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  1. I have the flu, 39.3° celsius fever, and also full fledged HPPD. I've never gone through anything worse.
  2. Clonazepam have reduced my DP/DR with 25%

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    2. hppd33


      Hi Man,

      I took 4mg in the beginning and wanted to talk and do stuff all the time. Untill i saw in all i was talking bullshit, its good for anxiety and social anxiety, you will get problems like chris said. I am now on 0.4 the whole day. The withdrawl was hellish and i now want to quit. It's so diccficult! I cant even sleep or talk at times. I dont remember a little thing when clona kicks in, its fucks up your memory.

      Withdrawl is the worst on clonazepam with hpp...

    3. myrslingerbult


      Reading that didn't really give me hope...

    4. Ming Xiao

      Ming Xiao

      jesus, without clono im totally uselles.

  3. myrslingerbult

    Has Keppra made your symptoms worse?

    Keppra didn't change my symptoms at all. It only made me more suicidal and depressed.
  4. myrslingerbult

    How bad was the 'trip' when you first got HPPD?

    My trip was fucked up too. First I saw myself die from above, then it felt like I was falling all the time and I got tortured by the devil thinking it was going to last in eternity. Was unconscious on the floor during this.
  5. My friend brought "marijuana" the day I tripped. Though I have my suspicions that it was spice. Tasted like regular weed though...
  6. myrslingerbult

    worst symptom thus far

    Yeah, my cognition is fucked up when i try to sleep.
  7. myrslingerbult


    Dp/dr destroyed my identity. :/
  8. myrslingerbult

    movies and series which are worth of the attention

    The movie "Numb" from 2007 is about a guy suffering from depersonalization. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0795439/
  9. myrslingerbult


    Are you from Sweden?
  10. myrslingerbult


    "With or without you" by U2 is my favorite song of all time:
  11. myrslingerbult

    The hippie in all of us

    I've got an account on http://privateislandsonline.com/. How about we all come together and buy a nice island in the caribbean?
  12. Yep, i have a hard time reading white on black. Not the oppisite though.
  13. myrslingerbult

    Trouble Speaking

    Yes, experience speech problems since i got HPPD.
  14. myrslingerbult

    How do you spend your days?

    I'm only at home, forcing myself to get through the day. I've dropped out from school because of HPPD, since I can't even concentrate on reading a book. I'm pretty much just waiting for HPPD to go away so I can get my life back. :/

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