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  1. Hey guys, I hope you are well Just thought I´d pop by and provide a short update on my situation. I´m nearing the 2 years mark, at least that´s when I realized that something was off. Probably had symptoms for a year prior to the full-blown stuff. Anyways, I have recovered in a lot of aspects. First thing was acceptance. Then I gave a few medications a shot, currently on a 200 mg/daily dose of Lamictal that significantly reduced my DP/DR. I still get intense sensations of this from time to time, in particular, during stressful situations, but it´s no longer a constant thing, which I´m really happy for. Also, I did some CBT that helped with this and that´s something I would recommend for anybody looking to reduce stress, anxiety etc. With respect to visual symptoms a few of these have kinda faded away. Some Visual Snow in the dark and on white surfaces, BFEP (though this is not nearly as intense as it used to be and at this point not really something I notice). Afterimages, both positive and negative, seem to have stabilised. It flares up if I drink too much coffee or after a bad night of sleep, but it´s more of an annoyance at this point. I have a prescription for Klonopin and follow Jay´s routine to prevent addiction ( I take it 3-4 times a week, never more than 1 mg during the week, 1.5-2mg during the weekends if I´m not drinking). Brain fog is pretty much gone as well so grades have improved quite a bit. Haven´t smoked weed in 2 years and don´t plan to smoke again just to be safe. Same goes for anything other than alcohol, tobacco and coffee. I drink about the same as any other college student, perhaps a bit more, and it does not affect my symptoms, though the DP/DR tend to flare up a bit the next day. So all in all, I´m pretty satisfied with my current situation, don´t really expect my lingering symptoms to improve, but that´s fine. I´ll be answering questions in this thread over the next 24 hours if there´s anything people here would like me to elaborate on. Thank you and I wish all the best for each and everyone of you. Take care. Laizz
  2. Sorry guys, I try to take a break from this site sometimes as it helps me focus on other things. I actually ran out of Lamictal and had a hard time setting up a doctor´s appointment as I moved to a new city recently. Felt pretty weird the first couple of days and DP/DR increased significantly. Luckily I was able to get back on my daily dose of 200 mg a day and DP/DR once again decreased substantially. So I guess in a way it was nice to confirm that the medication works. With respect to visual symptoms I haven´t really seen any improvement and ghosting returned at some point for unknown reasons. However, my new job is pretty hectic and I´ve noticed that I rarely think about the visual stuff when a lot of stuff is going on. Same goes for DP/DR. I would advise people to at least give Lamictal or Keppra a shot and wait until you hit the 100-200 mg range before deciding whether to continue the trial or try something else. I´ll be back with an update in a little while! Good luck
  3. So it´s been a while now, currently taking 150 mg a day. Sometimes I´ll forget to take it before work, which usually makes me feel extremely spaced out after a few hours. Some new observations: DP significantly reduced at 150 mg, probably about 40 % and even 70 % on a really good day DR not so much, but there has been moderate improvement Ghosting kinda disappeared at some point. E.g. I see a single moon now with a faint outline of another. Used to see three copies of it not too long ago
  4. I have the same thing. Hardly notice it anymore though. The tracking images would freak me out in the beginning, but it gets old pretty quick and after a while you´ll stop noticing/let yourself be distracted by them. You will be fine
  5. Well, thats good news anyway and I´m truly happy for you. I just upped my dosage to 100/mg of Lamictal(Lamotrigine), but haven´t really had any visual reduction yet. Did you experience benefits after a while on 200 mg? And are you considering taking a higher dose in order to, potentially, further reduce symptoms?
  6. xspecm: If I remember correctly you made a post a few months back telling us that Lamictal had cured your HPPD. Is this still the case?
  7. Judging by the wiki article it certainly looks like it might yield more benefits than a SSRI. Let us know if you give it a try!
  8. The Sopranos is IMO in the top three category for best TV shows ever made. I´m sure you´d love it, so give it a try
  9. My weekly pattern is somewhat the same as Jay´s, except my ongoing Lamictal trial which only seems to reduces DP/DR and mood swings. But yeah, a few beers, some wine and a couple of benzos in my system gives me that little spark. Make sure to take a few weeks off once in a while if you´re following this system just to prevent tolerance and addiction. As an alternative to clonazepam, I´d recommend valium or oxazepam. The latter, in my experience at least , doesn´t make you drowsy, lazy and forgetful, although it might not be "strong" enough to combat full on panic attacks. And even though my Sertraline trial reduced depression and anxiety for the time being, it also worsened my visual baseline. Good luck
  10. I´ve had a few concussions , cracked my head open when I was a kid and injured my spine as a teenager after a dive resulting in a temporary paralysis from the waist down (not too severe though, lasted for a few hours). A chronic neck pain concurred with the onset of DP/DR, but that was post-HPPD. If you´re working on a theory about a possible relationship between neck, spine, brain issues and the development of HPPD I´d love to hear it!
  11. Nice vid man, sharing and putting your story out there takes a lot of courage. Hopefully it´ll help somebody else and be somewhat "therapeutic" for you as well. Gotta say you seem like a positive guy with a healthy outlook on life!
  12. So I´ve upped the dose to 75/mg, no noticeable difference as of now. Think I´ll wait until 200/mg before deciding wether to quit it and give Keppra a shot or stay on it for a while. Off-topic: I bought some basic reading/computer glasses too minimize eye strain. It´s been a blessing and sometimes I´ll use them outside because even though I can´t see a goddamn thing 100 feet away from me, they really make everything less "in my face" and the eyes feel more relaxed.
  13. I don´t think he/she meant that people on this board are confusing HPPD with either psychosis or schizophrenia, but rather that doctors, psychiatrists etc might misdiagnose as this disorder is quite rare and not well-known.
  14. Looking back at my previous post I can see how it might look like I indicated smoking weed and not cigarettes. I apologize for any confusion
  15. Did a 24 hour water fast yesterday in order to prepare myself for the whole 48 hour thing. Got a bit dizzy at times, but felt more clear headed after about 15 hours. My thought process seemed a bit more linear it that makes any sense.
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