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    Existentialist philosophy and the absurdity of being.
    Cosmological physics and the origins of the universe.
    Psychology, neurology and human behaviour.
  1. Hello hppd24years, This is a very old post, Alisa's comment seems to have been written a year and a half ago. All of the symptoms that you said you have not seen mentioned have been mentioned a lot in old posts. You are definitely not alone. Here are a list of most of my symptoms (i say most as i am bound to forget one or two): afterimages trails walls and floors moving and warping intense visual snow light fracture or 'starbursting' double vision shaking / vibrating vision (only when i am tired) eye cell 'floaters' strange changes of both contrast and hue
  2. Please read 'Hallucinations' by Oliver Sacks... Keep on dancing.

  3. Just joined today people. I will be an active member. Keep dancing.

  4. My thoughts exactly. Absolutely brilliant mate!
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