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  1. The bad trip I had that gave me hppd started with me driving on I-95 with my friend paul and smoking a blunt in the middle of may about 3 months ago. I took 3 hits of Lsd about 40 minutes beforehand from a new source, which was a very bad idea. I had some crappy mix cd's my other buddy dan had left in my truck to listen to when we were going on a smoke ride, so we put one on and this one song that repeats the lyric "young star" came on and the rap that accompanied the repetitive lyric seemed to turn demonic, but I tried to ignore it. Looking at the philadelphia city skyline I experienced an intense ego death and my vision was all trails and tracers. I struggled to get off at the 420 exit to get back to our neighborhood, and I dropped paul off because it seemed he may have been having a difficult trip as well. I went home extremely anxious, and not knowing what to do with myself I went back out to meet up with my friends dan and frank. When we walked over to dan's house is when my trip peaked and I freaked out thinking the world was ending and I was going to hell. Frank tried to calm me down and I said goodbye to him because I thought I was definitely going to die. I asked him if it was ok to walk around, he laughed and said "yeah come on, we're going to x's house" (x is an older woman's house we hung out at often and did various drugs, drank and smoked her up). So we went behind x's house and smoked some more, making the already hellish trip even worse. At this point I thought my life would consist of a cycle of torture for eternity and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I began to hallucinate a large bright light in the upper left corner of my vision and a bleak darkness in the lower right. The light continually overpowered the darkness and was pretty cool at the time even though I was having a bad trip. Sure enough, about a week later I developed hppd and have been coping pretty well since the symptoms are gradually diminishing.
  2. dan728

    Hey guys

    Well, at night the visual symptoms are a bit worse and ive been taking one capsule around 6:30, one around 7:30 and another at about 8:30. It really helps me to feel relaxed and get to sleep at a decent hour. And yeah, I get really exhausted around the middle of the day and some head pressure with a bit of pain on one side. I can't really tell if 5htp helps or not but ive tried that and gaba for a while with some positive results like increased mood and energy.... This stuff sucks but I know it can be overcome with persistence and trial n error of different supplements
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    Hey guys

    Hi guys, im a fellow hppd sufferer and my name is dan. I started smoking weed around age 17 or so and loved it, so I continued to do so until a few months ago after developing hppd. Im currently 20 years old, enrolled as a student at a community college and have had multiple jobs in the past including machine operator, party rental laborer, and landscaper. During the course of my smoking, I started to get into heavier and heavier drugs and ended up doing LSD about 4 times, mushrooms about 5, molly around 4 and other things such as methadone, pills and a bunch of other fun stuff. I always thought I was under control of the drugs I was using, which was correct to an extent because I never got to the point where I used drugs every day. But, as we all know, substance abuse can quickly get out of hand. The fateful night that led ultimately to my hppd involved me and a friend of mine waiting on a connect to score some mushrooms. We waited for hours, thinking he would never get there, and he ended up showing up late at night with acid instead of shrooms. The friends I was with at the time were antsy to begin with so we were content with dropping the acid and putting the wait behind us. I took 3 tabs in overconfidence and after about 30 minutes I began to feel the effects and started driving on the highway and smoking a blunt with the friend I went with to get the "shrooms" and the trip started to get very intense. I dropped him off at his house and I went home too. I started to get a deep feeling of dread along with severe paranoia and feeling that I was going to die. There were extremely intense visuals involved, and I had a hallucination that I thought at the time encompassed the theme of the universe but its very hard to describe. It was kinda like a huge bright light in the upper-right hand corner of my vision and a sewer in the lower left that had rats and vines trying to escape, but kept getting knocked back by the light. I ended up going to the hospital and having saline pumped through my veins to clear the toxicity and the hellish trip finally subsided. The next day, all I wanted to do was smoke some weed to calm my nerves, but when I did, I felt like the trip was coming back all over again and I went home to calm down. A few days later, i came to grips with the fact that I had symptoms that weren't going away. I started to research my symptoms immediately and found that I definitely have at least mild hppd. My symptoms include: Tracers (black squiggly lines that move about occasionally) Afterimages Sensitivity to light Visual snow Some degree of dp/dr with cognitive losses slight anxiety and depression So its been about 2 months and ive been trying different things to resolve these issues such as valerian root, GABA, 5Htp, fish oil and vitamins B and C. Im not too sure what works the best yet, but valerian root seems to be a lifesaver for me right now. My symptoms are a bit less worse than they were when I first got them, but im now abstaining from all drug and alcohol use and im slowly feeling better over time. Im so glad that I found a place where there are people like me suffering with what I thought was a very rare disorder. Thanks for reading my story everyone Best wishes, Dan
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