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  1. i have super bad hppd have had for approx 26 years now its a fucking visual nightmare , also have dp.. not sure how to express or what to say.. just saying hello cheers
  2. yes, very exciting news! The protocol is fully developed and is seriously amazing/mind-blowing. I was asked to participate in some tests By Professor Mcconnell as the protocol was being put together which included a sleep-deprived QEEg (which was hell) As far as I am aware, the protocol has been put together as a collaboration of all the top authorities on HPPD from around the world. For something as big as this, its the nature of it that big things do take time. I speak with professor McConnell frequently and he has assured me that everything is on track and moving forward. In any case, I wish everyone could view this protocol. Definitely there are legit reasons why things can take some time, although it WILL happen. Yes, we need to respect the wishes /protocols of the researchers and not break rapport in any way.
  3. @Visual Dudes post - I really love this and feel it is definitely key. A researcher was saying just the other day that the feels HPPD is a form of epilepsy / related to seisure activity etc It would be very good to share visuals post with him.
  4. cool it sounds good. some other couple did a documentary, I had seen it although it was never released. I would be interested to participate too
  5. Hi Katkat. My names Ben, pleased to connect. I am currently on the Gold Coast AUS and in frequent contact with Professor McConnell and Hope1. I will be participating in the study in Sydney. I would love to DM you and have a Talk. Look forward to connecting soon.
  6. The NSRF is moving swiftly towards world domination !!
  7. real HPPD.. deal with it by crying.. or having my head in my mobile phone as a "distraction"...... one day I will kick HPPD in the Ass
  8. full blown visual open and closed eye hallucinations.. being stuck in hellucination hell upon retiring with lights out... being completely fucked out and depersonalized, being isolated, feeling as not feeling in with "Normal society" Having these symptoms constantly is fucking hellest torture at times.. for over 29 years... lately I have been contemplating ending my life, I would not do it,.. tho its how I feel at times.. I'm that over it, its that chronic.. its cruel shit... id like to see your average joe blogs try and deal with this even for a day.. lucky I am a very strong human being.. no one can even comprehend what this is like.. (currently on no meds) tho feeling I will likely have to soon..
  9. as well as all this.. have "made something" for all of you HPPD sufferers... (all will be revealed soon) also... , I will be publishing a book involving much of "my story" and life journey.
  10. always make something of myself, champion athlete, coach , author, business owner.. etc etc ...... fucking tough times... tho I always keep on keeping on... and don't argue for my limitations.. I'm "superman" an ordinary individual would not last a day "in my body"....
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