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  1. I want to make it clear that not everyone misfortune enough to have contracted HPPD has family history of mental illness. In fact mental illness and HPPD could be mutually exclusive of one another. The catch is that the neurological damage sustained by HPPD manifests itself mirroring psychiatric disease(s).
  2. I recently put up a post indicating that May 6th, 2019 was the last day to take the Visual Snow/HPPD survey. This was an error. The survey will be closed a week from today. If you haven’t taken it please do it ASAP! The more data that’s collected, the greater the chances of more research being done on these two terrible conditions. Remember, the survey can only be accessed via desktop computer. NO MOBILE DEVICES! Access the survey here: https://twitter.com/simonsaryazdi/status/1125798943873470464?s=21 #CureHPPD #CureVisualSnow
  3. Today is the last day to participate in the survey so if you haven’t completed it already, get on it. Establishing an indicator of how many of us out there with neurovisual disorders will prompt researchers to help us all. https://universityofsussex.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_blrsONUZAQ19BGZ
  4. Feeling like sharing your feelings with the architect behind this center which excludes HPPD? Here you go: The best part about Twitter is that you can have an anonymous account. Have fun...
  5. Millions are being donated to research psychedelics! Just not for Hallucinogen Persistent Perception Disorder...
  6. I’d appreciate it. Heal up. In the meantime I’ve been researching grant sources galore. Going to compartmentalize Dr. McConnell’s research proposal in a way that doesn’t disclose too much as well as request the salary requirements for his full time researcher who is interested in lending us a hand.
  7. Get a legitimate diagnosis and ask your doctor to get in touch with Dr. McConnell At Griffin University, AU and ask to get involved in any sort of research collaboration.
  8. The long and short of it is, you need to live a clean sober life.
  9. Won’t any of you step up to help?
  10. Hi Everyone, I’m writing this post as I need help. With the lens being aimed more and more at HPPD and Visual Snow, some assist is required from those of you who feel your skill set, talent and expertise can grow the Neurosensory Neuroregenerative Research Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to unravel the neurological basis and hopefully one day cure HPPD and Visual Snow. What I need are at least 3 individuals able and willing to assume a board member position on the foundation. I’m also going to need someone fully proficient at WordPress to add content and manage the foubdation’s website; www.neurogroup.org. You can reach me at info@neurogroup.org Thanks
  11. The problem is that very few researchers know about HPPD. Help me help us. neurogroup.org
  12. Look up Dr. Gong Chen at U-Penn
  13. Appeared in my inbox this morning. “The conversation was productive I think there is a way forward with collaboration here It is frustrating that things take so long I am hoping we can get an agreement from XXXX and or XXXX to fund a full time researcher to work on this I have identified an ideal candidate who is highly qualified and keen Waiting to hear their response Thanks”
  14. Why would we see more success stories having seen the video?
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