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  1. I also had an unsuccessful keppra trial I dropped about 2 weeks ago was prescribed for almost 8 months, did not do anything. I'm medicine free at the moment and it feels pretty good to not have the burden of having to pop a useless pill every day.
  2. Almost Famous (2000). It is about a 15 year old teenager who follows a rock band on tour to write an article about them on the Rolling Stones magazine. It is a great movie and I don't want to spoil anything so watch it if you wish c:
  3. 1. 13 2. Marijuana (150+ usually combined with any other drug I took), DXM(12+), diphenhydramine(used about 5 times along with DXM in combination usually), nitrous oxide(10+), computer duster(3), air freshener(40+), cocaine(2), ecstasy(9+), alcohol(used 5 times), and spice(synthetic cannabinoids 40+). 3. DXM mostly and the diphenhydramine/inhalants/spice. 4. No.
  4. Am I not bright either? I probably made myself look like an idiot when I first came, but I'm not completely belligerent by any means.
  5. Keppra has not helped me with my visuals but I feel more intact with reality c:! I am still on Keppra and I will still take it cause it ain't even causing no nasty side effects. Shit I don't even care if I have HPPD for the rest of my life. I was always socially anxious and shit before but then I realized what the hell is the point of tripping over what other niggas think about me if its going to prevent me from having a good time? Now I can just run up on niggas and be like " Sup Bitches". Regretting ain't gonna get anyone no where. Just learn your lessons and move on. I understand some niggas got massive anxiety and shit of that sort. It is not by any means an easy fix. What I did was basically I realized that being a little bitch ain't gonna fix nothing so I just was like fuck being a lazy ass depressed ass nigga and just start BALLIN! So yeah that is where I stand in life now, BALLIN!
  6. http://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/18t2nf/hppdhallucinogen_persisting_perception_disorder/ Here is the current HPPD discussion I started on reddit. I don't know much about reddit but if the post is not constantly getting messages it will eventually die off. Please try to keep it active. Even if it dies off I will start another one and hopefully get it more attention.
  7. http://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/18t2nf/hppdhallucinogen_persisting_perception_disorder/ Join the HPPD discussion I started on reddit guys its getting pretty popular !
  8. The keppra just isn't doing shit and I am planning on dropping it altogether but besides that I am feeling pretty damn good. I have not had a panic attack in about 3 months and rarely had any anxiety. My HPPD has not gotten any better. I am currently looking into spreading out information about HPPD on multiple and diverse forums to get this disorder more acknowledgement. I want to have more people recognize this disorder and hopefully get some neuroscientists informed about it because I know that many psychiatrists and others in the medical industry have never even heard of it. ~TheSoberPotato
  9. I never really went onto 4chan before but I do visit reddit daily. What is /b/ and /m/? Is it the Random and Mecha sections of 4chan? I checked those out and /b/ was just filled with naked girls + gore and /m/ was filled with anime lol. I will post up info on HPPD on reddit although a couple people did already I will try to start a discussion to get people who have it to join our community as well to spread the word that HPPD needs more research. Reddit has become pretty god damn popular even a couple celebrities and politicians go on there regularly.
  10. I can not really tell if my visuals get worse after smoking weed because it actually enhances my vision a bit, but the HPPD is still there obviously just makes things look sharper. I get a bit dissociated from weed and actually hear voices after smoking weed without taking anything else. Its pretty damn weird hearing voices just from smoking weed so I avoid it and if I ever use pot I take a couple benzos since I can get pretty anxious. I completely avoid pot now because I feel it is best to remain sober if I want a good chance for my HPPD to get better. I get that same "brain fog" thing you talk about the next day after a day spent smoking lots of weed.
  11. What we really need to do is get more people aware of HPPD. The internet is a great place obviously, what we really need to do is go around forums telling people about how our disorder is basically neglected. Some people have had it for decades and there doesn't seem to be more then like 10 people researching it. I will go on basically any popular forum (reddit, 4chan, medical forums, etc) even though many of them might just mock us I will still do it.
  12. Shit this is a really late reply to you, but I have gotten HPPD from what I feel was mainly DXM, Spice, Inhalants, and Diphenhydramine. What is wierd about that is that the drugs I feel got me the HPPD are all non-scheduled drugs except that certain Spice chemicals are already schedule 1 in the U.S. but they still sell the spice products just with different chemicals. I already posted up my story and experience with it months ago. I had really bad panic attacks from spice too. http://hppdonline.co...iphenhydramine/
  13. Just push yourself through it man. Come out stronger then you were before and acknowledge how strong you are for simply putting up with the bullshit as long as you did. Many people kill themselves over less because they just don't feel like even trying. I have never felt as good as I do now from actually doing things not just trying.
  14. This really brings me hope that my HPPD will get better with time but from what I remember you told me you were not completely sober throughout your experience with HPPD.
  15. Man don't go back to using any drugs if you really want your HPPD better. Exercise, eat fruits/vegetables, and keep yourself occupied. I found those three simple things to help my depression out. Fuck psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical companies who push out barely-tested chemicals to the public.
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