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  1. It's quite interesting what you guys said about low dose Zyprexa... Very very interesting. I will tell you a story. When I first got my HPPD symptoms in 2012, I thought it was a form of psychosis. So I went to psychiatrist. He prescribed me a low dose of Zyprexa 2.5mg. My symptoms went away. Unfortunately I continued taking drugs, also I stopped taking Zyprexa and my symptoms came back. Then I was in psych ward and I told them I took Zyprexa in the past. They said my dosage is way too low and I need at least 5mg of Zyprexa. It didn't work and they increased the dosage
  2. Has anyone here ever visited Dr. Gogia yet? I will soon I guess.
  3. I sometimes do Phenibut. It helps for anxiety and sleep problems. But it didn't do anything for the visual symptoms. Regarding Etizolam I have no experience. But I would advice you to get the "real" Benzos if you want to try that, because they are probably more safe to use. Please be very careful about Benzos. They can be extremly hard to quit and you should probably try to recover on your own.
  4. Hi germanuser! Don't worry. So you just stopped smoking weed 2 weeks ago? Please do yourself a favor: If you can't stay sober, please, PLEASE search for addiction treatment. Otherwise you might become permanently worse. It's very important to stay sober for as long as possible (=forever!). You won't recover if you continue doing any drugs. 2 weeks is literally nothing. Even one year is not much time. I have HPPD for 7 years now. I continued doing drugs after I got HPPD for about a year. BIG MISTAKE. Please DON'T do the same. I started feeling recovery 2 years after my last drug
  5. Depends on time and day I would say 60-90% improvement. Mostly 80%. Way better than in the past. Maybe the first two years were the worst. Then it became gradually better. It's not just coping with that stuff, it really became better. I still have visual snow and sometimes mild negative afterimages and sometimes flashbacks from the LSD trip. But it's really better. Also no anxiety/panic regarding HPPD anymore. Symptoms temporarily get worse when I have no sleep for 24+ hours though. Most of the time I don't think about HPPD anymore. Just sometimes, then I re-visit this forum.
  6. Hallo germanuser! Nice to see someone from Germany here. ^^ I suffer from really bad sleep. But I had sleep disorders already pre-HPPD + I suffer from chronic double depression. I don't know what helps, but probably having some input at day. When I'm just at home, sitting in front of the computer all the time, being in my own thoughts... that's pretty bad, because I am stuck in compulsive thoughts. Having something else to think about makes it easier not to think about all the worries when going to sleep. I think it's really important to be relaxed when laying in bed at nightt
  7. I got HPPD about half a year after my first LSD trip as far as I remember. I smoked week in the meanwhile although.
  8. Done. Thank you for your work on this subject. We all here really appreciate your work!
  9. Have you told your parents about how you are feeling already?
  10. This might be some kind of temporarily drug-induced psychosis or some other kind of depersonalization. You should stop all drug use now and try to find a psychiatrist as soon as possible I would say.
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