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    I love art, every single kind really. paper mache, acrylic, and pen and ink are some of my favorite media. I also find film photography to be magical...something about a dark room is just enchanting! writing and reading are also very enjoyable. if I write, it's usually poetry Or short stories. and although I haven't written a lot lately, I do hope to publish children's books some day. ultimately, I want to work for Pizarro, so I will hopefully be starting school this fall for that. it should have been done years ago but I got myself I to a rather bad place for a couple years there starting with getting pregnant. I do have a wonderful son named Isaac now, however, and despite my detours that I have taken on my journey through life, I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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  1. hmmm..... perhaps I was born in the wrong hemisphere 0.o
  2. I still haven't told my family at all. I've only really explained a few symptoms to a couple close friends, but I don't think they really understand. when I've mentioned anything, like starbursting Or tracers Or patterns and the like, they just look at me like I'm nuts and usually remark that I've done an excellent job of frying my brain. so that's kind of deterred me from really getting Ito explaining the full extent of it. as far as my parents go, they've been put through too much shit by me and my drugs already( had a nasty bout with heroin and other opiates for a while there), and they're just so worn down from all of it that I don't need to worry them with some disorder that they can't fix. my mom panics about everything I do, so I'd hate to see how much she'd fuss over me if I told her about this.
  3. that's good advice haha, especially if too much of something is online to make ones dick go numb....yikes! my symptoms include snow, geometric patterns of the colorful variety, anxiety, extreme empathy, Dr/dp, starbursting, hearing random voices when it's otherwise quiet, head pressure, horrible sleeping patterns, and this thing where if I move certain ways too quickly I'll get major head pressure accompanied by a complete white out in front of my eyes which fades away slowly with the pressure and dissipates in weird patterns and a greenish color. does anyone else get that? what do you even call that?
  4. yes exactly! I can't really go past a plant anymore without being deeply aware of it's life energy. it's kind of a cool feeling. sometimes I'll get the notion that I can feel what they're feeling though. same with animals, and people as I mentioned before. logic dictates that this is ridiculous, but it seems real. what is that whole thing about anyway?
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  6. I hate this symptom.....I get it mostly at night and it just comes from absolutely every light. I can still drive because I've just kinda learned to deal with it, but it's still obnoxious as hell to see a normal traffic light extending itself in all directions in your field of vision..... I haven't actually told my family about the hppd but I did try to explain this symptom to my sister the other day. she has really bad vision issues.( No surgery, but lots of other stuff) and she kinda knew what I was talking about but didn't really understand why I thought it was so intense. so maybe we do share similarities to people with eye problems but I feel like it could be more significant and vibrant with hppd maybe.