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  1. Hi guys. Most symptoms have stayed the same except for a new symptom, which I've found out are called 'starbursts'. Basically really bright lights when in dark rooms or on a sunny day. They're a lot worse when I'm wearing my glasses, so it's nice to be able to turn them off, so to speak. I've also been experiencing some dull neck pain over the past few days, but I hope that's just due to some bad posture when reading over the past month or so. It sort of feels like a bubble in my neck that I keep hoping to 'pop' when moving my neck around. Anyway, I dipped into a bad point a few days were I was really getting stressed over the symptoms, but mostly I can deal with any visual disturbance just fine. My only concern is physical or mental symptoms. Anyway, I actually start college tomorrow so I'm hoping I can finally get something else to focus on! David I'm not sure. I was laying in bed the other night wearing headphones and they did seem to have more pressure in the ears than usual, but that seems to be gone today.
  2. Another update for everyone: My symptoms have gotten a little worse. Visual snow, increased afterimages and floaters are now pretty noticeable. I still don't have any other hallucinative symptoms such as patterns or changing colors, though. I think I'm going to wait several more months, but I'm definitely thinking of treatment through medication. If that is the case, how should I proceed? I've read a lot that states doctors aren't aware of this issue and might be dismissive of my symptoms. I've also had some 'dry eye' symptoms lately, but it could be unrelated. I've kept drug free since September 25th and haven't even had any alcohol since then (not really an outgoing person in the first place so it wasn't a problem). I've also stopped drinking caffeine including soft drinks like pepsi (is this even nessassary?). Thanks, everyone.
  3. Just an update: I think my visual snow is gone, or at least not noticeable anymore. The only thing bothering me now is a few small round floaters, but I've noticed floaters all my life so I don't know if they got worse or I'm just stressing out about them. They're definitely not as distracting and I only really notice them when I'm unoccupied. I'm gonna wait another month and see how things go!
  4. Thanks for the advice, I guess all I can do for now is get on with life and hope things don't get worse.
  5. Hello and thanks for your time. I'm a 19yr old male. Near the start of last month, I got a hold of 5 hits of lsd. This would be the second time I would be dropping acid, having done 1 tab a few months earlier. The acid I got was in sugar cube form, and since there was lots of contradictory advice on how to store it, I decided I would just do it all in one month and took the acid over 3 weekends (1, 1, 3). 3 weeks later, I am now noticing visual snow in the top third of my vision. As far as I can tell, this is my only symptom. My questions are however: Is there a possibility for it to get worse? It is not currently distracting and even if it were to stay as it is for the rest of my life, I could definitely deal with it. My other question is: Is it possible more symptoms will arise in the future? I read that there is a latency between the last use and when symptoms can occur. Is there an established time in which I will be 'in the clear' in terms of more symptoms? Thanks for your time. I shouldn't think I'll do LSD again (but I guess that goes without saying!)