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  1. I'm a diehard Saints fan. If you take a look at our free agency acquisitions, we are primed to make another run this year. WHO DAT! Man, Vikings fans haven't had nice things to say about us in a couple of years... I am of course also an LSU fan and I can't wait until the Oregon game labor day weekend.
  2. The thing is, I haven't taken drugs at all. After the effexor debacle, I have been mortified for years to try anything besides a Klonopin here and a xanax there. Have you tried anything that has helped you in the dopamine arena? Anything for depression at all that has really helped and not caused an upheaval in symptoms? For over 14 years I suffered drug free with all the hope in the world. This depression crap is like stabbing a burn victim... Jay, no addictive qualities, nor upping doses, however, like I said, it is supposed to be a spot treatment drug anyway.
  3. Just a report as to how the trial was... I sat in front of Dr. A and for the first time in 14 years someone told me I have HPPD. That in itself was well worth the trip. I now don't have to convince doctors and psychologists that I have some strange disorder that none of them have ever heard of. Obviously I can't say the name of the drug that I was given but I can tell you this; the drug was never meant as a cure all. It was more of a spot treatment and its half life was less then a couple of hours and has the potential to be pretty harsh on the liver. This trial was obviously about defining mechanisms of HPPD and I was happy to be a part of it even though I was in the minority of people who the drug didn't help. Dr. A is a brilliant man, but he is a man nonetheless. I have been suffering some pretty heavy depression, frustration,anxiety and insomnia for the last several months, which the depression and frustration was very new to me. After talking with him, I was a bit surprised at his suggestions. He first told me that he didn't have any firm evidence that SSRIs are contraindicated in HPPD, and if clinically needed, he would treat many folks with them without difficulty. Obviously we are all different, but I know from my experience that effexor made me think I was dying and I was a bit surprised that he was against, or unaware of, what I may have mistakingly thought was a staple of HPPD lore. He then made the suggestion that I get on a daily low dose of Klonopin and refuted any ideas of developing addiction or withdrawals from the drug, which knowing of a lot of users experiences here is pretty difficult pill to swallow (pun intended). I was very surprised but I do understand that when you put someone up on a pedestal as I had with him that finding out he isn't perfect is all the more disheartening. Above all, it was a great experience and he was extremely knowledgeable and I suggest doing the trial if only to finally get a diagnosis and see the awesome Boston area. Me and my wife spent 6 days there and it was by far the best vacation I have had in awhile. I was able to get him to talk to my psychologist and finally say I have HPPD and that I need CBT over SSRI for my mild depression. Please believe me when I say that I am not bashing Dr. A. I thought that the expense was so well worth it to talk to the man. I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts.
  4. I am waiting in his office as we speak. Nervous as can be...
  5. Forgive me for prying, But how are you driving enough traffic to your site to maintain a living? I know the competition has to be ridiculous and when I search for screen saver the site isn't on the front page of google. I am a software developer and I have had a few ideas but get very discouraged when trying to figure out how to get people to my site. The site looks great. I'm Just curious...
  6. May I ask David, Have you done the trial?
  7. I was wondering if anyone here has gone and seen Dr. Abraham to try the new experimental drug that he is having success with? I am flying out there on the 5th of next month and was wondering if anyone knew what to expect. Im a bit nervous about new drugs and I really want to put my mind at ease...
  8. Maybe this has already been asked but is there no record or archive of the old site? There was such a wealth of information on there for us. If anyone has trazodone info, please let me know...
  9. Hi guys, I miss having all the resources that the old site had. With that being said... I have suffered from HPPD for around 14 years now and I have always done so with little to no medication and depression has never been an issue until recently. I feel that my HPPD symptoms have been very manageable recently but now I am suffering from these extreme bouts of frustration, depression and obsessive thinking that make me so miserable. As you know I can't take SSRIs for this because of the effect it most certainly will have on my HPPD. Please give me some idea as to what to do... On a side note, I do find it a bit interesting that the depression and frustration feelings coincide with a dip in HPPD symptoms. I wonder if there has been some sort of push pull situation in my neurotransmitters that has caused this...
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