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  1. caffiene is knowen to raise anxiety conditions. not for me tho
  2. "Strassman’s research connects DMT with the pineal gland, considered by Hindus to be the site of the seventh chakra and by René Descartes to be the seat of the soul. DMT: The Spirit Molecule makes the bold case that DMT, naturally released by the pineal gland, facilitates the soul’s movement in and out of the body and is an integral part of the birth and death experiences, as well as the highest states of meditation and even sexual transcendence. Strassman also believes that alien abduction experiences are brought on by accidental releases of DMT. If used wisely, DMT could trigger a period of remarkable progress in the scientific exploration of the most mystical regions of the human mind and soul. " now i wana read it again lolwheres my old house
  3. dmt released into the synapse being a theory of alien abduction events for non-psychedelic users.. dmt being released primarly when your born and when you die.. also i beleive he touched on outterbody/neardeath experiences.""Drugs are a bet with your mind" - Jim Morrison"nice quote whered he say that?AWAKE!-jdm
  4. garbage.. fell asleep due to boredom. or just some odd low dose opiate perhaps? why will you do lsd? have your heart in it, be very studied. or stick to pot, atleast wait till ur 18 to, as growing up a psychonaut wasnt exactly healthy minded for me... even if i stopped at the first dose.when i was young i sold lsd in tinfoil/ blotter paper of all designs.. nowadays liquid(which use to be nearly a myth in the late 90's in seattle, is what you should look for.) dont pm me for any, i dont buy it anymore... if its free...
  5. Check out the book i havent read it in ages.. but at the time was a great ready i remember, this is where the born/die/alienabduction theory comes from remember tho alot of emotions are caused by 5-hydroxy tryptamine(serotonin) tryptamines play a huge part in our day to day conciouss.
  6. i use to get soma for my mother from a usa -form-prescription company for my mother(it now nolonger sales). id take some out in the woods where they live 2 hrs outside my city..... 1000mgs is my mothers dose, i tried that.... no effect worked up to 10000.. no effect... only drug that dosent do shit to me. lol .. maybe its the years of benzos acting as a m relaxer? who knows. not for me. i prefer tramadol http://www.rxsaves.c...relief/Tramadol cod.ive cold turkey benzos after long abuse... as with opiates i get no withdrawl symptoms but boredom and being a bit aggressive like you feel when you just got woken up for school or somethin lol. but yes its a real bitch. smart urself.and i do have BP problems.. when i was in the ICU for ALC-Pancreatitis , my bloodpressured spiked over 190 and i bled from my nose/ears/mouth... i cant remember the medical term they had but it was considered a ministroke.. they shot me up with 2mg more morphine and 1.5mg ativan and i was fine.but ya bp is no joke
  7. i wont quote on your hppd status.. but supplements never have done a thing for me..
  8. well reality and magic works in trippy ways.. this morning a best friend got a job at a national radio station which he wants all the boys to play music or speak on.. i discussed doing a hr on studied quantum , and he says they are looking for this trippy kinda shit. HPPD will follow, then we move.100k.. start with youtube, start getting donations here.. from hallucinogen research etc 100k is obtainable.. we do want it to be professional.
  9. new symptoms are not at all common... they will blow over... relax.. take it easy... itll slow.
  10. "About foxy, I read it and a lot of things do seem to match, except that I read a lot of trip reports and nobody ever seems to mention that pattern." everone has there own 'patterns'. try texture exercises to stop it... this is one thing i dont recommend to many but just start at a ice cube or concrete , focus... and i mean for hours,,, for a week atleast. should stable you to ur own set , tho this is risky...focus...focus,, as it could.... get worse from power of perception... "And another thing, I think the kind of people that have overdone psychedelic drugs are adult enough to handle a disturbing post, and I think that post would've been enjoyed by certain hppd'ers, I wish I would've saved your original, it was great. " youd be surprised.... ive been here since 99 and helped found this community... 50%respect 50% want me to shut it.
  11. ready for me to sound like a idiot? this is how i think this should be done. and flame me all you want, this is a serious idea that needs consideration from ALL to move forward.. as many will assume this idea is just madness... tell me why? \listen up all fellow debaters and activists who wana see something really done. a back and fourth on tv with me and anti-lsd hppd'r lol... the fight alone would spread awareness.. who wants to go viral on youtube debateing hppd from both perspectives? this is a idea, not gonna be done tomorrow, but crafted over a year or so... and most wont want part in it... but this is a effort, one not attempted yet. i plan to come and go... im well knowen for temper on this subject and after this morning getting fucking so mad i even had to censor myself i feel like offering help off-site... where true debate/anger and experience against rival perspectives can be heard and spread easily instead of confined to a helpgroup that is no place for people like me, if one thing sets me off ive seen myself go insane... ive thought about this clearly latly, today more then ever.. coming back and posting just gets me into trouble when most need a clear proven life solving advice from friendly people... but if anyones game and isnt afraid of my views on this disorder, lets bring this to a new venue, and yes i do sound like this in real life so be prepared and dont take offence when i say everything on my mind including personal debates thats ound like attacks(tho i come off better on print(much better spoken tho then grammerfucked), i still can spread vast experience in audio/camra.. not to mention imagine a new view.. a way hppd'rs can show and discuss the true nature of things and what we disturb eachother about i invision this leading to(without me, i dont need attention) news reports etc,, if i get fired up.... and if others will express there anti-lsd and their personal hppd beleifs.. this could work. fuck ngo, all the other organizations... we can do this better ourselfs.. if obama can get elected by charisma, i know i can get atleast a few thousand unknowens to watch the video jsut cause of lsd use or thinking about it.. i hate to drive myself as a tool but this i think is the only way awareness weilll ever work.. drugs sites, npr...these have failed and tho our work made hppd a common disorder and credit given to its existance these days... we cant just post on these boards forever crying on shoulders... i want this to be a knowen disorder, world wide and well thought about... debates with me (useing my sources for advertisment) maybe just what we need... couldent hurt, if you dissagree with my hppd perspective ... the (LUCID-METHLAB@stormloader-movment) this is good... get me in a corner, do your best to discriminate me.... who i am is who i am... ill get the word out, someone just needs to debate me, as this obviously gets me angry enough to write as good as i use to ... and fired up enough to evolve this movment... this is a great idea...hppd studies... mentions of it... its been 10+years since we started gettin the word out and tho weve accomplished much... were still not able to hit mainstream reality in the eyes of billions............ were also so conflicted on what hppd is this could bring more people to the table// shit ill even co-drop a documentry with all sides of the story / on camera(at homes of course) and everyone have their fair say..(tho most should admit, i am one of the people who sparks debates the best in our history...war if not anything more... this can be the chance for real debate and stop teaseing the community with ways out.. lets get involved, if you dont want me as one of the talkers...goood! this will bring more into the fray... im a demonic hippie well researched lsd abuser , hppd'r for more then half my life... if people dont think this is a good idea... we can hug it out for the rest of ourlive or acctually do something.. all respect to dk, id rather him be a overspeaker to not shutdown what is said but to make it sould professional as in, this is what people beleive.. take from it as you will.... were sick of one sentence reconignition... most of us need ssdi(im lucky enought o have enough problems other then hppd to qualify" but most dont... how will this gain international attention? drug users.. i speak like jesus when it comes to them and all know this, this is a great jumping point for a final destination ive envisioned for this hole span.... not only will my beleifs(sry if i shut some down, your welcome to attack me back this is needed and i never anger personnally.. without REAL DEBATE, REAL EYES being seeing, showing the true hppd'rs life on screen i feel ive failed in this.. which is importaint to me but now im ready to turn from forum bitcher to activist... as a poster child(my mind alone will convince people, camras will show what true hppd'rs look act and think like... i really think this can work, starting with only the drug community for atleast a year of course, then this will spread to mainstream.. i can lock myself out of it again and the really protective hppd'rs can do all the talking ,,, as i dont belong on cnn... id end up bitching the hole time as i cant stand fake news.. this can be you.. 1. be Charismatic, if i can be so studied(which braught me back as my quotes from old boards started showin up all over latly(fucking plagerism) 2. be WELL spoken, if you are the type to get stuck this wont work. 3. be real, this is the key to success and infiltration of media 4. be able to wash off whats said that you disagree with and attack back with your own opinion. 5. be a people person, if people alrdy look up to you just for walking around doing ur thing... this is the best people id need to start this project as alot willl get bored if you cant hold your own. 6. be a real activist rdy to stop the support and move toward a new movment of psychedelic / as well as key mental issues with a open mind people can absorb. this is just the first thoughts... i dont think many will leach on this idea as hppd'rs (me included) would rather be l;eft alone and not have their quotes taken outta context as viewers do.... but if your serious about getting off the forums... atleast to spread the word and awareness like bible realists, its times to speak up and begain media reality. NGO if looked at as i do.. is so fucking small we accomplished these things years ago.. lets wild the system, lets push the boundries.. lets take charge... and yes... also be calm collective understandable smart and arguative. this is the way of the future i beleive, id rather not hppd'rs be stuck in a cancer survivor type situation where barley anyone hears how bad and crazy shit is. this is a true direction, if anyone sees another that can work without argument being the basis... speak up... imo argument, fighting with each other and being brothers of a common cause will lead to grants,research,widespread(even school education) this is a fight that weve lost..with the closeing of the board awhile back it was almost fucking over.... there atleast 10 of you out there that are ready to become a real activist for free even if we share diff beleifs. the time is now, and its tickin. im gettin to old for this shit , and the boards to old to move anywhere but where it is... we need debate in the outside, calling us names etc... this will improve our standing as madmen (and prolly crush me publicly as im as crazy as hitler speechs when it comes to this. but imo, this has always been a good way to FORCE ourselfs to truly have all views of hppd heard.... fighting is porn on tv lets run with it.. or lets just sit around and keep repeating ourselfs... your choice.. im really not looking forward to the 2020 hppd community saying the same things we did in 1999. psychedelic debate(not hppd) will be the way to result in viewers which is why ill put myself up as scapegoat, soon we can taper off fighting each other and drop me to just some form of guidence behind the scenes. its time to stand up look up and realize our day is never coming we are too crazy for shoulder crying and will look silly as hell on video.... this is a good thing. im not 100% on this yet.. opinions and support would be great... as i wont be on the forum long .. and as meth lab said... why even bother? weve helped people and know this. our words are there forever on stormloader. lets just stfu as noone will listen or agree untill this is internationally thrown in peoples faces... this was years ago.. its about time i think.. should happen while im willing.... or next month i may not give a shit and the board is back to square one.... in the end... anyone got a better idea? did this not annoy and piss you off to read a bit? its a start, im the fire... ill light it, you just gotta be open to respectable debate. i dunno about you but i dont feel like this disorder will ever go out of this hole untill we go viral.... people will watch....word will spread... and a narrator like DK can put it in a sophisticated focus, making sure this is professional and not just drugged burn outs debateing views.. ill even go as far to eat a vial on camera and showing people what lsd does to everyone.. the 60's failed..stormloader failed... hppdonline is still a great resource but we are in a god damn rutt and its time to push on. did i ramble?
  12. benzos and psyche meds of any type should not be looked at as a cure, more of a mask... to get over benzo sleepiness take clonazepam at night(itll last threw the next day just without the drugged feeling)
  13. benzos and psyche meds of any type should not be looked at as a cure, more of a mask... to get over benzo sleepiness take clonazepam at night(itll last threw the next day just without the drugged feeling)
  14. dmt is in the brain... during sleep... youd not be aware or it... it comes from the theorys of it being released when your born and when you die etc.. take that all with a grain of salt but i consider flashbacks are a result of this in some forms....