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  1. I did. Completely gone.
  2. I'm off all my HPPD symptoms! Cross eye does still exists but I don't get headaches anymore so I can easily ignore it. How's it going with you guys?!
  3. Hey mate, I've had HPPD for over 4-5 years but at this moment I am fully recovered. I focused on doing exercises and eating healthy that time. I continued drinking alcohol and smoking weed with no increase of my HPPD symptoms. I noticed the following HPPD symptoms when HPPD was a part of my life: - Brainfog - Visual snow (I still have VS but it's reducded by 80% or so) - Sensitive to lights. *Driving at night was HORRIBLE* (The same sensitive to lights you get from psychadelics.) - Eye pressure, for example, when I sat behind the computer I would get horrible headeaches and eye pressures) - Trails - After imagines I even continued using psychadelics and serotonin based drugs. Luckily with no increase of my HPPD symptoms. I also haven't used medication to get rid of the HPPD since I wasn't depressed or anxiety. I literally have no idea why the HPPD did got better, but maybe this will help you going through these horrible times. Regards, Luuk
  4. This message is meant for dutch people only. Dear people, First of all excuse me for my English language. I tried my best writing this as good as possible for you guys. Yesterday I found a dutch talkshow looking for people to tell their story about those who got unrecovered brain damage from drugs use. Official facebook thread: Examples they were talking about are: Sight getting disturbed by vibrant images. Sight getting disturbed by visual snow People that experience their own body or the world as weird The dutch talkshow is named ''Spuiten en slikken'' and I told them about HPPD which they are now really interested in. For those who are interested in being there as a quest and talk about your hppd, please just pm me and I'll give you the contact details. I'm a almost recovered HPPD person who was suffering from hppd for over 5 years. I quit harddrugs (except alcohol and weed) for a long time now. (I'm still on escitalopram for over a few years though) Also I don't think a lot about hppd anymore which probably helped me the most. I'm also focusing a lot on fitness in combination with healthy food which also is helping me a lot. The reason I'm making this thread? I want this hppd to be more famous so the doctors don't look at us in a weird way while we're talking about HPPD. For the dutch people who want to talk about this subject can take their chances right now. Spuiten en slikken is a famous dutch talkshow television program which will be live. In case people are interested or have more questions please leave a reaction here and I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Keep strong! Best regards, Luuk
  5. I also continued smoking and drinking alcohol in the mean time it got worser. No hard drugs was taken anymore
  6. Sorry for this late response. I was on vacantion for a long time where I didn't have the chance to get on this forum. My double vision got worser. I also got a terrible headache which started a month ago and didn't disappeared yet. Very annyoning! I have made an appointment with a proffesional eye docter at an eye hospital. Unfortunately the wait time contains 2 months. Have you already got glasses with the prisms? If so, do you feel any improvement?
  7. Thanks a lot for your information. I will probably go to the eye docter next week, and I will go ask contacts with prism's if that's possible!
  8. Hmm yea, the double vision started for me 1 month after I took 4-fmp (research chemical). It got worser every day from then. It seems we both have exactly the same issue. And yes, my vision also correct itself as soon as I close one eye. But are you wearing glasses or lens with prism now? If yes, do you feel any improvement, and after how many days did you felt any improvement? Thanks for the link, I will sure go check it out!
  9. Yes, exactly like that. And yes, I did a brain scan, and (unfortunately) nothing was found. But did drugs / hppd cause this double vision? Because it all started after I was using drugs.
  10. But you can get cross eye if you have brain damage / eye damage right? And you can consider brain damage as HPPD. So I think it is HPPD, since it all started after using drugs.
  11. Hello everyone, First of all, my English is not perfect, so I hope you can read my story a bit.. I think I have HPPD for a long time now, but not the kind of HPPD you guys are talking about. It all started about 1 year ago, after using (only!) 300 mg's of MDMA. Visual snow started to come. I kept on using drugs for about a year. Drugs like, cannabis (1 time a week) , alcohol (also 1 time a week) and 4-fmp and methylone. (I only did that 2 times so far.) Now my symptoms are getting worse. I got visual snow, my eyes are very sensitive, and I got after images (a little bit) Now the worst thing about my HPPD is that I am looking cross eyed.. I have never looked cross eyed before, but it started when I continued using drugs. As soon as I change my point of view to a different style my eye(s) looks like this: (Looks weird right?) I even look cross eyed when I am writing a message on my mobile. I also can look through my finger sometimes, it's very hard to explain.. My point of view gets disturbed as soon as I relax / stare with my eyes. (Like the pic above.) My point of view is getting disturbed, and I start looking double, it gives me a headeache. There was also no eye or bain damage found, so it must be the HPPD that causes this. Is there any type of medicine that can remove my cross eye, and maybe my visual snow?