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  1. Monkey_magic

    anyone tried fly agaric - effect on hppd?

    Fly agaric is mad stuff is it not? I'd heard of that even before LSD! No chance I'd take it. And I'm a long termer. Risk would be too great too tip me right over the edge. Plus I doubt walking around the schemes of Scotland has quite the same picturesque emotional impact as the cliff top beaches of Portugal lol.
  2. Monkey_magic

    Recommended online glasses shopping

    Is bono hppd too? That would explain his messiah complex he has! Lol. Luckily he's kept a low profile the last few years. Sanctimonious tit. Allthough One is a really good song.
  3. Monkey_magic


    It's good your keepin it simple though. A strong vit d, strong vit b 6 n 12 and maybe alcar or something's along those lines probs all you need. I'm gonna up my b12 next payday see if that helps any. And get some melatonin cos my sleeps still shit to say the least. I spent a fookin fortune on supps last month. Can't be doing that every pay.
  4. Monkey_magic


    I'm thinking your increase in after images etc is in direct relation to europes shitty weather. Hppd folk (or me at least) are much more sensitive to shit weather n winter seasons. Vid d takes a massive plunge, n all the supplementation in the world doesn't do diddly squat compared to the SUNS NATURAL POWER! lol. It's no coincidence in scotlands 'summer' in the very few days we get that's decent I feel at my best physically and emotionally and hppd is under control. I was in Egypt in sept for a week, wall to wall sunshine and its the best I've felt in years. Fast forward 2 months to a Scotland November, the clocks going back and winter and I feel like death. In march/April il pick up again. Bloody clockwork.
  5. Monkey_magic


    Mostly from amazon uk mate. Maybe from our local friendly british health food/supp store holland and Barrett. And I just bought this stuff called tongkat Ali from earth rise foods (does loadsa other stuff too) which is sposed to naturally raise your testosterone levels which is good for the gym. Seems to work quite well. You in France long term? Still better weather than Scotland lol. Think yourself lucky. We're still down at 7 degrees at the mo on a good day.
  6. Monkey_magic


    I've been on it for a few weeks. Just one or two 500 mg capsules a day. Drs best brand so it's decent quality (probably). Maybe I need to take two at a time cos I don't notice much of a difference. Bit clearer thinking but maybe that's just placebo. Also I'm taking loads of other supps just now so it's hard to tell where one starts and the other begins. I got swansons lions mane as well cos of its ngf factor. Seems to work a bit better with the alcar alone. But again Not massive and maybe placebo. The other supps I've got at the mo are swansons NAC, a b vit complex, bacopa monniera, acetyl l tyrosine, flaxseed oil capsules, magnesium capsules, piracetam, lol. So I'm supped out my nut.
  7. Monkey_magic

    Fellow hppdrs and potential girlfriends.

    She bats for the other team. (Rene not your wife). Maybe I should start spiking random hotties with acid. Bit unethical though. It is 99% men on this site. But only because we indulge and are steeped in the culture more. I bet for every man and woman who indulge or overindulge in drugs more women would have hppd than men cos women are more prone to depression etc. think I read that stat somewhere anyway.
  8. Monkey_magic

    Fellow hppdrs and potential girlfriends.

    That's me in a nutshell (Cept the cat part). You could be my wingman Brendan. *Approaches hot girl in bar* 'See that guy over there....he's got the most amazing CEVs and his starbursts are massive', go over and talk to him. But don't look him in the eye. He can't handle that.'
  9. Has anybody ever physically met a fellow hppdr? If so how was it. Did it feel weird lol. In a way it's like we've got more in common than anybody ever could. You see these folks with one in 10 million outlandish tumours meeting up and I would imagine they'd be awkward as fuck cos atthe end of the day it's just a tumour-a-like connection. They'd be two completely different people. I've been irrationally thinking the last wee while how could it would be to meet a hot hppd bird who totally got me n vice versa. In reality we'd murder each other before 6 months was up. It's so hard to explain it to potential girls you wanna get to know better though. You could keep Schtum but even if your in a good place when you meet it'd justbe a matter of time before it reared its ugly head. Nobody I've mets been strong enough. Wimps lol.
  10. Monkey_magic


    'Checked your records' jay? You got a little black book of hppd meds. Most people have it for chicks numbers (wish I did). As it is I'm gonna need my own black book for med attempts soon. :/
  11. Monkey_magic


    What about this prozazin stuff for PTSD. Looks promising. Anybody tried this?
  12. Monkey_magic

    Super depressed.... :/

    I don't even get peace when I'm asleep. I wake up 3 or 4 times a night on a average of 5 or 6 hours because of anxiety related dreams. I can't get past them to a dreamless restorative sleep! It's like running into a lead wall expecting it to give way. The only time I get peace is when I'm drunk and benzod out my head so I blackout and I not even me anymore. Pretty shit.
  13. Monkey_magic

    hallucinogen psychosis

    Yeah, of course mate. We'll all be up and down (not necessarily at the same time) and the support we can all give each other is paramount. And something that could make all the difference really one time between riding something out or taking a handful of pills. We are fucked, that's for sure. I'm just trying to eliminate stressors in my life at the moment (not assassination in the case of my ex girlf), just ambivalence and staying away. (Even if it means not seeing my wee girl). She lets me see her for Half an hour every second Sunday....folk in Hollywood who break up would even let their former partners see their chiwawas more than that. Yeah, I'm not responsible and drink too much and had a bit of trouble with the cops the last year or two but not as if the kid would intuitively know that. Every decent bender I've been on in the last 3 years or so has been because of my ex using my daughter to psychologically beat me about the head and I can't handle emotion. Just because I don't fit into her idea of a perfect life/dad. I've got hppd for chrissake!!! I have my strong points. Empathy, non judgemental, v laid back, etc. but noooo. So now I've psychologically 'washed my hands' of my ex (and unfortunately my daughter) and I feel better for it allready. And I'm trying to get rid of other potential stressors and hppd worsenors (if that's a word). Just training like a maniac, eating 90% healthy and we'll see what happens.
  14. Monkey_magic

    hallucinogen psychosis

    Yeah. No doubt. But a major stressor could kick a underlying condition like bipolar into gear like a child or a bereavement. (Two ends of the spectrum but they can have just as much effect as each other stresswise). That's a shame though. Least with hppd though, you can live a day to day life, and not have to worry about your manias hurting your loved ones. Surely times have moved on modd stabaliser ways than lithium? Is lamictal, depakote etc not newer breeds of mood stabaliser.? Throw in an ssri and you've got it under control Cept the most vicious accounts of bipolar.

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