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  1. First time back in, phew, what, 2 years? Chats not working or anything, see he hasn't been active since last November. Is this whole gig going down the drain or whats the story here?
  2. Dylan L

    HPPD?! Scared! Would love to hear your opinion!

    HPPD is different for everyone on some levels. In my opinion, you don't need to meet most of the requisites for HPPD, to have it. I Had odd fucked up symptoms that were not on the basic HPPD checklist and although i never sought any professional diagnosis, am convinced I had HPPD. Mine did go away, well, 95% at any rate with no medication of any sort. It is impossible to set a time frame on this, it will differ from individual to individual. Seing as HPPD is a perceptive/cognitive disorder, i don't see why one persons HPPD couldn't end up being based mostly on their motor skills, IE, being dizzy and feeling unbalanced. It's very possible you developed HPPD. I may not be the most well versed person in the field of brain mechanics or anything of the sort, i'm just a commoner soldier. I never spent my time engorging myself on self help pages and reading every damn wiki article on HPPD and cognitive disorders i could find. I just tried my hardest to live life forgetting about what was going on in my head. It helped, immensely. If you ever want to talk, I'm here. Might not be able to give lots of technical info, but I can help to inspire hope, hopefully
  3. If you asked me a few months ago if i was cured of HPPD, I would have said "yes!". Evidently, this is not the case as of right now. I have went through unhumanly (im aware it is not a word) level of stress throughout the last year which was 100% job related. My girlfriend left me ontop of it (because of my job) so stress was at a maximum. Before all this horrible stress, i was happy, living out my life and just enjoying everything. Then the certain situation happened and my life turned upside-down. I became so heart broken that i just gave up.... it was not soon after that my visual snow came back.. I have no clue why I wish to post this. I don't feel lie i am in need of urgent help but yet i respect most of you on this site, your opinions are also some of the only who recognize/have this disability.
  4. Dylan L

    HPPD is back?

    I can't say the reason my HPPD has come back except that it was an extremely stressful military related situation that has caused me to go from visual free to snow and movement in the blink of an eye.... My snow was gone.... my movement was gone... but now its back, after hopping off I'm HPPD positive again.... I just don't get it....
  5. Dylan L


    Fuck you remind me of my Dad, he has had HPPD since he was in his 20's and still deals with it. That the thing though, the fucker is so tough he does no even adress it, to himself, to anyone. He lives to forget about what he did to his mind, he taught me to do the same.
  6. Dylan L

    How long before too long?

    Took me 5 years and it felt like to long. any length of time living with some fucking jailer issue like HPPD is long enough. Just keep your nose clean. HPPD is like cooking eggs, turn the stove on, put them in pan and hope for the best. Sometimes they come out burnt, sometimes they come out perfect. What a fucking gamble.
  7. Just drink 6 or 7 beer then... I was only not able to drink for the first year of my HPPD, after that I resumed my regular drinking habits, when me and my friends got together I would regularily drink 20 in one night with no negative effects to my HPPD either on the night or the day afterwards. Just fucking go for it brother. Of course if it is hurting you, stop. I know I don't need to say that but still.
  8. Dylan L

    Your room

    My room at home is cleaned with deadly precision, i can not tolerate a single misplaced piece of refuse on my floor. My room itself is adorned with weaponry and pictures from my deployments. I don't see it as much as my Dad is the owner of the house, but he enjoys walking in and seeing my belongings, they make him feel closer to me as he says.
  9. Vent man, vent. It's important to talk about it. If you were not close to recovery, you visuals would not nearly go away. They won't trick you like that. Just think positive an TELL yourself that you are cured, you are SOOOO close im even getting excited for you!!
  10. Dylan L


    I ha this conversation with Chris a long time ago. Now i'm no doctor and can't say for sure, but my Dad has HPPD and I had HPPD as well. So maybe it's not exactly hereditary but maybe if one of your parents have it, you have a predisposition towards it making it easier for your mind to dive off the deep end when indulging in the more taboo of recreational activities.
  11. Congratulations man! You're on your last leg of this horrible journey, my HPPD almost all of a sudden rapidly started weakening and stayed that way for about 3-4 days then went away completely. You should be only a few days away from the finish line! Keep a steady healthy pace, very proud of you brother!
  12. Dylan L

    Alcohol and HPPD

    You won't notice any increased symptoms if you drink and get drunk. If you only have a couple then yes you will notice some adverse affects. I drank for the whole 6 years i had HPPD, and drank lots. I can safely say it never had a real terrible impact on my condition at all. Everyone is different though.
  13. Dylan L

    "Most of the HPPD cases recover within months"

    Myth. Took me 6 years to be cured from the visuals. I also have not heard any miracle stories from anyone else about being cured in months. Fuck, my Dad's had it for 30 years or so..
  14. My trip that sent me over the edge was from overdosing on ecstasy. It was not that bad to be honest, when comparing it to LSD. The people I was with were made out of paper and the plasma TV on the wall was a window outside of a old timey saloon where cowboys were walking by, my best friend was an old paper lady rocking back and forth in a chair and my other friend was blind as he stood up. Not really significant but still fucked my head up enough to the point that i had HPPD for a good 5-6 years.

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