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  1. I did an EEG and an MRI. Nothing wrong showed up.
  2. Cannabis will not give you HPPD. Just don't overdo it. Lead a normal life and be happy. A little smoking is alright, just don't smoke too much. About HPPD, it seems it comes from psychedelics, but even HPPD is cool but an annoyance.
  3. I am back to apologise to everyone and even Jay. I got angry because I feel some people talk like we are bad people and druggies just because we took a psychedelia. I was just mad because the old forum was a place for honest discussion without judgement, but the new forum feels like something coming from the police that always exhorts that psychedelics are evil. You knew what you were getting into when you took a psychedelic. You are adults. You know it can be risky, but 99 percent comes out healthy. Why would you curse the shrooms and LSD like that if you even had the slightest knowledge of it`s power?
  4. Don't take my post personally please, it's just to cheer U up! lol I don't hate JAY personally, but what a crap psychopath! lol
  5. Visual is OK, but this post will get deleted and I banned. But the admin JAY has sold his little soul to the devil himself. JAY is an agent for some fuck-doctors and wants to be the god of HPPD and remove psylocybin from the face of the earth. My real name is Arun Ivar Gurung (facebook). I had enough, the old forum was good but JAY is a little faggott who turned this forum into a mockery. Don't believe his idiot crap, and keep your souls to yourselves. Took me a while to find out, but fuck over this moron now before he ruins the reputation of all HPPDers. Shrooms/LSD is NOT evil... This JAY guy is downright dangerous. Just go kill yourself and your beloved Dr. Mengele guys too, JAY. Happy new year! Arun
  6. Yes, the people from The Insane Police are just a bigger fu*k-up in the a*s. No so-called "mental health professionals" can ever help you with HPPD, they just make everything worse. That's why I'm angry with them losers.
  7. Not thinking it's funny, I know HPPD. And you guys stop whining, it's not a serious syndrome. If you feel like suicidal, there's something else that's bugging you.
  8. That is exactly the reason why you fu*king co*ksu*ker have infiltrated this forum with even more bullsh*t scare propaganda. I'm not sure where to start, but for me: LSD, shrooms, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine are natural remedies that can help people overcome a lot of mental problems. Please don't make HPPD into an evil thing; HPPD is actually a very mild condition, so don't exaggarate any bi-products of these substances... Their positive effects always overcome the negative. – Kind regards from the secret psychiatrist
  9. Well, I'm not sure if I will believe what you say. Ayahuasca is not really a hallucinogen, it's more of a kind of an anaesthetic.
  10. Yupp, it's totally gone now... And, I'm trying to cut down on the ciggies and mead.
  11. Here´s another critique. http://casketkrusher.bandcamp.com/track/dancing-on-your-graves-neuroleptica-destroyer Do be(a)ware.
  12. Wordplay from the health system: Zopiclone means "Zap the clown". This is how they think, they´re a bunch of jesters.
  13. But fu*k DP, though. Nuff said! No feedback needed.