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  1. LarryC


    What happened Jay?
  2. Unfortunately it did nothing for me. I was at the highest dose. Coincidently and it must be a coincidence, I woke up with VS when I was on Lamictal. The VS started 1+ years after the trails and after images started. Every human body is somewhat different so it may work for you.
  3. Jay I agree with you completely on this. Many People here as in all other conditions are looking for a pill that will make it go away. The eastern way can be much different. Of course they use herbs but when a condition is chronic they suggest certain self healing methods done over a long period of time and also supplement with additional help with herbs acupuncture etc. The shaman that diagnosed me had said that acupuncture may help. I was not able to find at the time a practitioner who used the old understanding of wind, the five elements. But I think the moral of the story is that there are other understandings of physical dysfunctions that are not included in western medicine.
  4. It is interesting, thanks. I will share something that happened also. I had a relapse or recurrence of visual symptoms after a long hike up and down a mountain. I strained my body and neck. On the way down I jerked my neck a lot. We were not on the trail on the way down. I also had a lot of tension afterwards from the hike and an argument with a friend. The symptoms came back. And then a year or so later I woke up with static witch I had not had ever before. I am mentioning all this because I want to say what happened next. There was a Mayan shaman in the area for a short time. I went to him for a type of reading. He had a translator since he did not speak English. The reading consisted of me laying down on the bed and he doing some ritual and some prayer. It is important to note that I had not told him what was wrong. After it was over he spoke to me through his translator. To make it short he said that he saw a gray area at my neck. He also said that it was moving to the sides of my head. He said that they call it air and the Chinese call it wind. He said that it will cause vision problems and mental problems. Again he did not now that I already had them. He could not heal me but told me that a couple/few weeks in certain waters in Guatemala would be the treatment. I could not go but I think that was very interesting. Others said it is energy blocks.
  5. Mine started a year after and has got worse over time.
  6. Good chart. Just as some info. A few years ago the neurologist I was seeing had talked to Dr. Abraham about HPPD. Dt. Abraham had mentioned that anything that increases norepinephrine will increase HPPD symptoms. As we know everyone is different.
  7. Thanks Visual. I did not know you posted that previousely. What is there available to boost acetocholine? Keppra was not tolerable for me and many others, mostly seen on discussions from the previous board.
  8. When I first used it the doc started me off at real low doses. Gradually upped the dose. 300mg at first dose seems high. I had started using it before my relapse of HPPD symptoms. Also I never heard of it helping visuals over the years. I have heard that it increased visuals for most who take it from small increases to large. The people I remember taking it was because it improved mood and decreased anxiety.
  9. I have just seen your post. There are some people who hwve had success with Keppra. Look up Keppra and you will gt a nimber of post listed. I estimate 20% had almost complete remission of symptoms. I am estimating from previous board information which is not available ro view, when many people tried it. I do think the percentage could have been higher if more people could tolerate the med. It had the affect of increased anxiety on many. I have heard of no one taking Pyroxin at all.
  10. How long did you have HPPD and what were your symptoms Mr.50s? What got better?
  11. I see that now Jay. Sorry Mr.50's y focus is not so good
  12. Merkan, it just says you Can't receive any more messages ehrn I tried to send you one. Anyway, just wanrd to see how you are feeling. Has your blow up calmed down?
  13. I did not think you were taking it yourself. Where did you get from my post? You had asked if anyone had heard about its uses and I only mentioned that I did hear something on a news show about low doses for depression. Would never take it myself either.
  14. I tried sending a message to Merkan. It failed saying the he cannot receive any new messages.
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