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  1. Hi all, I was a part of this community many years ago as a wee lad when my symptoms first began to settle. I thought I'd login to post an update as to the current mental state I'm in, what recovery (as good as can be) is like, and what you can expect if you're relatively new to HPPD. I first had HPPD symptoms after taking a one-time dose of mushrooms, I believe around 2 grams; the initial trip went fine, in-fact it was quite a lot of fun. After coming down, I didn't feel normal.. I felt strange, odd, different, but couldn't pinpoint what it was. It was like something had clicked, snapped,
  2. I just find that if I smoke every 3 weeks or so, the days that I smoke, maybe 2 or 3 in continuation, during those days, my DP increases abit, but instead,my anxiety lessons and my visuals aren't increased at all. But when I stop, two to 3 days later, my visuals seem to be affected permanently. Or, maybe, in the time that I was smoking, I haven't noticed an increase in visuals because I haven't been so anxious and concentrating on them. Other than that, when I don't smoke weed, they still seem to get worse, so I'm conflicted. My HPPD was basically hidden from my view for 3 months until I quit
  3. Do you guys still find that Cannabis exacerbates your symptoms, but at the same time, relieves you of the worry in contrast to them?
  4. This needs to be seen more!
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