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  1. Is a parent/sibling going to die? You should ask your psychiatrist about Naltrexone or Lamactil both good for depersonalization, just to get you through it
  2. As you know I lost my dad a year ago this Saturday, it was absolutely horrible and it scarred me I still haven't recovered but I fought on and will continue to fight on and you must do the same
  3. Brandon, I never gave you anything active even if it wasnt something I said it was. The last thing I would ever want to come in contact with while having hppd is pcp, getting it in my system by accident or some scary thing.
  4. No this was a test that was done in front of me and I saw the colors changed and I made sure they didn't switch the bottles either. I started taking Afobazole 4 days ago it's a Russian nootropic/anti anxiety med but I couldn't find anything about it causing false drug tests
  5. I took a urine test for my school today because I had recently got in trouble texting about drugs(I Have not touched a drug for 2 years) I showed up positive for both Marijauna and Ecstacy. I have no idea how this happened and I am really scared I am being drugged or something, how could this happen?
  6. This website has helped me feel like I'm not alone and that there is ways to cure this, but having this website has done more harm than good for me. I'm on a journey to beat depersonalization and hppd and constantly thinking about it and going on this website keeps setting me back, just wanted to say my farewells
  7. Did you have depersonalization? How did you deal with it?
  8. Your right, life is just so so hard and sad, if exercise is the only thing that will help all I will do from now on is exercise
  9. Umit when you were recovering through sports were you on a benzo?
  10. I'm seriously considering getting a prescription for klonopin, but I'm afraid it will stop my recovery, I'm also afraid the extreme stress and anxiety I have is stopping my recovery so I'm not sure what to do
  11. Any update? Is light sensitivity the only visual that changed?
  12. I've been on Wellbutrin xl 150mg 2 days now and it's not going well, I'm feeling very depersonalized and my visuals are worse, a lot of anxiety to. Dont know if I can give it a few more days
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