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  1. I have sleeping problems too. I find it very hard to fall asleep even when I'm exhausted and to continue sleeping. I wake up numerous times at night and can fall asleep at daytime easily. I need to get up in 5 hours and can't fall asleep I have an appointment at hospital, they think I have sleep apnea. After googling today I think I suffer from chronic hyperventilation too. Hope I can fix a cure for these conditions and feel better again Have you tried using nootropics? I read somewhere yesterday they might help with hppd. Ashe
  2. I feel you man, it really sucks .. How is your sleep quality? Do you find yourself sleepy during daytime or wake up often?
  3. Hi, do you mean u have hppd for 24 years? Or also the light sensitivity? It's really bothering me and 24 years doesnt sound too great >_>
  4. Hi! Thanks all for ur replies.. I want to ask for how long have you had this "light sensitivity"? Ashe
  5. Hello guys, I've been suffering from hppd and anxiety for about roughly 6 months now. I wanted to tell you guys that 90% of my anxiety has gone away and I think that this is because I completely stopped using 5-htp or l-tryptophan. I believe it was the main cause for my anxiety attacks and maybe it has even made me develop sleep apnea. I believe it gives good effects on the shorter term, but if you continue to take it in the long term I believe it makes your serotonin transmitters worse. This is because your brain will be used to the extra 5-HT it gets and will start making less 5HT. This is roughly what I have understood after googling a bit. I'm free of 5-htp now for like 2 months. Surprisingly my anxiety has decreased a lot, the only thing that still bothers me is the visual snow and I can feel very tired/exhausted all day. Could be because of depression. So guys, I advice you to not take 5htp >_> I have a question about light sensitivity though. Do you hppd-sufferers have this symptom as well? When I cross the street at night, the traffic lights and car lights just hurt my eyes. It's blinding and even in daylight the light seems too much for me. My vision has worsened a lot, even though my eyes can still see "very well". Thanks for reading! Ashe
  6. Ashe

    I think I have dp/dr

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the late respond. I've been really depressive and suffering from insane imsomnia. My psychiatrist has prescribed me fluanxol. I'm supposed to take 2mg every night. Does anyone have experience with this? I know it has some nasty side effects so I wanna make sure it won't get me addicted or whatsoever. Ashe
  7. Hello everyone, i'm new to this forum but have been browsing since a few months. About myself: I first got visuals about 4 months ago when I was on mdma. I smoked some pot and suddenly I was experiencing a heavy 2cb trip. Ever since that day I had hppd (static patterns, cev, after-images, walls breathing, text on my computer screen waving). I haven't touched any drugs anymore exept for ghb 3 times. My visuals have decreased a lot but instead I'm starting to experience dp/dr. I feel like I'm watching myself, can't recognize myself in the mirror. Even though I do know who I am and what I'm doing, it's hard to feel like I'm atually doing something, it's more like I'm watching myself from a different perspective. I have ADD (attention deficient disorder) and now with HPPD I can concentrate even less. I sometimes do feel happy when I drink alcohol, but it feels like my happy emotions are locked away and only sometime come out a bit. I seem to be oversensitive to light (does anyone recognize this?) When I walk outside at night, traffic lights can be very painful for my eyes. My television is turned to maximum energy saving and still feel it's bright sometime. I have nerve twitches randomly anywhere in my body, which occur mostly when I try to sleep or am sitting still The strange thing about this is my friends whom I live with have noticed little to zero about my behaviour. I seem the same person to them, and I sometime don't know if i'm alive or just a ghost. Does anyone recognize these symptoms as I describe them? I'm really afraid the symptoms will become worse. I'm unemployed and can't pay my rent almost. I'm getting more and more depressed and I don't know how to handle this. sorry for my bad english Ashe

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