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  1. This might be related to my experience, I don't have the impression that sleep paralysis increased but accompanying hallucinations seem to have: http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/1149-hallucinations-while-half-awake-hppd/
  2. In the half-awake state I sometimes have the impression of seeing something that is not actually there. Sometimes it is like an insect crawling over the wall(if my face is turned towards the wall) or an indefinite shape hovering in the air(if I happen to be turned towards the room). This will happen sometimes when I'm almost falling asleep, when I see it I will be frightened for a few seconds, but after that I will be fully awake again and realize that it is not real and the vision disappears, my sight returning to normal. I experience no such things when I'm fully awake. I had this phenomenon happen to me before I started taking Ayahuasca but I have the impression that it became worse after taking it. The first time I remember it happening was years ago after I stopped taking Risperdal(I didn't have anything like this before Risperdal), so the latter might have caused it. I never took any other "brain" drug/entheogen/psychedelic besides Ayahuasca and Risperdal. Do you think this could be a symptom of HPPD? I heard that this could be explained by being hypnagogic hallucinations(https://en.wikipedia...wiki/Hypnagogia). Is this a symptom of HPPD? I've now stopped taking Ayahuasca for months and it seems that I'm having less of these hallucinations, although I'm not sure about it(this is all very subjective, no hard data).
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