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  1. Reaching out to all Australian based HPPDers. We are in the process of compiling a list of Australian-based patient's so we can get started with with hppd research as soon as possible. Please kindly fill in this form: https://forms.gle/f5fkbj7ir1ybrroP9 All information is strictly 100% confidential. The study will start with Australian participants and then planning to include the international community as soon as possible. Thankyou for your participation!
  2. Im happy to film it.. likely would be much better. will find the time to do so. cheers
  3. I just did mine via the platform with audio only Im not sure if it was loud enough Happy to do again if require better quality. possibly video would be better cheers
  4. Main trigger for me was LSD.. though at the time was doing a lot of Clubbing / Raves.. so likely MDMA was in the mix too. I have been naughty and done some other drugs post HPPD. Stupid choices when inhibitions were out the window.. though most defiantly will not touch any other substances now, and have maintained sobriety for many years.
  5. Over the past year I came dependant on Clonazepam I am in the process of tapering off lowering 0.25 / week. I will be through in likely 3 or so weeks time. Once I am clean / completely off it i may use it 2 days on 3 days off or just occasionally whenever really needed.
  6. Hi Ed.. It sounds good. I would be happy to share. I will do my best to contact you via email. Also feel free to drop me a massage here. Cheers.
  7. possibly you guys are experiencing hypnagogic dream states. generally happens upon entering sleep. just saying its a possibility. also if you have hppd closed eye visuals at night can be very distressing. here is a friend of mine explaining hypnogogic dreams
  8. hello.. thanks for sharing. really interesting post. I can really relate to some of the things you are sharing about / smoking weed triggering major events etc and other things you are describing. I noticed you mentioned you are in Australia. Me too lol If you would like, inbox me. I will give you my number.. we maybe able to break this down over the phone. Cheers all the best !
  9. I found this article explaining about eye floaters etc https://visioneyeinstitute.com.au/eyematters/8-frequently-asked-questions-eye-floaters/
  10. Hey there. will do my best to answer your questions from my opinion / perspective / experience only. I'm not claiming this to be the Supreme truth or ultimate Authority loI... am a sufferer of over 28 years. I don't have floaters all the time, generally occasionally outside, in bright light. tho I don't consider floaters as a symptom of hppd. I feel floaters to be more eye related. I found in early days I had very vivid dreams / nightmares, I would scream in my sleep or behave as though I was being attacked / nightmares. This may have to do with repressed material / trauma (in my case) coming from the subconscious mind. In relation to sleep activity REM etc , I'm not sure how to gauge / measure that. In my case hppd is not always worse after wakening up, it is very present upon wakening, although generally hppd is consistent through the day and night. I would have to say my visuals are generally more switched on in the evenings. may have to do with lighting definition etc. In my onset of hppd it just switched itself on, was suddenly noticeable. I feel it can in many cases become more switched on / exacerbated over time. I am being honest with you, from my perspective that during my onset, HPPD was / is much more than just floaters, generally consists in my case of an array of visuals completely distorting perception i.e. eating into reality that are constantly in motion. If I had only floaters I would likely not worry so much, it does not seem consistent with real hallucinatory symptomologies. However I am not a medical professional or a neurologist. My suggestions would be to stay clean, eat healthy , exercise, keep away from stimulants of any kind. get enough rest, de-stress and relax. possibly get yourself checked out with a medical person or eye testing etc Hope this is helpful Cheers
  11. You are the stupid ones Do you even have a formal diagnosis for hppd?? The diagnostic criteria clearly states: "Re-experiencing after cessation of a hallucinogen" https://behavenet.com/diagnostic-criteria-29289-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-flashbacks Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD) is a chronic (and sometimes permanent) disorder in which a person has flashbacks of visual hallucinations or distortions experienced during a previous hallucinogenic drug experience, usually lacking the same feelings of mental intoxication experienced before.
  12. my snow is cosmic as fuck, cantonal shimmering moving all psychedelic, lights , spheres worm wholes and geometric hallucinations, shimmering explosion and implosions. like whirl winds eating into everything. Things that help me, working out, eating healthy,. personal development, having goals. I have to sleep with a light on. I have found that relaxation is helpful I use self hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind and helps to balance left and right hemispheres of the brain. This moves me away from a fight or flight response and more into a relaxation response, where I can be "more of the witness" and not let it consume me as much. mndfulness, self awareness. www.learningstrategies.com/ paraliminals are quite good, also Holosync meditation. Sometimes when its too much I generally look at my phone or computer to try and distract myself as an escape tho that is not so healthy. I do my best to focus on where I am going and what I want my life to look like, focus on what I want and do my best to take the steps to achieve. I just have to do my best despite what I'm dealing with I also take clonazepam, I am dependant on it. Im looking at doing a slow reduction and just to maybe do a 3 days on 3 days off or something. I just had to learn and discover whatever tools and resources I could to help me cope. sometimes there may not be a cure but learning to live with and manage the condition.
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