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  1. I had an extremely severe case of this for years and years triggered from one crazy experience smoking whatever (possibly laced, but possibly just insanely high THC levels) or two different strains, massive bong rips extreme near death experience feeling during it, walls swelling, objects appearing to swell and have slight movement to them, walls slightly breathing, complete numbness in arms and legs temporary, extreme visual snow for about 30 seconds which blocked my entire field of view, drenched in sweat, paranoid as fuck that the place was bugged and people were watching me lol (which is the only sort of funny part in retrospect in a dark funny sense), extreme light sensitivity and extravididness of vision (which is exactly with HPPD is like and a this just hallunicogen look to things similar to when you are very lightheaded and if you were holding your breath, the panic attacks went on for years, and I tried benzo's like klonopin and antidpressants ssri's bla bla bla.. none of that works at all... what I came to the conclusion was that MOST (not all) cases of HPPD are usually by first time or inexperienced users who took too much too fast and weren't ready for the effects and freaked out and had massive panic attacks with some real psychically dangerous effects, like people claim pot isn't deadly but honestly in mega fucking doses if it triggers such a severe panic attack that it then triggers an actual real heart attack or stroke than who knows.. either way here is the only thing that works for this shit honestly, just stop with all the pills and shit and thinking thats gonna help... you just have to realize it is like PTSD and you are reliving the experience like someone who saw a friend get blown up in war.. it doesn't get any worse than what you are feeling now, it just flat lines.. so just tell yourself over and over it is not a real thing and just gradually forget about it with passage of time and become so busy in your life that you don't have time to think about it and look stuff up online seriously, don't give it any attention or "check in" on how it is when you have spare time... The hardest to overcome with this in the first few years driving at night, that's when it is the most vivid.. Don't just "accept it" actually just tell yourself it isn't real and is just your brains etched in way of PTSD .. SO the answer simply is passive of time,by that I mean just years 5-10 years it's not gonna get worse, it can only get better.. I got this 10 years ago and the only times it slightly comes back now is if I am thinking about it or something triggers it like a panic attack from something else OR another drug, sometimes even caffiene or alcohol and it pops up,, you just just have to laugh at it and say fuck you to it and push it aside and go on with your day, seriously.. I might notice it low grade driving at nights at times but I just ignore it I treat it like an old scar, if you have a scar on your face you can sit around and stare at in the mirror or you can just get to the point where you know longer pay it any mind and it no longer can affect you the end
  2. I have had HPPD for 6 years and I would recommend stopping all drugs including marijuana. I found that doing activities to take your mind off of it works wonders. Just find an interest or hobby that really engages you and you will find that it will go away for the most part and slowly fade to be background noise or almost nothing at all at times. It will come back only when you dwell on it or start thinking about it again. It seems hard to believe but it is true, since in some ways it is related to a post-trauamatic stress disorder. Other things that help are running, I run 3 miles a day, getting on a healthy sleep regimen 8-10 hours a night if possible, and healthy diet. But most importantly just find things that engage your mind, that you enjoy and it will fade away, and you will over time forget about it all together and it will just become a memory.
  3. I had one terrible hallucinogen experience that resulted in "hppd". From my personal experience I would say do not do any hallucinogen again, I would even go as far to say don't ever smoke again because depending on the strain/thc level or if it is laced or something it can be hallucinogenic and retrigger it. Drinking in moderation never seems to be a problem and in some ways acually helps me. Try also getting on an exercise routine, sleep regimen and healthy diet. Avoid large amounts of caffiene, and most importantly just don't dwell on it and do activites to take your mind off it and it goes away. It's really a matter of mind control.
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