as I have not been diagnosed with anything as such just yet they are reluctant. Only thing Ive been diagnosed with is anxiety disorder, however this to me is a symptom of what I'm feeling - not the cause. Anyway Hi everyone, any ideas, thoughts or questions would be appreciated! Otherwise I will just contribute where I can.
  14. Still waiting for account to be validated, does anyone use this forum? Admin? Mods? :(

  15. Hi, new to forum, not new to DR / HPPD symptoms, didn't get email through to validate account, can admin validate please?

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