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  1. I rather summed it up in different fashion, because the hardcore criminals hang together with 9-11 (World Trade Center). Some more bits of information at ftp://ftp.anubis-ca.com though the server is sometimes offline.
  2. Wordplay from the health system: Zopiclone means "Zap the clown". This is how they think, they´re a bunch of jesters.
  3. I had to move the info here.
  4. Updates about the child nailers.
  5. All the members know you and the rest of your idiot fake medicines have infiltrated the forum. This forum is dead, no traffic anymore and invaded by super-liars.
  6. To be clear and fair, only a very few leaders within the "international health system" work in Psychiatry and they have used far too extreme methods to make also lethal injection a part of reality. Their methods include rape and murder of kids as a decoy, all done in utmost secrecy ordered by a genuine psychopath who is the fake policeman which is disclosed but yet not proven with empirical evidence.
  7. The pedos don't know how to treat a lady. Proof here:
  8. Solveig "SOL" Mørkedal was brought into the religious cult of Psychiatry, because she was a soldier and suspected of being a terrorist. We have the fake policeman in my country as well and he created a real world troll for himself in 2006 in order to not get arrested. His troll is to protect and hide away the pedos.
  9. Easy here to see this video comes from a criminally insane fake policeman. The fake policeman threatens at 01:25 minutes into the video: "You know who you are, you who supported her (SOL) and I'm looking for you too." Him and the lobotomist are under surveillance by the normal police. Don't switch channel, stay tuned for more...
  10. Error correction, sorry: I got pedos on my brain and they will NOT go free. Don't switch channel, stay tuned for more...
  11. My protest on Facebook is finished, it's time to delete it. But I'll update the thread if any appropriate news is available. The most important is to catch the pedos.
  12. Smith is not the agent like in the MATRIX movie, it's Winston Smith.
  13. They may have moved the surgery room another place, but I know yet another victim and he said he was in that room in 1995 at Hasle borough in Oslo city. It's no lie, I heard about SOL in the early 1990's but I was young so I didn't realise the graveness of the matter, but I got deeply involved in 2008 when some of these criminally insane fake doctors tried to kill my parents too, via nosejob lobotomy surgery.
  14. Cleaned up and edited and updated information about this thread's topic.
  15. TTT is known in my country as Tvungen Transport Tjenesten and the name on the card is "Ola Nordmann" = any typical citizen of Norway, maybe like a "Smith" in USA. How to explain Smith? but I know it goes through over there. TTT hangs together with a proper psychopath who is somewhat partially revealed/exposed here.
  16. Off-topic, but the mental hospital has a special "green room" where the guards can act out their frustrations. Me and two colleagues saw them inside there and they were flying in the air and bouncing around and wanting to have anal sex with each other, so they can relax because the patients fu*k with their heads. So I claim the mental hospital is more gloomy than the military. It's a piece of the famous "Hell" I think. I have never seen anything like it. I have bragging rights: I stole the wireless ringing button for their siren in the mental hospital. The guards went totally insane and ran and searched the whole building for it in total paranoia. Just to see what will happen, I later pressed the ringing button and the siren alarm went off and then nothing special happened, except the guards went psychotic and there arrived maybe 5 non-uniformed police cars outside the hospital in order to watch and make sure nothing too extreme happens. I kept the ringing button for a few days and then dumped it outside the building so they could not find it. All they had left was a wireless signal for their office in their single section, so then the whole building could not come running anymore in case a patient gets "unrestful". One of the guards in the hospital is a straight murderer, and one fake doctor there is a real pedophile. This Mental Hospital Welcome home, Sanitarium by Metallica One "patient" there had seeked help voluntarily due to feeling suicidal. Some personell thought he was an Al-Qaida soldier, so they prepared a nosejob lobotomy for him. They didn't succeed. It´s the shocking truth, they still practice it in rare cases. But the lobotomists will NOT go free. Check this page, but some of it is scare propaganda photos but they are real lobotomy victims. This is for SOL. Another detail, is that they have a special "lobotomy van" which brings the victim to a different hospital in the city where the real lobotomy surgery room is located. The car is also revealed by Beavis and Butt-head as Lake Titicaca (TTT = Totally Terminal Transport). They create a little "event" show featuring actors in order to confuse the patient and get him slowly into the lobotomy van. The real lobotomy surgery room is around here, but the exact location is presently classified: Aker Hospital Emergency Psychiatric Section A problem is that the Government can't do much about these scumbags, because they go psychotic if they don't get their ways.
  17. Not intense, HPPD is cool but an annoyance. The intense pushing-around comes from the religious cult of Psychiatry, they have problems and are a bunch of clowns.
  18. First 5 years, then it disappeared but came back with no psychedelics. Then it disappeared for good maybe 4 years after.
  19. Man, are you sure you have seen evil? Perhaps they were just "hardcore scumbags" so don't talk about "The Evil".

    1. odysseus


      "The Evil" was censored, but more about a proper psychopath here.

  20. I did an EEG and an MRI. Nothing wrong showed up.
  21. Cannabis will not give you HPPD. Just don't overdo it. Lead a normal life and be happy. A little smoking is alright, just don't smoke too much. About HPPD, it seems it comes from psychedelics, but even HPPD is cool but an annoyance.
  22. Visual is OK, but this post will get deleted and I banned. But the admin JAY has sold his little soul to the devil himself. JAY is an agent for some fuck-doctors and wants to be the god of HPPD and remove psylocybin from the face of the earth. My real name is Arun Ivar Gurung (facebook). I had enough, the old forum was good but JAY is a little faggott who turned this forum into a mockery. Don't believe his idiot crap, and keep your souls to yourselves. Took me a while to find out, but fuck over this moron now before he ruins the reputation of all HPPDers. Shrooms/LSD is NOT evil... This JAY guy is downright dangerous. Just go kill yourself and your beloved Dr. Mengele guys too, JAY. Happy new year! Arun
  23. I am back to apologise to everyone and even Jay. I got angry because I feel some people talk like we are bad people and druggies just because we took a psychedelia. I was just mad because the old forum was a place for honest discussion without judgement, but the new forum feels like something coming from the police that always exhorts that psychedelics are evil. You knew what you were getting into when you took a psychedelic. You are adults. You know it can be risky, but 99 percent comes out healthy. Why would you curse the shrooms and LSD like that if you even had the slightest knowledge of it`s power?
  24. Don't take my post personally please, it's just to cheer U up! lol I don't hate JAY personally, but what a crap psychopath! lol