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  1. Peeps need to understand the molecular structure of marijuana and all of its natural elements before grasping a clear crystallized concept of the proper medical affects to the human mind.. No offense, speaking of minds there seems to be a one dimensional mind on this topic with no grey matter in the area of truly understanding that there is different non-psychoactive components in the equation called C.B. ducking D's. If u smoke or ingest c.b.ducking d's u DO NOT GET HIGH WHAT SO EVER.. I REPEAT NO PSYCHOACTIVE HIGH AT ALL.. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS.. SO IF U ARE SMOKING POT WITH THC CONTENT THEN YES U PROBABLY WILL EXPERIENCE PRONOUNCED SYMPTOMS OF HPPD.. IF U DON'T THEN U WILL EXPERIENCE RELAXATION IN THE MEDICAL SIDE OF CANNABIS.. COLORADO IS A HOT SPOT FOR THESE TYPE OF PHENOTYPE STRAINS TO BE STRAIGHT UP WITH U GUYS!! HPPD25LONGEXAGERATINGYEARS..
  2. Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in.. Cat nip? No marijahooboo!! It can be quite scary for one at the bottom of the mild rare symptoms of HPPD from the silence of lucidity. Introductory; marijuana vs hppd hummm... My opinion is paranoia can come from marijahooboo with its high T.H.C. count and enriched psychoactive properties.. The flip side to this is some marijuana cases it has high C.B.D.'s which are more medical agents that relax the mind and body so no paranoid feelings.. Point being figure out what contents are in ur bag through research u will have a great healing experience like me.. I went through the hard way its been a bit of a bumpy road but my project seems to be a success thus so far.. Low T.H.C. AND HIGH C.B.D's and bye bye hppd.. No joke.. I was petrified at the beginning but mustard through it.. I have been doing this for awhile now a good plant to smoke with these elements mentioned above is the Hash Plant.. Low TETRAHYDROCANNABINOLS AND HIGH C.B.D's.. Its natural baby!! Hppd24looongdamyearsandstillrolling!!
  3. I remember that person she was trying to get healthy healing by a tribal leader who had homeopathic remedies.. Do u kno if that worked out for her??
  4. Well... I have catapulted into the hierarchy of HPPD feathered by a 25 year time out please from the dimension of time duration in long form of course.. I do have hyperacusis (ear ringing graduated to sounds being annoying and extremely exasperating..Don't want to get into the visuals right now.. SMOKING CANNABIS?? I'm flirting with it right now and have been for awhile.. I'm taking small inhalations and eating it.. It gives me immeasurable paranoia but I'm actually building immunity to it.. Can't differentiate if its making me worse or better but I got over the hump.. I never even dreamed about doing this in the last 25 years to dam scary even when I thought about it.. It does help dealing with weed in low T.H.C. but high C.B.D.'s like the strain the Stanley brothers created by back crossing a couple phenotypes until they virtually knock the tetrahydrocannabinol right out of the strain.. They called it Charlotte's web.. I smoked that personally and it relaxes the hell right out of you like when I first smoked pot b4 I got blessed by fuckoffhppd.. No joke simply because there is no psychoactive response because there is no T.H.C. Anyhoot take things slow and be cautious with ur expectation of experiments they might not be ur expectation of experiences.. Hppd24yearsplus1moreyearnow..
  5. OZZZ, just a few quick questions do u find when u exercise for at least a consecutive 2 weeks that it levels out ur tinnitus? How about when u eat clean?? What is ur opinion on that?? Have u ever tried eating medical marijuana or smoking it?? You seem to be very out going,thorough and honest through out ur posts.. Hppdnow25years..
  6. Well it takes thousands of peeps to build the twin towers but unfortunately it only takes one peep to take it down..
  7. You must be experiencing good trips to keep on wanting to take hallucinatory drugs.. Most peeps I kno with hppd couldn't or wouldn't even dare to experience it again.. Way to risky.. I really don't kno the severity of ur Hppd but I would recommend to "watch it" playing with fire can get ur burnt. Can u elaborate on ur symptoms a bit? I was just curious..
  8. I was taking perks for my back injury (5ml of oxycotton)after about 2 weeks my ears were ringing intensely. A really high pitch and haven't stopped.. Dam I can't ducking win with this shit.. It makes simple sounds sooooo amplified it's ridiculous.. Tinnitus has graduated to hyperacusis.. I'm not even taking psychedelics or psychoactive drugs and I'm being penalize for pain meds?? What I would give to be normal again..
  9. Try sunglasses they help with the brightness.. The wavy vision?? Just wave back periodically..
  10. . I would not recommend coffee considering the caffeine heightens all sensors including no sleep. I was stung by the shroom shronk psychedelic psychoactive sentence.. The tinnitus is no fun in the sun I now have graduated to hyperacusis (check spelling) The crazy thing is I never experienced this in my trip.. I have insane tracers off of tracers after images are my reality now.. I hope things work out for u with me it stopped for years then started again kind of like some weird impaired psych feed back loop no one has this figured out quite yet but ironically just sailing through on conventional conveniences.. The only thing that really helped me honestly is eating clean and cardio with minimum calory intake. Good luck..
  11. When u talk of emotions are u regarding dp/dr?? If so it depends on the person and the severity of hppd. U stated it's mild so u will feel it dissipate in time.. Stay away from all drugs, caffeine, and junk food this will allow ur brain to heal. This disorder is pretty scary upon the introductory levels of trying to figure out "IS IT GETTING WORSE"?? "MY Visuals ARE DIFFERENT TODAY" I can relate considering I have had ths for 25 years now..
  12. I see... I'm doing mine with 23andme.. I guess we can still exchange the data and compare as we dare..
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