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  1. I ordered some yesterday so it will be here next week. Will definitely keep you informed.
  2. Painting, Yeah it is a real recent discovery, I doubt there is much activity though. Also I wanted to thank you! I am fixing to order some Afo myself, been busy trying other supplements but plan on ordering tomorrow. On another forum(a forum unrelated to HPPD or anything) we are discussing nootropics and the sort and 2 people on there have started using Afo and Tianeptine since. They used the Tianeptine first and have just more recently been using Afo but so far it seems they both like it. One guy says it gets better and better everyday. I believe he is 6 days in and 1 pill 3x a day I believe
  3. I know someone who has just started taking afobazole after I told him that someone from here recommended it and he says he feels pretty good after the 3rd day. He started off at 10mg 2x a day but tried 10mg 3x yesterday and said it made him foggy. I think that is a pretty common side effect until you get use to it. Supposedly it takes 4 weeks for peak effects so I am going to say a few days to a month until you actually feel anything. Hope this helps if Void doesn't make it back for whatever reason.
  4. I got Tianeptine off of Ebay and have been using for 2 and a half days basically now. I bought from the vendor who sells in powder form. I lost my 3ml syringe so really I have been just trying to eyeball the amount but I can say with certainty I have been taking about 30 mg dosages if not higher. I can't say I have felt much but also I have been EXTREMELY tired these past few days. I am going to finish this gram I have and then try to order it from a actually nootropic website to compare. I plan on making a solution of Tianeptine and just some distilled water and mixing it in a 30 ml container
  5. I am going to order me some here soon off of ebay now! I wonder since they officially discovered that it works on the opioid receptors if it will be classified as a opioid? I mean technically it is. If so I wonder if they will soon put it under the same regulations as Tramadol where you need a prescription but it isn't illegal to have(at least in my state). Like you can easily get a prescription for Tramadol online and they will mail it to you but it is pretty expensive. Might want to stack up on the Tianeptine just incase. I also suffer dp/dr and am in a constant state of derealization a
  6. Apparently I was just discovered in July of this year that Tianeptine is a full agonist at the opioid receptor sites. I do very well with opioids but had to cut them out of my life. I wonder if this would make for a good replacement? Do you purchase online and if so where at? Thank you, Andrew
  7. Also I think y'all are going to far on how much you think I am talking about. I am talking about miniscule levels. Not smoking it, not drinking a large cup, none of the above. I am talking about sips that won't even come close to making you trip or get a mind screw or anything. You won't really feel like you took anything at all. Reason I am thinking about this is because I read a blog about someone who did it and in their words it was a "cleansing of the mind". But they also just drank the b. caapi with no maoi inhibitor. It isn't suppose to work without a maoi inhibitor but they still w
  8. Never touch Ibogaine. 2 people here have bad experiences with it so far.
  9. Awesome first post! Thanks for your experience, I never heard of anyone having HPPD from DMT so this is really helpful, I am glad I didn't go over my head and make things worse. I most likely won't do it now that you have said that. I am still curious about trying it on a smaller scale lets say drink a tad bit everyday for a month or two, not enough to make you trip or anything, just enough to give you a little bit of the chemical in you. But still messing with your mind is dangerous and scary regardless and I think most of us now know this but my curiosity always gets the best of me lol. I wo
  10. I have mentioned this before but haven't really given much thought to it other then "who knows." So I am watching Drugs INC on the tube right now and they are doing hallucinogens and Ayahuasca was what they talked about first. Well they talked about it how I read about it, miracle cure for depression, anxiety all kind of psychological problems. What I am wondering is has anyone gotten HPPD from DMT or has anyone done DMT since they have gotten HPPD. Also if anyone has done DMT can you share your experience. I think it probably works like LSD, you usually feel good and free from stuff for a few
  11. ^I think time is the cure for everyone, if you were doing better and caffeine made it worse, then you exaggerated it for 8 years, which is a long time. I think only time will heal it and after 8 years of exaggerating it, it could take many months to who knows, maybe a few years. I honestly think being 100% clean and time will heal it. Medicine just helps us get through it but it could in the long run make it worse for some of us or make some of us unable to get off the medicine. I would avoid caffeine because there is that possibility that caffeine effects you, give it time stay away from caff
  12. Well if anyone is in the Dallas, Tx area I got 2 good doctors and a good Psychiatrist. Shoot me a pm.
  13. Tired of seeing a lot of people not getting the help they want/need. I don't know if it is against rules or shouldn't be done but was wondering if we could post our locations and Doctors/Psychiatrist etc. etc. names and locations that have helped us out to give people on here struggling to get help a hand if they happen to be in that location. It would be better for people to get help this way rather then ordering the stuff online or wherever. Just a thought, was tough for me to find the right Doctor and took years but I got a great one now and wish everyone could have a great Doctor. Than
  14. Yes it greatly increases my dp/dr even though I haven't smoked in half a year or so and when I did it was only a hit or two of low quailty stuff. I haven't smoked any high end in over a year just because it would put me in a bad state for a few days to a few weeks. It could be different now since I am doing a bit better but I don't dare to try. I still ponder about eating it, obviously you wont get high but I wonder if it would do anything as far as getting CBD with no THC, I don't even know if that theory makes sense lol. Can anyone tell me about this idea or should I just trash it.
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