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  1. Hey did your hppd go away i have the same symptoms AS you just want to know if it has gone away yet 

  2. timeframe

    My drug experience (detailed and a long read)

    Hey. So I think you said it's been about two months. That was about when I realized I wasn't just going to snap out of it, and that this was going to take a while to get better. I pretty much was a shut in for the entirety of that time. The hours of minecraft... Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about medication right now, unless of course you have depression or sever anxiety. The goal now is getting to a place where you can function in a semi-normal way. Staying healthy, exercising, socializing, and eating well, i.e. avoiding some of those chips will help you you feel better, and possibly eventually get better, but don't beat yourself up over the specifics. The first year was the hardest, after that I was ok with my HPPD, whether or not it actually improved. Once you are at a stable state you could try some more involved medications, but you don't want to be throwing new things in, while you are still all over the place emotionally. It's been about two years for me now, and I am finally feeling some of my DP/DR lessen. It helped to notice little changes, like seeing textures, or the hair on my arm, or peoples lips moving. Anyway, I hope things improve for you.
  3. timeframe

    Cannabis related hppd

    So as far as my cannabis high goes, my vision felt like it was twisting and warping. Kind of like when you where a kid and would look at those videos of warping circles, and then look away and for a couple seconds things look weird. Now I have a variety of symptoms, but it is my belief that most of it is caused by one or two real issues. For example, things stay in my vision longer than they should, which directly cause after images, trails, and that general sense of "laggy vision" you described. However this also causes other things, like if I look at a single light in the dark it appears to jump, and move. This is because your eye normally twitches in small random motions. Normally, you wouldn't notice this, but because things stay in my vision longer, the light seems to move or jump around. This affect is what I think causes the sense that things are shifting when you are out walking around. Also something like a floater, which in a normal person is usually noticed when looking around, and the floater is seen moving across the field of view, is accentuated by the laggyness, and what would only be noticeable for a fraction of a second is much more prominent. I have never done meth, but I have had issues with seeing things that aren't really there, in shadows and such. Since your brain is having to sort through piles of extra stuff that shouldn't be there, it is constantly having to piece things together, it does this in regular people as well and it's what most optical illusions are based on, just to a lesser extent. It's like when you see a face or horse in clouds or in a odd clump of cheese; your mind is quite good and making things out with limited information. At night, especially if I am alone and paranoid, I will sometimes think I see people hiding in wait for me in ditches. My depth perception is weird, but not horrible, I have a slight astigmatism, so I am not entirely sure how that contributes. For example I see a slight ghost image of things slightly below them, but it's pretty minor. I wear glasses for this. I really only need them for reading, but if I am freaking out I put them on and helps me focus my vision, and calm me down. They have a antiglare coating as well, so it helps with driving at night. I don't have that much issue with things being too bright, but I have prescription sunglasses and I think they might cut down on lag time, but I am not sure, mostly just nice for really sunny day's.
  4. timeframe

    Cannabis related hppd

    Hey. I got hppd from smoking weed once about two years ago, I posted my story on the introductions page about a month ago. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Since hppd from cannabis is less extreme than some of the others forms, I have heard several stories of full recovery between three and six years. Which I know sounds horrible, but as compared to the rest of your life... I think a turning point for me was when I accepted the fact that I see differently now, and that living was different from what it was like before, but that there where still things I could enjoy, and by hiding in my room I was only robbing myself of those good experiences.
  5. timeframe

    The run down

    Thanks! You have no idea how encouraging your story is for me.
  6. timeframe

    The run down

    Thanks Chris. I might not be a horrible idea to see a neurologist. But like I said, I did already describe my situation to my doctor who said it was similar to cases she had seen with people who had used harder drugs. She didn't seem to be worried that there was something else wrong, but I had her call a optometrist to be sure, and they didn't seem to be worried either. The annoying thing with it all is spending a bunch of money, and then being told that you are in "excellent condition". As far as being genetic, I know my younger brother told me he quite smoking weed after doing it lightly for several months because he was having trouble with his eyes. My theory is that cannabis can do the same damage that some of the harder hallucinogens do, but only in large amounts, and that people who are predisposed stopped using it early enough that there is relatively little damage done, and it never gets reported. Anyway, I have heard that HPPD from cannabis has a good recovery rate, anywhere from three to ten years, so fingers crossed
  7. timeframe

    The run down

    Hmm... ok, I get what you're saying, I put my experience in detail, so that I could start getting some answers, because, quite frankly, I am pretty confused about the issue as well. It would be awesome if I could fix, at all, what I have now, although the idea that I might have something else I have not taken care of for two years is a bit disconcerting. I am not quite sure if you asked, but I had no observable issues before the incident, and there was no progression afterward. Just one moment I was fine, and the next I was not. I do know that mental illness runs in my family, so that is a possibility. Where would you suggest I start? Were you saying I might have a form of schizophrenia?
  8. timeframe

    The run down

    Thanks. It's nice to know what is wrong with yourself. When I first got HPPD I sat in my room and did nothing, this went on for two months before I decided to not let HPPD control the rest of my life. So I went back to college, I started working out, started eating well, I forced myself to meet new people and try new things, which greatly boosted my mood. At this point, I can do most things without a problem. I get overwhelmed in groups of lots of people, or walking around the city, but otherwise I am usually fine. Wearing glasses has helped, they are only for a small astigmatism, but they help me focus on one thing at a time. They also cut down on glare. I keep my apartment organized to an almost OCD level, that way I can quickly and easily find things without the use of my eyes. Also, I have been able to talk to a couple people in my family about it, they don't really understand, but a least they know, which helps me not feel so alone. And this site has been great.
  9. timeframe

    The run down

    So about two years ago I smoked weed for the first and only time, I had no previous experience using drugs. I passed a joint back and forth with a friend. After a couple minutes of that, I wasn't feeling anything, mainly because my friend had held onto the joint for the majority of the time. So a mutual friend grabbed a little pipe of sorts, and stuffed a wad of weed in it. Two or three good sucks on that thing something snapped. Next thing I know, I was standing up, and the world was spinning and shifting around me. The next morning, I woke up to find my vision blurred, and discontinuous. I felt like I was in a dream. I would look at something, but not really see it. Over the next couple months, I picked apart the different things wrong with my vision. How I could see little moving dots if I looked at the sky, or a light rain-like haze if I looked at something dark, or trials behind anything that moved, or how little blurred halos encircled lights at night. About a year in, I talked to a doctor about it. She said she had heard of such symptoms with people who had used LSD, and that it did not sound like I had anything dangerous, like a tumor, but that there was nothing that could be done to improve my state. So slowly, as time progressed, and as I became more accustomed to the abnormalities, as well as my eyes improving ever so slightly, I started to feel my sense of reality return, and I started living a "relatively" normal life. Anyway, I know plenty of you are thinking, "no way, weed can't cause HPPD" and I would love to agree with you. However, as far as I can tell, my symptoms are pretty close to HPPD, albeit possibly less severe than usual. As to if I smoked something different, it's possible, there could have been something in, or on that pipe that I was unaware of, but I couldn't tell you, since I don't know what a normal marijuana high is like. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be awesome.

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