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  1. I spoke to someone on a different forum who said he cured his HPPD with Rick Simpson Oil which is basically a really strong cannabis extract that people use to combat cancer and other ailments. The stuff he used was not "activated" or more correctly "decarboxylated" so it lacked a psychadelic high... He told me he started with a pea sized amount from a syringe taken orally daily and slowly built it up. He is now cured and a regular pot smoker again. Take this story with a grain of salt but its what he told me when we were having a discussion about different herbs and there medicinal values... he reallly did seem to know his stuff so I am inclined to believe him.
  2. No offence but Jay was talking about that on the last page...
  3. Well it looks like your ego is alive and well! Did you ever try any alternatives to try and relax... Mary Jane is tending to your wounds now but when you least expect it that bitch will stab you in the back ... she hates people with HPPD.
  4. I have had this problem where I smile inapropriately. I could feel empathy for people that were distant but in social situations my anxiety would make me unable to do so and I would find myself trying not to smile (and failing) in situations like my friend telling me his mum had cancer or even darker situations which have made me feel appalled with myself. I even lost my best friend because of it and got punched in the face... he was paranoid but I really couldn't help matters if I tried and I really fucking did. I think that is the worst part of the anxiety... not really being present in a moment with someone, like you are there with them but you are not really, I was always completey preoccupied with fighting with my inner demons to stay in control.
  5. Don't put yourself in a box Umit. We experience and affect all things through our brains. Many symptoms with regards sexual dysfunction can be psychological and if you think like that you are doing yourself no favours imho.
  6. Maca can take a while to kick in properly, supplements don't work immediately like viagra etc you have to keep using them for extended periods to see there true benefit. I reccomend trying it with ground cayanne pepper this combo is pretty potent... add some odourless garlic to that for good measure.
  7. Hi raze I sent you a PM hang in there!
  8. I just want to add I only did this because I got the idea in my head one night and really wanted to try it I did not do this on a regular basis as I was really scarred it would ruin my chances of recovery and you should be to. Also consider the possible placebo effect as a two person trial is hardly a trial at all.
  9. My theory is that it is the gasses trapped in the weed (Primarily Nitrates/Nitrogen) smoking these gasses is what worsens the conditiion. Weed is often over fertilised with nitrogen rich fertiliser, this problem is made worse as commercial weed is often quick dried without a correct cure which would alow the gases to escape during the process. As crazy as this probably sounds to you I tested this theory while I was still experiencing HPPD symptoms. I first smoked the weed as is and it made my symptoms spike for about 48 hours I was also overly paranoid and it was not a fun time, I then water cured the same weed for a week changing the water everyday (you should see the crap that comes out of it) I then smoked it and it was like a totally different beast .. it was relaxing and enjoyable though it lacked most of the flavour and smell. I have a friend who does not have HPPD but he used to enjoy smoking weed until one day he started getting really bad anxiety whenever he toked up I managed to convince him to try the watercured weed (in the name of science) and he had no problems to his amazement. I am not encouraging people to smoke weed but I think this information should be shared. Obviously try at your own peril
  10. That's sweet man I'm so happy others are figuring this out keep fighting the good fight
  11. Hi... I should state before I give my advice that I think the NHS is useless for HPPD and I myself have had better results seeking alternatives but I have experience with the NHS and if thats the route you want to go you can. I got access to clonazepam and all kinds of experimental treatments that I read about online including Kepra. The key is to not take no for an answer you may even have to exagerate some of your symptoms which may not be the worst offenders because things like DP/DR they have no idea but depression and anxiety they know about. So you have to go in there and explain that you think your life is danger that you can't take it anymore really explain how the visuals make everything look dull and miserable (which is the truth) but really push and don't be affraid to make complaints if you feel that people are fobbing you off beit because they dont believe you or otherwise... there seems to be a deep seated hatred of drug users in the NHS (not everyone) but don't take shit from anyone.. some of those nurses loved rubbing salt in my wounds but don't let them.
  12. I recomend probiotics it's the fastest way to get a handle on the stomach issues. The best brand I have tried is Symbion they are powerful but expensive, Bio Kult is also good but it is more gentle.... on the wallet also but it may take longer to see results. Another good idea is to try a digestive system cleaner like Oxy powder or Mag07 which is cheaper but not vegan. Always use the cleaners a few hours apart from probiotics as you could well be just flushing them from your system before they take hold... The two treatments seem to work synergistically and I can't recommend them enough.
  13. Also if you have seen improvements in your hppd by treating for fungal infection I would love to hear your story, I want to put together a body of evidence... In what form I'm not sure yet but the more people who post success with this the more serious people will take it.
  14. I made a post about how I mostly conquered hppd not so long ago... And yes I believe candida and other possible fungal strains like aspergillus are responsible. Though this goes against what people have been taught there whole life's most doctors have never even heard of these infections causing anything more than a skin complaint. So sadly I'm sure most people here and other places see me as a quack now, which is really frustrating because I know how desperate and lonely hppd is and if I even helped one person out of that darkness it would help me come to terms with my own suffering and lost time, it wouldn't feel so pointless. I am happy with my improved state but I am angry and bitter at a system that perpetuates band aid treatments instead of cures solely for profit from what I can asertain. People are welcome to message me for help with beating fungal infections I have been to hell and back trying to beat this thing.
  15. I forgot the Lamictal situation... I'm sorry I don't know anything about possible interactions in this case
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