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  1. Stay away from that evil shit no matter what!!! who!!!! where!!! When I'm faced with a similar situation i just say " sorry i gotta run " and up and leave. I dont care if its rude or whateve!!! Fuck em! Sometimes i do this when people are drinking also as it makes me feel uncomfortable mostly. Im with Andrew on this one as well..... Anxiety can extenuate everything!! When I'm feeling anxious my hppd symtoms defiantly increase and my thinking goes haywire.
  2. Tony did die at the end. He was murdered in the restaurant in front of his family
  3. Since hppd I've watched the entire The Sopranos series 3 times. Awesome show but sad life... Pauly walnuts and Christopher would have to be my fav characters ( behind tony of course )
  4. I dont think i could be much help as my anxiety would turn be into a stuttering mess
  5. Nice work mate, takes a lot of guts IMO. You seem like a positive person despite your handicap so good job. Take care
  6. Just watched your vid, respect for doing that as I know how hard it must of been. Hope others can learn the dangers associated with the plant. Good work jess
  7. What symtoms are you having now mistake87??
  8. Laizzesfaire my friend, would you consider stoping the drinking and smoking for the greater good? I loved a drink as much as the next bloke, i have recently been trying different varieties of Non alcoholic beer. I honestly cant taste the difference. Or is it more of the buzz a few beers gives you. Not to be critical mate but more just curious Good luck with the meds trial
  9. I already have donated and would happily do it again. Solution: Create a new site that requires a membership fee to join and fade this one out gradually. Initially it won't be easy but the long term goal is whats important here.
  10. Hope1 I really do feel for you man and I wasn't intending to shoot you down exactly. We are all suffering with this hppd madness, that's why we are here, No? and like you i also struggle to manage another co-existing dehibilating condition. Admittedly my initial comments lacked symphethy and I must apoligies for the coldness, however i try remain Hopeful which was meanly my point. Hope is all we have
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