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  1. Thank you olivier24445 for your feedback. There is a need for all specialty areas to explore HPPD and plenty of elbow room for differing approaches in this space. HPPD overlaps psychiatry, psychology, neurology... for starters. One could explore other areas of medicine (genetics, etc.), as well. Do not leap to judgment that "mental disorder" or "addiction" are inappropriate areas of study... they are IMPORTANT! It is understood HPPD can occur on one single substance... and that "substance" does not even necessarily need to be illicit. There is nothing about the research that i
  2. Hope1, well I'm not someone in that space. Good God, this disorder needs attention, education, and, above all else, compassion. The results of the survey show many complexities experienced by individuals and, I would sincerely hope other researchers and physicians can use this information for good. I have already been contacted by very caring and concerned physicians about the published work -- they intend on furthering research. I am sorry that you have run up against negativity in your experience. I hope to be a positive force. That's all. D.
  3. RE: Depression and Ketamine Infusion Therapy - WARNING! I wanted to share IMPORTANT information about a trendy treatment for severe depression/suicidality. That is, the use of ketamine IV therapy. It's expensive and there are news reports that it is a miracle for serious depression ( there's alot of stuff on youtube.com). My son had two rounds of Ketamine Infusion Therapy, and it seemed to work - we were (initially) quite impressed with the effects. Then I found a case report written by Dr. Abraham last year that shows the ketamine IV therapy CAUSED HPPD in an individual! If it c
  4. I wanted to share some information that may help visual snow sufferers. My son (who has lived with HPPD for 5 years now) had standard blood lab work done which revealed he had a low count for testosterone. This, of course, has various medical implications and treating it is important. He was placed on a bi-weekly treatment of intravenous testosterone to increase the count. An unexpected outcome was discovered.... within hours of getting the testosterone, his visual snow cleared to a significant degree. It lasted for weeks. There is currently no research on testosterone and its
  5. Reply to K.B. Fante: Thank you for the feedback on the research. Visual Snow and Depersonalization are experienced by 96% and 92%, respectively, of the HPPD population within the study. Interestingly, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) mentions HPPD in their description of visual snow: They state, "Visual snow has been considered to be the same condition as hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)". Link: https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/visual-snow-syndrome/ I have contacted NORD, and asked that HPPD be added to their database as its own rare diso
  6. June 11, 2019 SUBJ: Faces of HPPD Survey/Research Published – RESULTS! Dear HPPD Online Community: As a mom with a grown son with HPPD, I was so fortunate to come across this forum several years ago for information and support. David Kozin, who runs this board, is an amazing man to have created and maintained this website and kept up his work/studies over the years – all the while suffering with HPPD. I would like to thank him for this platform, and well as thank those of you who participated in the survey that I launched four years ago to collect data about individuals who h
  7. Reply to Odisa and Chris, Odisa - Thanks for the feedback and please know your identity in association with your story would not be publicized (collected only for the author's eyes) and you may use first name only or another chosen name you'd like to use to maintain confidentiality. The only reason contact information is collected is for the author to communicate with you. You would have a chance to review the story before publishing. Chris- Oh ouch! Please let me state to you with strong emotion that this is no money-maker to line someone's pockets or post here to "promo" an upcomi
  8. I am here for several reasons. Foremost, my 23 year old son has HPPD and I am personally touched by this. His struggles parallel what others feel and experience as written here. Living with HPPD is a private hell – seems. It is met with misunderstanding and judgment from an insensitive society and an uninformed professional medical community, generally speaking, with exception of very few doctors who are HPPD champions. It seems most members here are unofficially diagnosed… seeking information what to expect, where to go, how to feel better, lead life unencumbered. What a Godsen
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