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  1. The NSRF is moving swiftly towards world domination !!
  2. real HPPD.. deal with it by crying.. or having my head in my mobile phone as a "distraction"...... one day I will kick HPPD in the Ass
  3. full blown visual open and closed eye hallucinations.. being stuck in hellucination hell upon retiring with lights out... being completely fucked out and depersonalized, being isolated, feeling as not feeling in with "Normal society" Having these symptoms constantly is fucking hellest torture at times.. for over 29 years... lately I have been contemplating ending my life, I would not do it,.. tho its how I feel at times.. I'm that over it, its that chronic.. its cruel shit... id like to see your average joe blogs try and deal with this even for a day.. lucky I am a very strong human being.. no one can even comprehend what this is like.. (currently on no meds) tho feeling I will likely have to soon..
  4. as well as all this.. have "made something" for all of you HPPD sufferers... (all will be revealed soon) also... , I will be publishing a book involving much of "my story" and life journey.
  5. always make something of myself, champion athlete, coach , author, business owner.. etc etc ...... fucking tough times... tho I always keep on keeping on... and don't argue for my limitations.. I'm "superman" an ordinary individual would not last a day "in my body"....
  6. hey there---- we are the same person heheheĀ  :)

  7. Just wanted to drop a line and say helloo to the many HPPD endures, old and new.... I have not logged in here for years... tho have many fond memories of the moderators etc I used to be "oldschoolar, and before that "benza.. and likely before that it was the storm loader web site. oh yes and must-be-a-way-to-heal etc etc I still have Bad HPPD, nothing has changed unfortunately.. Its like my 29th year. I will likely try a new med soon lol... Wishing everyone best regards... and keep on keeping on..
  8. im doing my best to rewire my entire brain with Holosync meditation LOL its been around a year now... meditation for an our a day.. have noticed some remarkable shifts.. Tho its always the choice of every individual for the approach they decide to take and i respect that.
  9. cool...im still keen.. tho ill have to wear a cool costume or wig so im unwrekignizable as im steping up on the intenet with other projects ...
  10. Thanks for shareing bro... It does not matter to me what faith a person is because GOD is ONE and has the ability to take innurmable forms and will take the form thats dear to the individual. I will commune with God in all failths as i know its only the ONE Father / Mother manifesting thru all of them. Whether is be ,Christ, Krishna, Durga, Buddha or Mohamad. If we realized we are all children of the one father / mother it would bing about peace and mutual understanding. If you dont believe me.. See for yourself intro 1 intro 2 Lecture from the Divine Master
  11. Hey this is a great Topic... Yes i too have had a longing for God and Spiritual Illumination. This immense faith dawned upon me after i was fortunate to have the association of the Greatest Spiritual Master to Come to the Earth in the past 2,500 years / A God Realized Soul who who has complete mastery / Omnisiance over all the scriptures in existance... and has reconciled all seeming contradictions between existing faiths in the world today. Many deep and profound experiences took place in such association. I mediatate and pray daily. I felt that if it was not for HPPD i would have reached my goal of God Realization by now.. I feel as though HPPD is the only thing standing between me and knowing God, as it stops me from complete surrender of the mind, "Ananya" (one pointedness) so its one of many obsticles. For me suffering can also be seen as a form of Divine Grace as it can bring a person closer to God. So maybe hppd has forced me to look deeper into the Divine realm. Thanks for shareing.. Would be great to share more with you about this facinating topic. I feel its natrual for a person to seek happiness, bliss etc and long to know God, as we are the soul.. a fraction of God.. All souls natrually want Unlimited Divine Bliss / God. The soul cannot be satisfied with the transient material things of this world.
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