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  1. Have any of you thought we could just be having flashbacks, but we went OCD about it for one reason or another and it keeps it saying there? Maybe we were scared of being schizophrenic so when we would have these flashbacks we would check, and due to checking so much they just sort of stayed? Just a thought because I never really noticed this too much until I personally got scared and started checking and now it is always there. Also, while I know the difference between reality and the weird visions or snow effect. What if we just accepted it as reality? For example, I feel much happier when I feel like I'm dreaming and I just say that I am, even thought I know I can go jump off a building, I feel less self conscious and I am more willing to talk to people than I was before.... What if like really is just but a dream?
  2. But corn was my favorite food....
  3. Personally, I get a feeling like I'll never be normal again, then I get so worried I feel sick to the stomac.... I reassure myself that I'm not schizophrenic (because that seems a lot scarier to me) then I just sort of wait till the messed up stomac feeling goes away and I'm alright, but the damn snow looking effect is still there just less. This can go away right?....