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  1. How severely can stress affect visual symptoms? I had little to no symptoms for 13 years (didn't affect my life at all) and after a period of stress about 3/4 months ago (which continues) my symptoms have totally and utterly exploded. Even during the day people's faces are covered with static. Huge Halo's/starburts even during the day. This has essentially rendered me non-functional. 4 months ago I was travelling the world with my job in a high paced career. I now find it difficult to go to the supermarket/leave the house. Currently taking lamictal at 200mg a day but it is doing nothing. I have some clonazpam and use it 2x a week maybe .25/.5mg. Some advice would be appreciated. I'm falling apart and need some quality of life back...
  2. Hi everyone, For around 13 years I have had very mild HPPD symptoms which have not affected my life in the slightest. I have had a few 'episodes' where things have flared up but all in all I can't say I have been seriously affected by the condition. Recently however I went through a series of very stressful events, and my symptoms have gone from being completely unnoticeable (honestly, I didn't even think about them for at least 4/5 years), to me being in absolute hell every day. Severe VS over everything/trails/light sensitivity/afterimages/DP/DR. I'm really struggling to function - I do not have a moment's respite and every day is an absolute battle. I can barely work and any sort of relaxation is impossible. Not sleeping well at all. I cannot believe I have ended up in this state after having zero symptoms for years and years. So I guess I'm looking for advice. I need some hope that things will settle down but I just feel absolutely trapped in this vicious cycle of stress > vision > DP/DR > stress > vision... Has anyone else experienced severe flare ups of a similar nature? Any advice?
  3. I have been prescribed this for sleep - does anyone have any experience taking this? Would it be considered 'safe'? Or could it potentially worsen visuals? Many thanks!
  4. Do your symptoms progress? My condition started with very minor visual snow, yet now 5 years down the line, it is full blown, every symptom possible, and the visual snow is incredibly thick and intense. Has anyone else's condition progressed in this manner? Without using drugs, as I imagine that is pretty much guaranteed to worsen the condition.
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