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  1. Getting better day by day, never loose hope guys, it comes from withen and sometimes with medication, but never loose hope the cure is withen you :)

  2. Hello everyone i just would like to say that iv been on Klonopin 2mg per day + cirpalex 10mg per day and 1000mg of keppra a day and iv been on those meds for 3-4 month now and I can honestly say i can start feeling my self being normal again im healing lot im 10000000000000000 times better then i was 4 month ago Dont be shy to ask questions. Ali
  3. getting better day by day, I also got a tattoo on my back that says "If you can make it through the night there's a brighter day" To remind me of where i was and where i am right now :) Keep your head up, and your hopes up, things will get better no matter what. :)

  4. Just a random thought, I really do think things will get better for everyone, its not the end of the world, No matter how bad things can be, You will always be able to pick yourself up, and be able to rebuild yourself and get better, I think there's still hope and light left in each and everyone one of us, and no one should give up, keep fighting no matter what. :)

  5. Hey guys, I recently started taking Klonopin twice a day 1mg each 12 hours, and im also taking fish oil and multi vitamines, and im also going to start working out in the next couple of days, do you guys think this would be a nice treatment??
  6. sorry to hear about that:(

  7. Hey, if you dont mind can we speak on msn ?

  8. Have you posted it yet? and i also sent you a message can you please check your inbox and get back to me ?
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