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  1. Ha I hear that last sentence. Try extending it to an hour and see if it makes a difference. Try taking a few classes here and there with people and a teacher. I do Vinyasa.
  2. What kind of yoga do you do and for how long do you do it? Yoga started doing more for me after I started getting better already. It wasn't a major help during the first 2 years. Now I feel like it increases GABA throughout my body.
  3. I want to run another obstacle course race one day (Tough Mudder or Spartan) and was actually wondering how the intense adrenaline and endorphins you end up feeling would impact HPPD. During the first 2 years exercise used to make my visuals worse right after but I would generally feel better long term. I do exercise a lot but it doesn't compare to the intensity of a marathon or obstacle course race where you get to the point of running on pure adrenaline. I was actually scared to get to that point because of not knowing the impact it would have on my HPPD but now I definitely want to do it.
  4. This article sounds less biased: http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/45818/title/Psychedelic-Neuroimaging/
  5. They found out that gadolinium stays in the body of mice for a year after 1 injection. Everyone reacts differently. My aunt had like 6 mris with dye contrasts in 1 year and she didn't feel a thing. I know I'm never taking the dye contrast again...
  6. My skin was itching all over, developed hives on my skin and tongue, felt chest pains when running, cognition got worse, was sensitive to smells, felt tingling in my extremeties, dark circles under eyes, had a metallic taste in my mouth, felt random sharp pains throughout my body, had trouble sleeping and would wake up much earlier than usual, had muscle twitching, and just generally felt weird. The symptoms actually started a day after the injection and lasted primarily a couple of weeks and then gradually went away. Garlic actually decreased the severity of my hives btw.
  7. The dye did not affect visuals but gadolinium is a metal and some of it lingers within your body. Yeah you can take a blood test to see kidney function.
  8. I had some symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Google it. Also google people's stories with gadolinium. For the majority of people with healthy kidneys taking it once is safe long term though.
  9. IMO - unless you have something possibly fatal, stay away from dye contrasts. I had some slight to moderate bad reactions to gadolinium before that lasted a couple of months.
  10. What is happening in the brain while the visual abnormalities are being experienced?
  11. In my case, exercise is literally good for everything except visuals. I think it's good to do a little bit of weights and different types of cardio. It's a must do for all humans lol.
  12. Hey how many mgs did you take and can you send me a link to the product page? Thanks
  13. The tick that bit me has been tested positive for Lyme and negative for the other bacteria. I have no symptoms of Lyme yet but the anxiety of possibly having Lyme and ending up with a bad case of it has increased my visuals. I took the recommended (by the CDC) preventative dose of 200 mg of doxycycline within 72 hours of the bite. Now I'm eating a lot of raw local and raw manuka honey since they are natural antibiotics. I'm going to get tested for Lyme in a week or 2 since it takes time for your body to create antibodies to it which will show up on the test. Mycall81 if you do end up testing positive for Lyme I recommend you stay away from tetracyclines and try other types of antibiotics first since they increased my visuals and other members as well.
  14. Just wondering if anyone of you survived Lyme and HPPD simultaneously?
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