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  1. LJ1985


    Increase symptoms of hppd or anxiety ? im asking as it's been proven to help with depression which is closely linked to anxiety! So I was advised to give it a shot, thanks for the reply btw.
  2. Hiya, I haven't really used this site for a few years as after 10 years of ups and downs with many relapses I got better with the help of dr Abraham. The site does seem a bit dead compared to a few years ago. I have also had similar experiences with hppd and also have a new born daughter. After many years, with dr Abrahams help! I identified the triggers for my hppd are stress and anxiety. viscious circle really, the hppd gave me anxiety and panic disorder and the panic and anxiety would make my hppd flare up. A combination of meds to calm my anxiety and a refusal to be held back by all of this actually saw most of my symptoms fade to a comfortable/ manageable level to the point of actually forgetting I had any disorders for periods of time. Over the last few years I have build a successful business employing 8 guys and have had a baby daughter, I have also bought several properties which I'm currently renovating. unfortunately with my stubbornness and refusal to let anything stop me, I have reintroduced a lot of stress back into my life. My anxiety has flared up this last month I have slowely been increasing my citalopram to control it and am now on the max I also take lorazepam daily. I'm currently functioning ok and Keeping my anxiety at bay seems to control the hppd. I don't like being reliant on benzodiazepines and I'm trying to figure out a better plan ATM. possibly taking l-methylfolate as a supplement along side my citalopram to improve its effectiveness once again. Hopefully if that works I would come off the benzos. I had posted in the meds section to see if anyone had tried l-methylfolate to no reply. Anyway I guess a combination of combatting my panic disorder and trying my best to ignore my symptoms and lead a normal life has over time faded my symptoms.
  3. Hello all, I haven't posted for several years, After suffering in silence and searching for answers for about 10 years! I was diagnosed by Dr Abraham four years ago with HPPD,slight depression and panic disorder which consisted of anxiety, occasional panic attacks and agoraphobia. I was told that HPPD is not really treatable but all of the other disorders are! Most likely the other disorders are triggering the hppd, a vicious circle really! Treatment was citalopram in the morning and diazepam if I can't sleep or before an event or circumstance that would usually cause me panic or anxiety! This treatment worked wonders and in no time I was firing on all cylinders again! In the last for years I have established a successful business and have a baby girl! The only problem is, I have introduced stress into my life and altho the hppd seems to be barley noticeable anymore! My anxiety has worsened and the occasional panic attack has returned. To top that off I started having strange sensations when taking diazepam! I'm now on the maximum recommended dosage for citalopram I have switched to taking lorazepam but now on a daily dosage. This treatment plan actually works well but I feel taking a daily dose of benzos maybe a bad idea for the long run! Dr Abraham has now retired and I have a new Dr now, he seems very good and he swapped my benzos around which worked well! He recommended I take l-methylfolate 15 mg along with my citalopram as it may help the citalopram to work again! I have a couple of options 1-increase dosage of citalopram above the recommended dosage. 2- take l-methylfolate 15 mg along with my citalopram and see if it helps. The question I have for everyone is; Has anyone tried taking l-methylfolate and if so have you had any positive/negative effects from it?
  4. Anyone tried this suppliment? http://www.forbes.com/sites/melaniehaiken/2013/01/16/a-key-brain-boosting-supplement-youve-never-heard-of/
  5. Does anyone know what happens to a post once its promoted to an article? I have several posts id like to read but the links left behind after an article has been promoted dont work??? I cant get an answer from admin, if anyone knows how to view them please let me know. Thanks LJ
  6. LJ1985

    Anasthesia and hppd got an op soon

    Try not to worry too much, that's what makes symptoms worse. I had to have my tonsils out, symptoms worsened before it because of worrying. then after,symptoms improved as it was a weight off my mind.
  7. LJ1985

    Could HPPD be hereditary?

    what supplements do you take Brendan?
  8. LJ1985

    Doing this nonsense sober...

    Trying to cut a long story short, I used to love drinking, it gave me a release from symptoms. Trouble was I partied too hard, drank too much nd ended up with glandular fever, my HPPD got 10 times worse while I was in this state, I got put on seroquel and now I dont even dare to drink for fear of even making my HPPD remotely worse coz I don't think I could cope with it , kind of ruined it for myself
  9. LJ1985

    Hppd and colds and illness

    I always get worse when i have a cold or am ill... also if i have an event coming up like your operation, that will make my anxiety worse, in turn it will worsen my visuals.
  10. I am always worse between around october to march, ive never really had any idea why. ill give this a try, thanks
  11. i struggle to keep focused on it, strains my eyes, moves slightly. not too bad though
  12. LJ1985

    seroquel antipsychotics

    Firstly they gave me risperidone, this amplified my symptoms and i stopped taking them. They then gave me amisulpride, that didnt go well either. Then seroquel, it was the better of the three.Once i got used to the side effects it doesnt seem so bad, although im really not sure how much good its doing me. Basically...I've had all the usual symptoms at some time, apart from halos and starbursting. I've had this for a long time. What happens to me is every now and again due to stress or overdoing it generally.I relapse, this is like having a bad trip but without taking anything. Patterns merge and blur, thngs that are still sort of move, static vision, I feel uneasy/aggitated, very disturbed nights sleep which does cause me to get worse if it continues for too long, I get anxiety/panic especially if im in a place I feel I cant escape, my heart races sometimes, I get pressure to my head. Over time these symptoms ease off and lessen leaving me with static, anxiety, disturbed sleep,slightly aggitated feeling things that are still move slightly mainly in my peripheral vision. There are other symptoms that ive missed out but these are my main symptoms right now. It doesnt feel like a bad trip as it does when I've relapsed, its kind of trippy feeling though. My diagnosis from them was i probably had a drug induced phychosis but then after a period of time when my symptoms could no longer be directly linked to drug use they are catagorised under skitzophrenia. Thats why they gave me antiphychotics. Admittedly I didnt help them with their diagnosis as I found it very hard to describe the mass of symptoms I was experiencing, it was only when i read about HPPD I learned to separate anxiety/ panic from my main dissorder. I wonder really wheather I should continue taking seroquel and what the latest and more effective meds are for HPPD
  13. LJ1985

    Terrible experience with doctors in the UK

    i have had hppd for 10 years...only recently found out i have it...i showed my psychiatrist some info about hppd...he told me its not a recognised dissorder...he said its not in the international mental health manuals they learn from in the uk...also these symptoms are catagorised under skitzophrenia and antiphychotics are usually prescribed for such a dissorder...ive spent a long time trying to convince doctors of my dissorder...seems noone knows about it in uk
  14. anyone else on seroquel? ive been on it for 5 years now also diazepam to help me sleep...ive had hppd for 10 years now and only recently found out i have it...the doctors told me these symptoms are catagorised under skitzophrenia and antipsychotics are the meds usually prescribed for such a dissorder... i was wondering if anyone has any advice on the best meds to treat hppd? and anyone has any experience with seroquel?
  15. LJ1985

    New here 10 years with hppd

    15 years, are you ok now then? no wonder it can take so long to find out about hppd, i think its only recognised in the US when i finally found out about hppd i conronted my doctor, he explained to me that hppd is simply not a recognised dissorder, its not in the international mental health manuals that they learn from. He said maybe im speaking to the wrong man as he knows nothing about it He told me that these symptoms are catagorised as schizophrenia and treatment for this is antiphychotics.

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