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  1. Saga

    Summer is coming

    So far I don't have too much planned this summer. I'll definitely be riding my bikes a lot but I think my goal this year is to try to be more social. I've been alone for a long time now, what better time than the summer to meet people, make friends and perhaps start something amazing?
  2. I am! I'm actually about to sign up for another Century in June so I better get my training schedule back in action soon. It's been a long cold winter. So happy the weather is finally warming up, as always the best cure for me is a healthy diet and a lot of exercise.
  3. Hi Larry, Good to see you and many others found your way here. Though I haven't been particularly active on the site as of late if you (or anyone at all) needs someone to talk to I am always available at sagahppd at gmail dot com. Also, I'll do my best to be more active here as well.
  4. Joe - Although I've never tried Naltrexone it's promising to read what you've written and I look forward to reading more about your experiences. 1998 - Just so you know, many of us are here and simply quiet. As the years pass and things don't really change too much I've become a lot less vocal. This doesn't keep me away though and I still carry around a lot of hope for the future, I just spend less of my time on message boards these days. You, and all who are living with HPPD are never far from my thoughts.

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