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  1. hi everyone my name is Jon I have had hppd for a year and a half. I'm recovered from the irrational hell state of mind that I was in. The journey was rough at first because I had never exsperienced such a trauma in my life before. I was always an extrovert very happy to be alive had a ton of great friends and family. Now I am much better then I was a year and a half ago. The visual problems we seem to all exsperience have gone completely away. Only trouble I have is at night when it completly dark but hey who can see that great in the dark anyway. When the sun is shining and the lights on, my vision is just as good as its ever been in the past as far as I can tell. My thinking process as improved dramatically I am no longer scared and worried 24/7 about everything from A-Z. I eat a very healthy diet which I believe as helped alot in my recovery process. But enough about me I am here for you the people that have had this for years and for the person who just got it today. The beginging of hppd is hell and its like being trapped in a jail cell,( i have never been but imagine it would feel like that)The feelings you have are horrendous to say the least and it feels like being dead on the inside. I will not go into how I felt anymore because I do not think its important we ALL know.. unfortuantly what hppd feels like but I have tips on how to feel Better RIGHT NOW! 1.) Take a deep breath the biggest you possiably can and keep doing this. 2) Try to remember one of your happiest most releaxed memoires and someone you love the most. 3.) Try doing both of these things with all the effort you possiably can. 4.) If you still take any drugs QUIT does not matter what drug just stop it only makes things ten times worse. 5.) Listen to your favorite music. (Always helps) 6.) Start thinking about the food you eat? Drink? replace that with salad and water I know alot about nutrition and I have spent tons of money on supplements ( I know which ones work and Dont) If you want me to talk more about healthy alternatives to supplements that have proved to work for me and others you can watch my video on youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S_tCq2WX0w post a comment and I will do a video just for you on what works. And guys there are alot of ways to make your quality of life better just about anything at the point you are at. But they need to be imporant to you. Its your life and you need to look for fulfillment specifaclly right now when you feel so out of touch and empty. I am willing to help anybody who asks about how I got better. 7.) Stay away from the shrink if you can. I do not recommend running to a shrink in order to get anti depressants. I strongly do not believe they will help and these doctors do not know much about them. The Earth gives us certain foods and herbs that truly do help your mood and mind but they do not come in a little pill made in a lab. This is very important. Exercise , eating healthy, and DREAMING ABOUT HOW GREAT YOUR LIFE IS AND WILL BE IN THE NEXT COMING DAYS MONTHS AND YEARS ARE GOING TO HELP YOU. They helped me. And one last thing The power of now is perhaps the most helpful. Just take deep breaths try and capture the moment of now and realize Only you can change the peceptive of the world so make it how you want to see it.
  2. Hi Everyone my name is Jon I got hppd a year and a half ago. I am completely free of hppd now. I got hppd after taking shrooms ,lsd , and mdma When I first got it I did not know and just figured it was a bad come down from the drugs but after a few days and I noticed I really had a serious problem. That was a year and a half ago and over the course of the year I took steps to better my health and mentalitly that i know where huge in my recovery process. I just put up a youtube video if you want to watch. youtube.com/watch?v=7S_tCq2WX0w.I think the hardest part about this disorder was the fear of having it and just constant worry about the future and having deep thoughts all the time about life. etc My advice to you would be try and get your mind off of the bizarre and deep thoughts about yourself the world and whatever it is that is making you so scared. I know it sounds alot harder than it can be. Just take very deep slow breath and take every moment as it comes. I good quote from good old abraham licolin " the best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time" I also recommend taking all junk out of your diet because the reason you are here is from drugs that are obviously arent good for your body and brain. Just because some people or most people can handle these drugs not everybody can. You will also need time to let your brain heal and your body counts in months not days so it will need time. But if you stress about it the whole time its not good for you and can prolong the recovery process. If you have a very busy schudeule I would suggest if you can to give yourself the most down time you can to just releax and enjoy the things you love about life. Music,movies,tea. If you have a family that supports you tell them everything and that you need help because your experiencing a rough time and everyone has them. Just do not worry and enjoy the most you can throughout your day. Finally stop hanging out with people who are not understanding your problem and who do not care about you. These people can actually make your condition worse if they are encouraging you to take more drugs and do things you know deep down are bad for you. It comes down to you about how fast you get better. I know you can all do it though because if I CAN THEN ANYBODY CAN. Just to let you all know how bad my situation was. My symptoms incuded Visual distorions, thinking like i was going insane i literaly believed I had skitophrenia because I never had such bizzare thoughts and feelings. I could not connect to life or people I felt like an object in a room. But enough of the negative you can break these feelings like throwing a rock threw glass. Look the other way. Stop paying attention to the negative in the day. And be glad that you are ALIVE because as much as you do not feel it you are just as real and Alive as the pain you are feeling. TRUST ME FRIENDS YOU CAN DO IT!