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  1. This may not apply, I don't know. But my brother has dyslexia (sp?) and he also wears glasses.. Anyways, when we were little, the doctors tried everything to correct it, no avail. They described it much the same way you guys do like the brain isn't filtering correctly.. Well he went to some Boston eye research thing (at like age 6) with another friend of his who has it (but doesn't wear glasses).. They were able to fix his dyslexia with colored lenses.. He wears a yellow tinted lense, his friend wears a blue tinted lense.. My mom said the doctors said colors messed with doing the filtering on objects you focus on. I asked him if he see's everything with a yellow tint. He said no- everything looks correct now. He said he can still wear regular glasses, but when he does- he cannot read/write well due to the dyslexia acts up really bad and everything looks screwed up in general- unless he writes on a yellow legal pad.. So, if the primary overlay color- does play a role in filtering on focused objects- maybe look into that research for some possible help in your ghosting problems.. Best of Luck!
  2. I know the feeling, I started having the static visuals at age 13 and I am 33 now.. I get the same feeling sometimes, like not seeing the scrambled eggs/static sky effect, did it ever not happen? Or did I just finally notice it one day? Now with the scientific advances and talk of solar flares and stuff- I wonder too, is it that the drugs really did heighten our perception and we are now able to see what is really there? Even with eyes closed- Are we just now able to notice the natural floaters and tiny particles that flow in our ocular fluid?
  3. I can say IQ has nothing to do with it at least in my case.. I have always been a straight A student, was in gifted classes- which I had to be IQ tested for, participated in the Duke TIP program, 2 college degrees, etc.. I also have ignored it, not even thought about it for months at a time. But, still if I for some reason stare up at the sky- BAM there it is static cling! I may have not even noticed anything for a while. But- once I notice it again (the sky seems to be the trigger for me)- it sticks out like a football bat.. EDIT- I may also need to include, I have kinda trained myself to not really stare at the sky a lot and when I do- I usally wear sunglasses- which makes me not notice for some reason
  4. Well the HPPD visual part doesn't really bug me a lot, I guess it's been so long I just accept the static cling But I guess the one thing I really hate from the drug use starting at a young age and continuing through 15 years later playing music in bands, is some of the social/personal interactions.. I really dislike people I don't know and just am ok with it, I can meet people through other people though, I am just not outgoing. This is fine with me as most people see me as a "sick in the head" type person anyways and I see them as retarded and useless. But, the only real time it affects me is party's- I just don't know how to act.. I don't know if it is the fact that every party I ever went to- I was fucked up like a train-wreck playing music in a band.. I never interacted at all with people there, I came in, set up, checked sound, bugged my band mates to start- then chain smoked during breaks/got loaded. I was totally getting loaded and enjoying music. I mean really getting off on the effects drugs had with the musical flow from my brain, constantly changing something (damn I love Phil Lesh and Tony Levin).. I spent years like this (13+)..Playing party's not moving staring at the fretboard (Derrick Trucks stole not moving from me damnit )- being a freak, getting tons of compliments which I blew off. Now I program computers, something I can do by myself without any interaction from others.. So I guess the only thing really bothering me- is my drug use left me not knowing how to handle/interact with people. I don't know what to call it, but it's definitely that paranoid type feeling of just being the zit on a supermodels face.. Other than that, life is peachy- I just avoid the general public, shop online, and don't go to any party's I am invited to- unless I am playing at them. And wanting to hide whenever you see a cop- even though you have done nothing- thats normal- right?? What a long strange trip! I love Life! When I get down- I listen to Bill Hicks!
  5. I say to deal with number 2- start playing a musical instrument, put your expanded mind to work! Plus it's fun and is proven to keep your brain healthy otherwise! I do it daily
  6. I can say, I honestly the first time I noticed things was the first time I ate a fresh peyote button, followed by a hit of lsd about an hour later. I was 13, in the 9th grade, last day of school before christmas break. I went to a gifted school, where the drug problem was huge- but nobody really cared because we had the highest grades of the county. We had full run of the place..Anyways, within a couple of hours I noticed the static in the clouds and the sky. I figured it would go away post trip, but it didn't, it also didn't bother me so I ignored it. Over the next 15 years I ate, smoked, snorted & shot my body weight in drugs a few times.. I also had a friend with a nice liquid connection for a while and would literally get puddled daily for about a year and half (with maybe a couple days break every other couple of weeks).. Now maybe, this is why it never faded away, but still to this day- the sky and clouds all just look like a transparency of a staticy channel is there just enough to notice. I see patterns when I close my eyes..The only time it really bothers me is-- long night-time drives when I stop for gas (I look like a deer caught in headlights), long debugging sessions at work- and the constant "glassy" eyes that I am stuck with even since I quit doing drugs a few years ago.. In other words, just don't think about it..It's not a big deal.. As far as the dr/dp part- I don't know enough about the topics- I never had been to fond of people or meeting them, unless introduced by somebody I already know- but that doesn't bother me- 90% of the general public is of no use to me-- And I freaking hate being out in public in large groups (of stupid people .. And I always know where I am at and what I am doing. My memory is fucking great and my vision otherwise is better than 20/20.. Lesson: Don't dwell on the dumb shit like tracers/static! I don't- I just found this site in the hopes of finding a name to be able to use to describe the condition (since I knew it had to have a name, no problem/issue is unique) when long time friends/myself bring things up in conversation.